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Walter  Bond

For over a decade, Walter Bond, CSP, has been helping people turn self-limiting beliefs into self empowering strategies.

Walter Bond is called “Mr. Accountability” because he forces each one of his listeners to learn to be responsible for whatever the situation they are in. Through his programs, workshops, books and CDs, he travels the world teaching that personal accountability, confidence, and success are possible for all who desire it; from frontline personnel to the CEO.  Walter reveals how to harness the power of accountability and become a rock star of your industry.

A former NBA athlete, Walter rose from being a reserve player coming off the bench to become the first rookie-free agent to start for the Dallas Mavericks.  This astonishing journey provides the foundation for the principles he teaches to help empower people in their own personal journey. Today he is recognized as one of the world’s preeminent experts on personal accountability. Walter has impacted hundreds of thousands of people in his rapid rise to the top of the speaking industy. 

Walter will captivate your audience through his unique and memorable personal stories, teaching them the lessons learned from his in-the-trenches experience in selling, as an entrepreneur, and being a team player. He will help your people see how they can transform challenges into opportunities, obstacles into testimonies, and success is a matter of personal choice. 

Walter’s presentations are an experience that audiences have enjoyed worldwide and never forget. These dynamic and compelling programs provide both the motivation and the strategies to excel in business and in life.

Areas of Expertise:



Keynote (up to 90 minutes): $18,000
Half day (up to 3 hours): $20,000
Full day (up to 6 hours): $22,500



Walter's Most Requested Programs:

No One Can Stop You, But You

Does your organization have a culture of accountability? When something goes wrong, does everyone start pointing fingers and making excuses? How much more productive would your organization be if everyone took responsibility for their mistakes and shortcomings and continuous improvement was a team effort? Walter Bond delivers a solid message of personal accountability, overcoming adversity, power of confidence and pursuit of excellence to the highest degree. Your organization will be rocked with enthusiasm, inspired to work as a team and motivated to achieve to the highest level regardless of the stock market, mortgage crisis or credit crunch. This extraordinarily popular program helps audience members to point the finger at themselves in a fun and safe way. When your audience leaves, they will know they have been Bonded by Mr. Accountability. They’ll return to their careers with the motivation and skills to take responsibility for their own continuous improvement.

Are You Still Unstoppable?

Has the culture of accountability in your organization kept growing as fast as it did right after Walter’s first keynote? When you want Mr. Accountability to rekindle the fires of enthusiasm for personal responsibility, book Walter for this encore performance. With fresh stories and engaging analogies, Walter introduces new techniques that strengthen every member of your team, as well as proven strategies that integrate accountability even more deeply into your operations—leaving your attendees motivated, inspired, and ready to take sustained action.

Leaders: Get Out of The Way!

Leadership: Live Workshop or Tele-seminar

Think about it for a moment—have you ever met a person that enjoys being bossed around? The most common form of leadership is micro-management—which is destructive, expensive and an organizational buzz kill. Most leaders micro-manage because they have never been sufficiently trained on “how to lead.” In this program, Walter tells how to turn the destructive dangers of micro-management around with the fundamentals of leadership. Leaders learn how to empower employees to own and be accountable for what they do. As a result, employees feel engaged, inspired and motivated, and leaders go on to create and grow a culture of accountability that builds retention and productivity for years to come—which is nothing but good news for your bottom line!

Sell It Like You Mean It!

Sales: Live Workshop or Tele-seminar

Whether you’re looking to get your sales team’s year off to a fast start, give it a mid-year jolt, or fire it up to finish the year with momentum, this program is full of principles that will empower your sales professionals to be re-energized with passion, desire and commitment regardless of their success levels. You might have a team of high producers that have flat-lined or maybe your whole team needs to crank it up. Either way, you need your sales force to outthink and outperform the competition and win big in the sales game. Mr. Accountability believes that some sales people are born but most of them are made. So Walter teaches every member of your team how to overcome objections, incorporate storytelling, and establish him or herself as an expert. As a result, they stop selling and start influencing your customers to buy! This program will inspire your sales team to produce at the next level.

Dominate Right Where You Are

Employee Engagement: Live Workshop or Tele-seminar

Do your employees enthusiastically pursue the pinnacle of excellence? More likely they’re just looking to reach the next level—just chasing their next promotion. Let Walter prove that the key to getting ahead lies in their current situation. He explains, “If you dominate right now, right where you are, your superiority will become so obvious that new opportunities and promotions will chase you!” Inspired by Mr. Accountability, every attendee will find new ways to own and pursue excellence in what they do. As a result, employees return to work truly engaged and motivated to attain higher levels of productivity.


"Walter Bond is one of the best keynote speakers our office has used in over 15 years of conferences! He was uplifting, inspirational and funny. You can't go wrong with Walter!" Investment Planners Inc.

"The true testament to a speaker is the response from the audience -- our conference attendees continue to rave about Walter. In our post-conference survey, Walter received a perfect "5" from all 80 people responding to the survey."   Fifth Third Bank       

"Walter did an absolutely phenomenal job at our annual conference, he connected with our franchisees because at one point he was a franchisee.   He understands the trials and tribulations of running a franchise.  Walter great job!" Jim Sahene, President  & CEO, Bruster’s Ice Cream

"In this day and age, Walter’s message on “accountability” is both a needed and valuable message.  Having “lived” his message to become an NBA player, Walter speaks from the heart and delivers a unique understanding of what it means to hold yourself accountable. His message is both content rich and appropriately humorous. He effectively connected with both our franchise owners and their sales and service staff. His communication style is infectious in its honesty, and he continually leaves you wanting for more. In the 40 year history of our company, we have had dozens of the greatest public speakers work with our company, and Walter is one of the few that we asked to come back and speak to the entire company in a series format. We are grateful for the relationship he has established with us." Rod Troutman, VP of Sales Directbuy

"You were fantastic at COUNTRY Financial's Sales Congress. Your messages and delivery are excellent. You are a pro at what you do and an inspiration to others."  D. Frautschi, Executive VP, Human Resources & Communications - Country® Financial

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