Tim McCormick

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Tim  McCormick

Tim McCormick has enjoyed an exciting journey in the world of professional athletics as a ten year player in the NBA, College Basketball Analyst for ESPN and consultant that works directly with professional athletes, Tim has developed a motivational message for success that focuses on the same winning strategies that premier athletes use to achieve their highest goals. His presentation will entertain, intrigue and motivate your audience to a level of pro-performance.

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Tim's Most Requested Programs:

The ‘Never Be Average’ Game Plan

Tim McCormick’s motivational and highly entertaining program teaches the winning secrets of elite athletes.  Share Tim’s thrilling ten year journey throughout the NBA as a professional basketball player.  Your audience will laugh and be inspired as he shares the lessons learned from teaming up with superstars like Dr. J and Charles Barkley.  Tim provides insight into the bigger, stronger and faster mentality of professional athletes like Michael Jordan and the humorous challenges of being schooled as a rookie by legends like Kareem Abdul-Jabaar.  The letters NBA represent a standard of excellence in professional sports.  They also stand for Never Be Average, which is a special mindset that focuses on the same strategies and principles needed to compete, perform and dominate in professional sports and the business world.   Tim’s Never Be Average message will provide the inspiration for personal and professional growth in business and a winning game plan for elite performance.

The Fundamentals of Pro-Impact Leadership

Team up with Tim McCormick as he delivers his powerful and motivational presentation on the fundamentals of Pro-Impact Leadership.  Professional athletes are coached on a daily basis to elevate performance and improve their fundamental leadership skills.  You will receive the same training during this interactive and energy packed team-building program.  Tim provides humorous and motivational stories as well as coaching strategies from several of his leadership role models such as Pat Riley, Colin Powell and Bobby Knight.  The core principles of Pro-Impact Leadership establish a plan of action to increase communication and empower your team to achieve a competitive edge over the competition.  You will walk away fired-up and energized with the essential skills necessary to effectively lead your team to victory.

Coaching for Teens

We are living in the most challenging time in history to be a teenager.  Peer pressure, academic apathy and risky behaviors are off the chart.  Student leadership, school unity and self-esteem are at an all-time low.  Teenagers are searching for strategies to succeed and reach their potential”.  Tim McCormick is a former NBA seven footer and he has created a leadership playbook to teach students how to maximize their potential and take personal responsibility for their choices.  Tim was traded seven times and suffered through eight knee surgeries.  He will share perseverance strategies for dealing with adversity.  Hel provides coping skills to deal with “dream killers” and discuss the CEO attitude of academic excellence.  Tim’s coaching program for teens addresses new age problems with an old-school approach to self leadership, goal setting and strength of character.  Tim connects with young people and leaves a lasting message.


“Tim, I just wanted to tell you that your program was a huge success in Orlando last week. It was received extremely well and we reference your message in our discussions often since you spoke. Your message on hard work, pushing yourself to higher levels was a perfect complement to what we have been promoting over the year. We have high sales goals and we need that kind of fire. The differentiator I saw was you applied specific things to the group that you gained in your discussions from the night before that further reinforced your message. Again, loved the message and can’t wait to work with you again.”Tim Wilkinson, CFS®,CIMA® , VP, Head of Sales Learning& Development, ING Investment Management

“I had the pleasure to hear Tim McCormick do the keynote at the MCAA Convention in Florida. Tim’s preparations began months before our event. He outlined his presentation and then spent time learning about our association. He contacted 4 members to learn about our industry and then wove what he learned into our Keynote. The audience was captivated by his motivational message that was delivered with real emotion and humor. Attendees left the room with a smile on their face and a strong message to take back home. I heard raving reviews of Tim’s Keynote from the attendees. I have been attending conventions for over 15 years, and Tim is one of the best Keynote speakers I have encountered. Rob Johnstone, President of MCAA & President, Priority Express Courier.

I expected Tim to be a hit with his sports background at our event but he went off the charts. The stories, information, inspiration and energy were unprecedented. Tim is trying to make a difference in the world and he has done just that. Boy oh boy, talk about WOW ! People are still talking about Tim over a month later. Thanks for making our event such a success. Tim is more than a recommendation, he is a must have! Susannah Carr, PMI-CIC, PDD, Director of Speakers Relations

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