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Holly  Hoffman

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With more than five years of experience, Holly travels across the country and is proud to have been in 16 states, speaking to schools and universities, healthcare organizations, women's organizations, community leaders and business professionals, inspiring audiences to take opportunities and focus on faith, attitude, determination, confidence, desire and perseverance.

An accomplished motivational speaker and the author of Your Winner Within, Holly acknowledges that life is made up of challenges, and that we are oftentimes faced with situations that seem insurmountable.  But within each of us is the ability to focus our thoughts, emotions, and energy to succeed if we have the knowledge, tools, and disciple to do so.

Holly’s writing and speaking not only offer encouragement and optimism but a roadmap for self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment. Her methods are intuitive, honest, and adaptable to nearly any situation. Readers and audience members alike walk away inspired to light the fire of successful living within themselves.


Holly (Wanner) Hoffman will motivate you to reclaim control of your life and live each day with self confidence, determination, and a desire to succeed.  She began her personal journey to influence positive change in people in 2010, and has affected the lives of thousands through her role as a motivational speaker.  Holly's refreshing outlook on life was sparked by one specific challenge she faced as a contestant on Survivor Nicaragua - a challenge which made her realize the importance of owning her inner power and strength.  This life-changing event led Holly to embrace the principles of self confidence, determination, perseverance, and positivity as her life's mantra.  Challenge and adversity keep our lives interesting, but it is the act of overcoming challenge that makes life meaningful.

Perfect for audiences of all types and ages, Holly's message of self-confidence, positivity, and strength resonate with everyone. Every listener will walk away with the desire to improve their life and the motivation to get started.  Holly's interactive style of speaking will engage you immediately, and her down-to-earth style will keep your attention to the very end. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and most of all - be motivated!


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Keynote (up to 90 minutes): $4,500


South Dakota

Holly's Most Requested Programs:

“Never Give Up!  The Survivor Way”

Step out of your comfort zone and truly discover what you are made of! Life is about seizing opportunities, and when you are in control of your inner strength, attitude, and power, you have the ability to open doors you never thought possible. You become a survivor.  Life's biggest education comes through the acknowledgement of our own personal strengths and weaknesses and the inner power we are willing to harness to live our best life and succeed.  In reality, the only person always looking out for you , is you. In this way, we are all survivors.


"On behalf of the Nebraska Bankers Association, thank you for speaking at our Young Bankers of Nebraska Conference. Your message was both inspirational and motivational and so much more than just another story from a reality TV show personality. The comments from the attendees were extremely positive and appreciative of the information shared and the takeaways that you offered by sharing your experiences. I will definitely look for future opportunities where we can have you speak to other groups within our association. Thank you!”  Ron Arrigo, NBA Senior Vice President, Nebraska Bankers Association, Lincoln, NE

“Holly Hoffman is an amazing speaker. Holly is a true “Survivor” – her story about starring on the reality show and her real world experiences are relatable for so many people. Her speech appeals to audiences of all ages. Her positive attitude and fun stories will leave you recharged and entertained. She is a must-book speaker for your next event – you will not be disappointed. Our event raised over $100,000 thanks to Holly’s great speech!”   Christy Menning, Charity Fundraiser for McCrossan Boys Ranch, Sioux Falls, SD

“I organize a lot of the trainings for Anoka County. I am a huge Survivor fan, and thought it would be fun to have Holly come and speak at one of our trainings. I was hoping to hear her story about being on the show and was not disappointed. What I found interesting was there were many people in our audience that have never even seen the show, and the feedback from them was overwhelmingly positive. Holly’s message of inner strength and overcoming fear is universal, you don’t have to be a fan to benefit from what she says. She kept the interest of everyone and was so genuine and warm. I recommend her to anyone looking for a dynamic speaker whose message is both entertaining and thought provoking.”   Paula Anderson, Manager of License Bureau Services, Anoka County, MN

“Holly is a very talented speaker and storyteller. Her story resonated with our audience of 2,500 from all over the country – individuals from all walks of life who appreciated both her challenges and her inspiration to overcome the odds. We continue to receive notes of thanks for finding Holly and bringing her to our conference. She is an absolute delight to work with!”   Pat Shafer, Executive Project Manager, NISC, St. Louis, MO

“Holly is an inspiration and a motivator. She spoke to our youth group and had their attention the entire session. It’s a no canned presentation with Holly. She personalized the presentation to the audience, theme of our conference, and for each session. Students went home to tell their friends and parents about Holly Hoffman. This was a conference for new members who were inspired and fired up about our organization due to Holly’s performance. We will definitely have her back!”   Kevin Reisenauer, North Dakota DECA Advisor, Fargo, ND


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