Chad Crittenden

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Chad  Crittenden

One year before appearing on CBS' hit TV show Survivor, Chad Crittenden was a bilingual teacher recently diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma, a rare and deadly form of cancer. Treatment called for drastic surgery to remove his right foot, which eventually saved his life.

Chad went on to excel on Survivor, revealing after 2 days that he indeed had a prosthetic foot, unbeknownst previously to the other contestants. In the challenges that followed, Chad worked to prove himself, breaking down stereotypes and preconceived notions while inspiring millions.

Since that life changing experience, Chad has been a motivational speaker with his main message revolving around creating the outcomes we want. His most recent motivational speaking achievement was a TEDx talk called TEDxSDSU. Chad is also a consultant and divides his time between family, business travel, and training for triathlon. Most recently Chad completed a summit of Mt. Whitney on his way to climbing a climb atop Mt. Kilimanjaro as a benefit for the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

Chad lives in Livermore, California with his wife and two children, and is very thankful for everything that he has. This last year Chad and his family celebrated his being cancer free for 10 years.

Areas of Expertise:

Goal Setting


Keynote (up to 90 minutes): $2,900
Half day (up to 3 hours): $3,500
Full day (up to 6 hours): $3,900


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Chad's Most Requested Programs:

Discover The Will To Survive

By telling audiences his story from surgery to Survivor, Chad helps them understand that overcoming obstacles is a normal part of life.

Chad illustrates his story and outlines the tools that helped him overcome adversity, survive cancer and excel on CBS' Survivor. While discussing the importance of utilizing our own circumstances, taking risks, and discovering new opportunities to grow, Chad relays his message and personal experiences to relate important life lessons in perseverance.

His realistic optimism, confidence, and self-assuredness serve as an example to individuals from varied backgrounds. Treat your group to this inspirational talk, as Chad shows them how to "Discover the Will to Survive."

Acknowledging Diverse Minds, Bodies, And Spirits

Chad Crittenden uses his "Survivor" experiences to supplement his own reality regarding the stereotypes and preconceived notions of those with physical challenges. This hands-on breakout involves the audience with intriguing questions and hopefully answers regarding this under acknowledged segment of the student body and society in general. Through his work with the Challenged Athletes Foundation, Chad has worked to break down the stigmas associated with disabilities and physical challenges.

The First Year Experience: Getting Off On The Right Foot

From adjusting to college life to overcoming obstacles and achieving, Chad relates his experience on Survivor and shares skills he learned as University student to help Freshmen survive their First Year Experience. Using clever strategies he calls "Conceptual Tools", Chad outlines in detail the important concepts of Steps, Circumstances, Optimism, Risk and Experience to form S.C.O.R.E. - an acronym that provides students with something tangible to take with them into their first year and beyond.


"Chad was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. In our interview and planning sessions for a motivational speech to high tech professionals, Chad listened, checked for understanding, and proposed a key messaage to emphasize throughout the speech. That, to me, indicated Chad wanted to customize his speech for the audience, so they get maximum value. He arrived well in advance of his time slot which allowed us to talk about any remaining details and get to know each other. Even with technical difficulties (our fault, not Chad's), Chad turned it around, making the audience 1) laugh, and 2) forget about the delay. In the context of his life experiences, Chad repeated the key message we discussed prior to the speech. This was very effective, because audience members came up to me and openly talked about how they want to break-through and create their own future outcomes. In 1 short hour, Chad left a lasting impression on our entire team that will inspire us this year and beyond."

Wendy Hower - NOSTG Marketing Business Operations, Cisco Systems


    "Chad's presentation was great! Our team really enjoyed hearing about his journey and how he kept a positive outlook even when times were tough. His presentation was very motivational. Many of his life lessons can easily be translated into the work environment and how to overcome obstacles by keeping positive and having courage."

 December 11, 2013


Suzanne Brehm - Vice President, Health Plan Operations, VSP Vision Care



"I worked with Chad at the event that I organized for Open Cancer Network. He engages the audience from the first moment he comes out to speak. He tells his story in a way that it touches the human spirit, uplifts us all and motivates us to believe in ourselves, challenge ourselves, and to never give up. Not only is Chad a gifted speaker, he is also an outstanding athlete, and an amazing human being. All that combined with being completely down to earth and personable makes him an invaluable speaker for any audience! I will highly recommend Chad to any group in need of a motivational speaker.” Tatyana Kanzaveli, Director, Open Cancer Network

Chad received a rating of 5 out of 5 for "Overall Impact of Program". When he revealed his leg to the crowd everyone became very interested and immediately understood the concept of preconceived notions. Chad delivered a very powerful message.” Graham Smithkort, Director of Speaker Night, Michigan State University

“I was a fellow speaker at the TEDx SDSU event and was blown away by Chad's talk and story. He is incredibly inspiring and dynamic on stage and a great mentor to all of us as we try to learn to face adversities in our lives. I highly recommend Chad for any event or to work with teambuilding to help them see the hidden potential for achieving greatness in the face of adversity and challenges.” Frank Fitzpatrick, Founder/CEO,

Chad presented in Madison WI as part of our Terrace Talks series. In addition to being an inspiring person, he was gracious, entertaining, conscientious, and informative. He was flexible and even willing to be interviewed by our local TV. All the people who came were very engaged and Chad spend considerable time with them after his talk answering questions. Fran Puelo, Community & Public Relations Manager, Monona Terrace Community & Convention Center

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