Bill Rancic

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Bill  Rancic

Business owner and award-winning personality Bill Rancic hosts the successful nationally-syndicated television show, America Now, and serves as co-executive producer with his wife Giuliana Rancic on the top-rated reality show, Giuliana and Bill. The duo also share hosting duties for the NBC prime time program Ready for Love.

Bill’s unique life experiences as an entrepreneur, best-selling author, television personality and restaurateur of the popular Chicago restaurant RPM-Italian chain have given him the opportunity to travel the world and experience different lifestyles and numerous cultures.

Nearly a decade ago, Bill burst on the scene as the first-ever winner of the NBC hit show The Apprentice. With tremendous experience that ranges from Main Street to Wall Street, Bill has had a first-hand look at peoples' personal and professional codes, choices, values and behaviors. Addressing the many challenges individuals face, BIll directly relates his discussions to the corporate arena and explores important topics, such as working professional relationships and surviving the daily ethical challenges in business.

A published author of New York Times best-selling book, Bill wrote You're Hired: How to Succeed in Business and Life and Beyond The Lemonade Stand, Most recently Bill and Giuliana co-authored the best-seller I Do… Now What where the duo share secrets to everlasting love and understanding.

Bill believes that it is necessary for successful people to give back to the community, and he demonstrates this in his volunteer work. He serves as a national spokesperson for the Starkey Hearing Foundation (SHF) to help the organization on its mission to change the social consciousness of hearing and health care. Much of his efforts have been focused on helping those in Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake. In addition to SHF, Bill is a Spokesperson for the Mercy Home for Boys & Girls, a Chicago-based organization that betters the lives of children and families in need.

Throughout his career, Bill has been blessed with opportunities to meet many leaders in business and politics and has seen the world through the eyes of others. He is a cultured man, with strong messages of leadership, entrepreneurship, dedication and volunteerism.

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Bill's Most Requested Programs:

How to Succeed in Business and Life

How to Use Challenging Times to your Advantage

Innovation: How to Think Like an Entrepreneur in Corporate America


The event was wonderful – Bill exceeded our expectations and I have heard nothing but wonderful comments, including several voice and e-mails. I truly appreciate all of the effort both of you made – the event was a total success. In fact, we had to bring in extra chairs after the event began. The president of Fox Communities Credit Union said in effect, “Anyone can make a speech, when Bill answered questions from the audience; you saw that there was a real intellect behind the man!”
Thank you again, Carolyn B. Nankervis, President, MarketWise Consulting Group, Inc

Bill was an absolute hit! His sincerity and down to earth manner allowed the group to easily identify with him and his message about facing your fear and never giving up was very well received. We also appreciated Bill taking the time to answer everyone’s questions, take photos and sign all of the books. The group was absolutely buzzing afterwards. A superb start to our conference!
Emma Le Breton, Sales and Marketing Administrator, ING Life

Dear Bill, As you know, we have some unique business circumstances and were looking for just the right person to address our team. Not only was Bill the perfect speaker, tying in his personal business experience, leadership characteristics and business success tips for navigating change, he was simply a great, sincere person with whom everyone enjoyed conversing. Our group was very pleased with his presentation. Julie A. Bellamy | AEES, VP - Global Human Resources

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