Brenda Clark Hamilton

Brenda Clark Hamilton

Brenda Clark Hamilton is a dynamic keynote speaker who offers fresh perspectives in leadership, communication, team-building, and offering one’s personal best to life, relationships, and career. Brenda launched her speaking business in the fall of 2005, by offering training to businesses in her northern Iowa community. She spoke at her first statewide conference in January of 2008. Since that time, she has become a nationally-recognized conference speaker and audience favorite, keynoting at hundreds of events in twenty states.

Audiences are quick to note Brenda’s sense of humor, in-depth knowledge, high energy, and skill at keeping them engaged. Brenda speaks at approximately 100 events each year, in every industry imaginable. Her recent speaking venues have included several trips to Colorado Springs to provide professional development for the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee.

Brenda’s career experience includes coordinating professional development for 1200 Iowa teachers. She holds a Master’s degree in education.

Most Requested Programs

You Got This!
Strategies for Confidence & Excellence in Every Area of Your Life

The phrase ‘You Got This’ is often used to express confident assurance in a friend or ally facing a challenge: “Just play the game as you know how. You got this.” This fun, engaging session will share current research into how to foster genuine confidence in yourself and excellence in your life, on a daily basis. Brenda will start the session by sharing insights from a unique Harvard Business School Don’t Stop Believin’ study. She’ll then work into identifying what lens each of us wears that impacts our demeanor and relationships daily. Participants will also take the “Are You Gritty?” quiz and will learn what an eight-second video clip can teach us about who we allow in our inner circle. Join us for this dynamic session and leave with valuable take-home strategies for developing confidence and offering your personal best to your life, relationships, and career.

This Is Not My First Rodeo!
Strategies for Resilience During Stressful Times

Without question, this past year has forced us to face significant challenges in our personal and professional lives. The many changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic have caused feelings of distress and uncertainty that have, at times, made it difficult to forge ahead in daily life with a forward-thinking, can-do attitude. This engaging, interactive session will provide practical, research-based strategies for developing your personal resilience, that will benefit you and work and home. You will learn several user-friendly tools for facing the most stressful of times with a calm assurance that says, "This is not my first rodeo; I've been through difficult times before. I can face whatever is thrown my way, with wisdom, creativity, common sense, and quiet confidence."

Skills for Handling Workplace Conflicts:
Being Thoughtful of Both People and Results

We’re all going to be faced with conflicts and disagreements with others throughout our lives. For most of us, it’s our least favorite part of living with, and working with, other people. The good news is that there are some simple techniques you can learn to increase your skills and confidence in dealing with conflicts—at work and at home—in more peaceful, effective ways. Join us in identifying your own, natural style of responding to conflict and in learning what to say—and not to say—to keep difficult conversations calm and productive. Attendees will leave armed with practical, take-home strategies for ‘fighting fair’ and experiencing the power that comes with approaching conflicts in ways that are considerate of both people and results.

Who Is the Newest Kid on the Block?
Anticipating Generation 'Z' in the Workplace

While much has been written and spoken about Millennials, there actually is a new, younger generation entering today's workplaces: Generation Z. This engaging session will explore insights and trends related to this newest group of employees entering our workplaces. We will identify what is unique about Generation Z in their strengths, experiences, and preferences, and discuss how our organizations might best attract, engage, and retain these young workers.

Increase Your ‘People-Smarts’!
Strategies for Becoming More Emotionally Intelligent

Being ‘book smart’ as a professional is, of course, a good thing. But being ‘book smart’ AND ‘people smart’ is much, much better at substantially increasing your odds of personal and professional success. This fascinating, interactive session will look at the many components of what has been deemed ‘Emotional Intelligence’ (i.e., Emotional Quotient/EQ), including the four key areas of Self Awareness, Social Awareness, Self-Management, and Relationship Management. We’ll start by exploring the 25 Emotional Intelligence competencies that are critical for career success, then identify which are most important in your particular workplace role. Finally, we’ll pinpoint several user-friendly strategies for increasing one’s EQ and thus, becoming more competent and confident in your professional role, and in all areas of your life.


"Our organization has used Brenda on several occasions for leadership team meetings. The audience was actively engaged and gave high marks for her presentation style. The content was very relevant, her anecdotal stories were relatable, her sense of humor refreshing, and activities thought-provoking. I have planned meetings for fourteen years, and of all the speakers I’ve worked with, Brenda has been one of the best. She is proactive in understanding the audience and our goals, well-organized and prepared, and has a great personality. I highly recommend Brenda to other groups." - Dawn Dovre, Director of Workforce Planning, Policy, and Public Affairs, State of South Dakota

"Thank you for your keynote presentation on Monday morning. Our attendees absolutely raved about it! It was funny, relatable and transferrable and simply the perfect way to kick off our event. We appreciate your time with us. Many of our attendees asked for your contact information so they might have you speak to their organizations. Again, thank you for your presentation and the time you spent with your group." - Leslie Scott, Executive Director, National Association of State Personnel Executives

"If you’re looking for practical, fresh, and engaging content, look no further than Brenda Clark Hamilton. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Brenda on several occasions, and our members always walk away energized and armed with new ideas to take back to their office. Brenda has a wealth of knowledge to share and presents the information in such a way that is fun, useful, and memorable. Brenda is down to earth, genuine, and a blast to work with; we’ll continue to invite you back again and again!" - Sarah Ruzek, Co-Director, VP of Finance & Education, Associations North

“Brenda has worked with our association many times. We’ve asked her to appear at small group meetings, continuing educational seminars, and our annual convention. The evaluation comments that we’ve received from members speak for themselves. Time and again we’ve asked her back when we are in need of a dynamic, well-researched presentation—sprinkled with just the right amount of humor. Brenda has also worked with us to create unique, custom presentations geared directly towards our membership. If you’re looking for a professional speaker that delivers every time—I highly recommend Brenda Clark Hamilton.” - Hank Hanson, Membership Services Director, Iowa Association of Community Providers