Candy Whirley

Candy Whirley

Have you ever wondered why it’s sooooo hard to work with PEOPLE in person or virtually? Most answers are YES!

Candy Whirley is the expert on the “WHY” of that question!
Professional nuggets about Candy: She is a speaker and business owner for 20 years, producer of several books and training programs and has spoken in ALL 50 states as well as Canada, Seoul Korea and Africa,

Personal nuggets about Candy: She has been married for 33 years, is a Grammy for 13 years, and Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader for 3 years! A…LONG… TIME… AGO!

What Candy’s clients receive: From motivational speaking for a crowd of thousands to rolling up your sleeves and doing a deep dive workshop to helping you plan your event, live or virtual, Candy is your go to speaker. She brings tons of interaction, energy and motivation to each of her speaking engagements. Quite frankly, she can do it all! … She’s been known to move tables….wait on tables…clear food from tables….and dance on tables…NO tip necessary!
Candy works directly with her clients to customize the presentation to meet their specific needs...she is also very dynamic and interactive and will adjust as needed based upon participant interaction and feedback during the session to ensure all areas receive the right amount of attention...Remember Candy “Can”...but her presentations aren't canned.

Most Requested Programs

Personality Types: It Takes 4 to Tango (companion book available)
Think everyone in your office acts like animals? You would be right! In this entertaining keynote, Candy Whirley encourages audiences around the world to live and work better together and to stop driving each other CRAZY!

Generational Differences: Bridge the Gap (companion book available)
This interactive, energetic and entertaining presentation will enable participants to recruit and manage and retain top candidates by learning the differences between generations X, Y, Boomers and Zs and what motivates their work habits and goals.

Emotional Intelligence: Get off the Roller Coaster
Have you ever felt like someone knew all the wrong buttons to push! We all have…. that’s why Candy loves to teach folks how to get their emotions under control. In this session, you will laugh and learn a lot about your emotions and how to CALM DOWN without someone saying “Calm Down!”

Leadership Series: Leadership and Workplace Culture Series
Are you tired of the inconsistencies of your departmental leadership or different leadership styles in the workplace? Would you like all of your leaders to be on the same page in your organization?

Candy has worked with leaders across the country from farmers to CEO’s from Hospital Administrators to Grain Elevator Mangers from Human Resource Directors to VP’s of financial industries….and she will tell you, “People are people and we are ALL leaders… we just have to hone our leadership skills.” In Candy’s Leadership and Workplace Culture Series she will tap into all of the skills every leader must have to truly LEAD their teams.

Creativity: Creativity Boot Camp for Leaders and Trainers
Candy uses innovative and interactive activities proven from coast to coast to enhance creative thinking and sustainability. “In this session you will be learning my trade secrets on how to make learning fun and memorable! Your employees do not just want Power Point


“You make understanding the differences between people important, enlightening, and entertaining as well. Thank you for presenting at our diversity event. - Kim Dailey, Wal-Mart

“I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you about the marked improvement in our workplace relationships since you delivered your motivating message to our staff. The historically divided lines between administrative and legal peer groups, has all but disappeared. The office goals are now achieved in an environment of unified collaboration. Thanks for your insightful, inspiring, and conscious raising exercises. You are a credit to your profession and a quality catalyst to others.” - Debra de Clue, CSE Lead Supervisor, Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office

“We wanted you to know what an impact you made at our TCP Innovation 2006 kickoff!! We’re a very successful, fast growing industry-leading company, but as we continue to grow so quickly we face many challenges. You inspired us to be flexible and understanding in a time of significant growth and be accountable to ourselves and others when dealing with challenges- you helped us embrace our fabric and all its threads. 100% of the people were up and out of their seats, participating and cheering (‘snap, clap, woo-hoo’)…and everyone found value in the event, which for a company as diverse as ours-is a huge deal! Thank you!” - Noel C. Lavezzi, Marketing Manager, Technical Consumer Products, Inc.

“You were outstanding and a big success with your audience! You were able to give people valuable and useable tools and techniques that could be utilized immediately. People are still talking about how much fun they had in your session and what a dynamic and incredible contractor you are. They want you back…and with our group that is the highest compliment you could ever get!!! Thank you so much for making this conference the best one yet!” - LaDona Landry, Senior HR Consultant, University of Texas Medical Branch

Candy! What a fabulous presenter. I have seen hundreds of speakers and trainers—Jack Canfield, John Gray and Loretta LaRoche and Candy was superb! What a pleasure to learn from a professional as experienced trainer and speaker, I learned tons! - Green Shield Canada, Windsor, OH, Trainer

It has been has been almost three months since I attended your workshop in Topeka. I had to do one of the hardest things as a supervisor on Wednesday; I had to FIRE one of my full time office staff. It took me three days to get all the facts that I needed. She had the lion personality, so that made it easier for me to come out and say you’ve been terminated. After it was over I felt pretty good about the way that the whole thing went down. Some of the things that I learned in your workshop helped me with this process. Thank You!! - Ruth Schillig, Director, Norton County EMS