Chad Greenway

Chad Greenway

Chad played 11 years for the Mn Vikings after finishing an All-American career at the University of Iowa. Growing up on a family farm in South Dakota, Chad learned the valuable lessons of hard work, perseverance, and dedication to a craft can bring success.

Rising from a small town of 350 people to being an 11 year pro, team captain and leader along with 4 time Walter Payton Man of the Year learn valuable concepts and characteristics of being team first. Learn the tools and mentality it takes to get to the highest level of achievement in a sport, and learn the against all odds story of determination.
Along with his playing career Chad ran and continues to run a successful non profit (Lead the Way Foundation) along with his business (Gray Duck Spirits).

Chad speaks on the topics of Business, Leadership, Teamwork and Success.
For local and non-profit organizations, Chad considers their budgets as his schedule allows.

Most Requested Programs

Leadership: From the Ground Up
Speaking on experience of an emerging leader. I went through many leadership changes in my career and three times over have gone from the bottom to the top. I walk through the process of following before leading and the values of a leader. Being a Captain of an NFL team comes with many challenges but a well-rounded valued leader shines through.

Perseverance: Getting off the Ground
When it comes to a football career only the strong survive. I have gone through many mental and physical challenges where my resiliency was tested. Finding motivation and drive from obstacles is a driving for to success. You must always find a way to pick yourself up over and over to define what your character really says about you.

Growing up on a family farm I quickly learned the value of teamwork. I used those experiences on the football field to build bonds with different teammates to help produce a winning culture. I speak on building relationships to build trust and continuity for your team. Understanding that max production comes from a culture of success.


Chad Greenway has spoken for many organizations on the topics of Leadership, Success, and Teamwork including Pioneer Seed Company, The Mayo Clinic, and First Premier Bank. We are in the process of gathering testimonials from his past speaking engagements. In the meantime, contact us for references. 651-735-2080