Chad Weinstein

Chad Weinstein

Chad Weinstein delivers presentations on ethics and leadership that inspire, educate, and entertain audiences with real-life examples and practical concepts and techniques. His life's work is helping ethical leaders to achieve extraordinary results through improved trust and team engagement. As a speaker and educator, he seeks to energize audiences by uniting positive ethics with organizational performance.

For over 25 years Chad has worked as a business leader and consultant, helping Fortune 500 and start-up companies, public sector and non–profit organizations to achieve their goals. Before focusing on ethical leadership full-time in 2007, he led teams in IT, R&D and operations, as well as in marketing and sales. He draws on these experiences - working with leaders in fields as diverse as law enforcement, health care, mining, and high-tech manufacturing - to tell real stories that audiences remember and apply to their lives.

Chad also earned a Ph.D. in ethics from the University of Minnesota. In the course of his studies, Chad observed that the practice of business ethics is almost always negative, warning people to avoid mistakes. Chad set out to frame a new, positive perspective for ethics education, encouraging people to pursue greatness.

Chad is the founder and president of Ethical Leaders in Action (ELA), a Minnesota-based firm that provides consulting and training to public safety agencies, health care organizations, associations, and businesses. Before founding ELA, Chad founded and led the Hill Center for Ethical Business Leadership, a division of the James J. Hill Reference Library.

Most Requested Programs

Ethics and Engagement
Engaged team members pursue shared goals with passion and enthusiasm. Ethical leaders foster that spirit of engagement, by creating an environment of trust and a shared sense of purpose. Participants leave feeling empowered to bring out the best in themselves and their teams. This presentation is customized for each audience through interviews and research.

Ethical Leadership: The Pursuit of Greatness
Ethics is not about avoiding wrongdoing, but about being our best, working together in meaningful pursuits. This highly active presentation uses real-world stories and examples to teach the skills and concepts of ethical leadership. Participants learn decision-making and communication skills, along with the virtues that make one successful at empowering others to do great things.

Leading with Vision and Purpose
A leader’s vision is practical imagination: a concept of the future that inspires others to make it a reality. One key element of that motivation is a shared sense of purpose. In this session, participants learn and practice techniques for developing a shared vision and a keen sense of purpose. They learn to identify and avoid common pitfalls that derail leaders and organizations in their pursuit of ongoing improvement.


“Chad Weinstein’s message about positive ethics and leadership is unique and relevant. Leaders at any level will be educated and inspired by his presentations.” - Emy Johnson, Senior Business Partner, Target Corporation

“Working with Chad has been such a pleasure. He took the time to get to know us, and adapted his outstanding content for our specific audience. We already see positive changes in the way our staff members relate to our customers, and to one another.” - Judi Rubin, President, Minnesota Electrical Association

“Mr. Weinstein brought ethics from a lofty ideal to a pragmatic approach relevant to business management decisions. His background and experience provided insight and credibility to the presentation and launched many very interesting discussions. Of the many ethics courses I’ve attended, this one has been most applicable to what I really do in professional life.” - Margaret Wunderlich, CFO & EVP Lerner Publishing Group

“This is a message that leaders need to hear. Weinstein delivers it in a compelling way, with honesty and humor.” - George Esbenson, Fire Chief and Director of Emergency Preparedness, City of Eden Prairie

“This was hands-down the best ethics training I have ever had. I learned things I can actually use in my practice, and the hours flew by.” - Anne Rasmussen, CPA