Curtis Hill

Curtis Hill

Motivational Speaker | Diversity Expert | Inclusion Equity Coach | Author

In today’s world? Diversity, inclusion, and equity are no longer should have components in cultivating fair, safe, and effective business environments – they are a must.

That’s where diversity strategist, author, and speaker Curtis Hill comes in. Curtis brings audiences an empowering message of awareness, culture, and resilience, combined with a powerful mix of savvy business skills honed from a lifetime of both raw and well-crafted experience.

Growing up in Chicago, Curtis easily drifted into a life of violence and crime and quickly rose to become one of the city’s most recognizable and notorious gang members. While dealing drugs earned him a six-figure per month bankroll, it cost him everything when he witnessed the cold-blooded murder of his best friend and came face-to-face with the immense suffering it caused in his community.

That’s when Curtis turned to education to springboard his street smarts into solid business acumen. After earning four degrees, including a Master of Arts in Teaching, an Educational Specialist in Administration and Supervision, and a Black Belt in Six Sigma, Curtis now travels the globe helping businesses and associations manage the chaos of people, practices, and profits. His unique way of communicating complex issues like race and division with humor and humanity keeps audiences both laughing and learning.

Whether from a virtual or physical stage, Curtis delivers messages for leaders, sales professionals, service providers, and business professionals with high energy, purposeful passion, and solid strategies that create long-lasting and significant differences in their personal and professional lives. Want to learn how you can integrate more diversity, equity, and strong, effective business skills into your organization?

Most Requested Programs

Managing The Chaos Of Diversity/Inclusion & Equity

  • Participants will develop insights and understanding of their own story and how it shapes their recruitment and hiring process.
  • Participants will learn how to build an inclusive culture and increase the bottom line.
  • Participants will be able to discuss interpersonal differences in a non-threatening environment, to increase inclusion and intersectionality.


Curtis you were amazing, the way you walked iCSTARS through your DE&I training really spoke to our needs. It has been a month and I can already see things trending in the tight direction. I can't wait until you come back next month. - Tasha Levey iCSTARS, CFO