Daniel Shannon

Daniel Shannon

Throughout his meteoric rise with top companies in the CPG, Financial Service and Retail industries, Daniel has accumulated nearly two decades of executional and thought leadership experiences. Inspired by his desire to enhance the value proposition of spaces where he has influence, by leveraging his uncommon combination of professional and personal experiences, Daniel has developed an exceptional competency in the areas of B2B sales, marketing, business development, and an UNMATCHED expertise on matters of diversity, equity and Inclusion.

Daniel’s corporate successes translate beautifully into his work as a speaker. Carefully customizing each of his presentations, based on his clients’ specific needs and goals, his approach is reflective of actual experience and proven solutions, rather than theory. On top of that, Daniel is beloved by his audiences for his signature style, combining entertainment with tangible takeaways!

Most Requested Programs

A Different Kind of Different
It’s a privilege to live in a world that’s increasingly influenced by intercultural experiences. Our ability to be successful in this world depends on our ability to respect and incorporate the unique elements of difference that we encounter each day, while recognizing our own opportunity to enhance the world around us by leveraging the countless dimensions of diversity that make each one of us unique! We all harbor unconscious biases about various dimensions of diversity, and those biases often prevent us from experiencing or sharing the benefits that are produced by those differences. This approach to diversity, equity and inclusion provides participants with practical guidance on how to recognize, value and navigate several dimensions of difference. Audience members will walk away with tangible ideas on how to cultivate a welcoming and inclusive environment, one that leverages the unique qualities of every individual, and helps them operate at the height of their full potential!

Positive Results from Problematic Situations
One of the pillars of organizational effectiveness is employee engagement. The best organizations understand that it’s necessary to cultivate a work environment where employees are given the opportunity to make meaningful contributions, without compromising parts of themselves that are foundational to their being. While this results in high employee engagement, it also creates a risk for conflict, confrontation and general misunderstanding between employees. This program addresses conflict management and teaches participants the skills to foster growth from issues that inevitably arise when we are passionate about our work.

Vision Speaks Louder Than Words
The key to being able to make the transformation from being someone who fits in to someone who stands out is VISION! Before you can hit any target, any goal or any objective, you much first have a clear view of what it is that you’re aiming for. Once you have learned how to tap into every ounce of your identity in order to reach those goals, it will become instinctive for you to leverage traits and characteristics that are specific to you. The VISION of your mind will become the blueprint of your life!


"Daniel is without a doubt one of the best speakers we have had at our organization. His combination of anecdotes and useful information left everyone in attendance feeling energized and motivated. A presentation from Daniel Shannon will undoubtedly add value to your organization." - Deborah A. Young, Associate Director of Career Services, DeVry University, Keller Graduate School of Management

"Daniel spoke for us last year, and did a FANTASTIC job. He was actually voted back (by the students, and the adult volunteer leaders) for this year. The students really connected with him, and his energy and enthusiasm were infectious. It really got the kids off to a great start for the week. We were amazed at Daniel’s ability to speak to a new crowd the way he did! We so enjoyed working with him last year, and we’re so happy he’ll be returning this year." - Laura Marvin Nelson, Best Prep – Minnesota Business Venture

"I just had the privilege to witness Daniel Shannon give one of the most dynamic, content filled and inspiring keynotes that I've heard in a long time! People are wondering about the Millennial generation, this young man is going to be the phenomenon of the future!" - Ravi Norman, Chief Executive Officer, THOR Construction

"Daniel was awesome! His presentation was exceptional - well delivered, engaged the audience and motivated our division to always do their best! My VP was impressed and even mentioned having him back again! He made me look good!" - Debra Ticey, Underwriting Manager, Ameriprise Financial

“He’s a joy to work with, and he’s someone that I think will lead our community into the future with some very unique visions and perspectives on life.” - Henry Crosby, Executive Director North Community YMCA Metropolitan Minneapolis