David Glickman

David Glickman

David Glickman has been a professional speaker and entertainer for over 20 years and is a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame. Before transitioning from "show business" to "speech business" he worked with comedy stars like Steve Martin and Ellen DeGeneres, as well as operating his own chain of comedy clubs.

In the late 1990s, David moved full-time into professional speaking. His presentations were created from a combination of the "workplace wisdom" he learned as a business owner and the "comic relief" he learned on the comedy stages.

Today, David's popular keynotes teach vital strategies for success. His valuable content, combined with his customized humor, provide attendees with incredible tools to handle the myriad of challenges they face every day.

Most Requested Programs

Is It Hot in Here or Just Burnout?
Changing Your Perspective to Experience Resilience at Work

Look around the average workplace. Go ahead, we’ll wait. You’ll see most professionals struggling with the stress of constant change, increased expectations, and having to do more with less. And if your job has transitioned primarily to Zoom, that frustration is even greater….as you secretly wish for a permanent mute button. That’s where “Is It Hot in Here or Just Burnout?” comes in!

In this hilarious keynote, Hall of Fame speaker David Glickman shows you how by simply making a slight shift in the way you approach these challenges, you’ll experience a renewed sense of resilience and a profound new way of handling whatever obstacles you face on the job.

Entertain the Thought
Opening Your Mind to the Power of Possibilities

“Now what?” Whether facing minor inconveniences or major challenges, every obstacle at work requires us to stop what we’re doing and figure out how to move forward. Sometimes solutions come quickly. And other times, it takes a little more effort to figure out our next steps. But regardless of the roadblock, we usually take the fastest path to solve the problem—even though it’s often not the best solution or the most efficient solution.

This is where Entertain the Thought comes in. In this customized and laugh-filled keynote, Hall of Fame speaker David Glickman teaches your audience—either virtually or in person—how to creatively expand their thinking. Whether discovering new solutions for a problem that’s existed for a long time, or creating a blueprint for an amazing future, Entertain the Thought presents strategies for a better way of addressing these challenges.

A Dose of Healthcare Humor
The Perfect Prescription for Less Stress and More Success

Open your mouth and say "Ha!" You’ve never seen a funnier way of looking at Medical Technology, HIPAA, Patient Relations, Managed Care, Medical Specialties, Healthcare Bureaucracy, the Pharmaceutical Industry, Joint Commission, Long-Term Care, HCAHPS, CMS, and much more!

None of those apply to you? No worries—Hall of Fame speaker David Glickman’s Healthcare Humor is always customized to your group’s specific work in the industry. No matter what area of healthcare your audience is in, David will find what’s funny in your world—and create a program that’s relevant (and hilarious) to you.

Emcee David Glickman: Maximizing the ROI for Your Agenda
Ensuring Your Entire Event is Presented Professionally, Punctually & Hilariously

David Glickman has more on-stage experience as a Master of Ceremonies than any other Keynote Speaker working today. In his years of owning comedy clubs, he strategically positioned himself in the Emcee position. This allowed him to control the flow of the program, complement the material of the other performers, adjust the energy level of the program as necessary, and ‘save’ the show if there were any comedy ‘disasters’.

He also used those years of stage time as Emcee to refine his skills and learn the art & science of the role.
When David transitioned from “show business” to “speech business” he was able to take those highly-developed skills as a Master of Ceremonies to the corporate stage. Since that time, many meeting professionals have experienced the amazing value and benefits of having David serve both as a Keynote Speaker and as the Master of Ceremonies for the entire event.


"Over the course of the nearly 40 years I have been doing this work, we have had a lot of endnote speakers for our conferences, and none that delivered the goods better than you did yesterday! For an audience exhausted by a marathon of crises on the front line of the coronavirus fight, you provided us with an hour of respite and refueling. The way you wove our whole three days of presentations and themes into your presentation was genius - thank you for learning so much about us!" - Gayle Knenvold, President/CEO, LeadingAge MN

"As we were planning our virtual event this year we really wanted to make the day valuable and meaningful to our attendees. Hosting events virtually can be a challenge, but we are so thankful that we had David Glickman as our keynote. He kept the audience engaged, made everyone laugh, and our attendees thoroughly enjoyed the program. I would strongly recommend him for your virtual event, we received a rating of 100% when we asked if his content was valuable. He was exactly what we needed to make our day a success." - Kristi Hall, Program Manager - Practice Transformation Team, Rocky Mountain Health Plans

“A week after David’s visit and our team is still abuzz about his unique and hilarious performance…..If laughter is the best medicine, David’s humor is the perfect panacea.” - Ken McHattie, Director, Patient Experience, Memorial Health Ohio

"...David had the audience roaring...he truly engaged everyone in the crowd...ratings were through the roof." - L. Angela Mrkonja, Regional Director of Training & Development, Securitas

"Everyone loved your presentation...many saying you were the best keynote that we have ever had--wow!" - Erica Klein, Senior Coordinator - Education & Learning Services, National Association Medical Staff Services