Eddie Slowikowski

Eddie Slowikowski

3 minutes and 58 seconds. That is the amount of time it took Eddie Slowikowski to run the mile. Whether it’s as a Gold Medal winner for the USA Track & Field Team, an NCAA All-American, or a sought after dynamic professional speaker, Eddie knows a thing or two about Peak Performance. Through years of training as an athlete and running his own speaking business, Eddie knows what it takes to be elite. Eddie has always had the can-do spirit of an entrepreneur, in all walks of life. Best of all, Eddie can channel that sense of accomplishment through interactive storytelling to audiences everywhere. He can make you laugh, cry, dance and learn... all in one presentation.

Eddie's story has always been about taking the lead and setting the pace. Through his years as a world-class runner and now as an internationally known Speaker & Consultant, you can count on Eddie to be out in front. In addition to his accomplishments and medals, Eddie sought to enrich his life with service and empowerment for others. Whether it was in month-long service projects in Central America or helping the homeless in the city of Chicago, Eddie widened his world-view beyond the life of sports. Also, as a husband and father of four, he proves that a successful balance of life and business can be attained.

Through storytelling and high-energy showmanship, Eddie shows participants how to follow through on a vision from inception to achievement and how to create positive energy for yourself and others. It’s time to match who you are with who you want to be. Create the congruency of peak performance and attain the attitude of, Be That Now!

Most Requested Programs

The 4 Minute Formula For Success Keynote
Greatness is achieved in many moments throughout our lifetime. One of Eddie Slowikowski’s moments of greatness happened when he ran the mile in under 4 minutes (3 minutes, 58 seconds). It is time to find your gifts and talents – your 4 Minute Formula. Within each of us is the ability to take charge of our lives and develop a path to a successful future. The positive actions of one person can have a ripple effect on a community of people. When the right strategies are developed with company values in mind, deeper connections are formed with internal and external customers.

With his history as a world-class runner and self-made entrepreneur, Eddie knows a thing or two about peak performance and making teamwork a reality Eddie’s 4 Minute Formula is a step-by-step process that will help you match who you are with who you want to be.

The Best Version of YOU Keynote
Utilize your in-born gifts of imagination and creativity to build the ultimate peak performer. Former world class runner and internationally known speaker Eddie Slowikowski knows something about performance.
In his program, The Best Version of You, discover how transcending failure can set you up to be your best self. When the chips are down, true character is revealed. Find the winner within through struggle and come out the other side to be a more well-rounded, battle-tested person.

  • Use positive interactions to build positive culture. - Develop a plan for yourself and others to achieve peak performance.
  • Discover how principles of elite training can apply to your daily life.
  • Create a new vision to rekindle the passion for what you do.
  • The Best Version of You takes things up a notch with high-energy audience interaction. Through funny and poignant storytelling, Eddie gets to the core of what it really means to dig deep. What do you need to do to be a peak performer in life? What does it take to be the best version of YOU?
  • By questioning your actions and influences, you can discover the truth at the heart of your character. In the end, being the best version of you is all anyone can ask - and that’s where true leadership begins.

Teaming Up To Make A Difference - Teambuilding Breakout Session
If you want to feel empowered to succeed as part of a team, this breakout rocks it. Join Eddie Slowikowski for a raucous, high-spirited, musical trivia dance party – and learn amazing Teambuilding skills along the way. This breakout promotes an environment of collaboration, creative thinking, innovation and outright fun. A highly motivating experience of interactive teamwork - Eddie uses popular culture, today’s biggest music hits, and teambuilding things to get participants moving, heart’s pumping and the competition flying.

Learning outcomes – Team members will:

  • Identify how to fit into a team – the special qualities and ideas do you bring to the group.
  • Discover how to build commitment and trust among team members.
  • Execute teamwork skills, including support and encouragement.
  • Effectively work together to achieve the goals set forth during the interactive session.
  • Transfer pillars of teamwork built into the exercises performed during the session to their daily lives.

True Values - Breakout Session
What is truly valuable in life? What do you believe in? Take a powerful journey of self- discovery with Eddie. Come face to face with the biggest issues you’re dealing with and find out how you’d react to the big tests in life. This session is a serious, reflective journey into what truly matters to each participant.
Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will gain perspective on what matters most in their life.
  • Participants will find the correlation between their values, decisions, and actions.
  • Participants will recognize how they respond to stressful circumstances.
  • Through the value process, participants will advocate for what matters most to them.


Eddie presented his keynote The Best Version of YOU was a grand slam and received rave reviews from our members.
Eddie met and exceeded our expectations! His presentation was thought-provoking, relevant and informative. He made a distinct connection with our audience. Additionally, his presentation style was enthusiastic, interactive and engaging. He inspired, motivated and connected with our attendees and literally had them on their feet dancing.
While we are without hesitation in recommending Eddie as a presenter, we believe our attendees sum it up best:
- “Eddie set the tone for the entire day, lots of buzz among conference goers.”
- “Loved Eddie the keynote speaker, he was fantastic!”
- “The keynote general session speaker, Eddie was amazing. “
Eddie did a terrific job for us at our conference, and we believe he would do a wonderful job for any professional group seeking to educate and inspire their members.
- 2018 IAPD /IPRA Soaring to New Heights Conference

What a great conference we had, and Eddie literally had people jumping out of their chairs dancing and whooping it up! Just had to take a quick minute to let you know that we L-O-V-E-D him!!! As a matter of fact, several of the ladies were bummed that he didn’t stick around for the social and spend the night dancing in the hotel bar lounge!!!! Pieces of his keynote surfaced the day after…. That to me was a great sign that he made an impact on our group!!!!! - Region 1 Payroll Administrators

Your 4-Minute Formula was the perfect closing for our convention in Duluth. Our attendees gave you high marks, and you especially held everyone’s close attention—and caused some tears—as you recounted the story of your son’s baseball game. One of the individual comments noted, “Eddie was fantastic!
Thank you for sharing your stories and your talents with us. - Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota (ICBM)

Eddie was a big hit with our team. He emceed our Awards Show, Keynoted and gave us all inspiration and exactly what we needed! - Newcomb Oil Company

Eddie hit it out of the park yesterday with his presentation to our staff. It's not every day that 300 educators give an opening day presenter a standing ovation.

He was funny, engaging, and thought provoking. He made people laugh and moved them to tears. He did exactly what I had asked for him to do. I always want our opening staff meeting to inspire our folks and Eddie certainly did that.
- Miami County ESC