Eric Chester

Eric Chester

Eric Chester is an acclaimed in-the-trenches workforce researcher and thought leader who’s been studying, analyzing, speaking and writing about attracting, managing, motivating and retaining top talent since 2001.

He is frequently mentioned or quoted in the national and international media such as Good Morning America, ABC 20/20, Fox News, NPR, and CNBC and in publications like Forbes, USA Today, and the Huffington Post.

He is a bestselling author of 5 published leadership books, several of which have become national bestsellers. Eric Chester has delivered more than 3000 paid keynote speeches on three continents. He is a Certified Speaking Professional and was inducted into the National Speakers Association’s acclaimed Hall of Fame in 2004.

Eric lives in Golden, CO with his wife and family.

Most Requested Programs

On Fire at Work: How Great Leaders Ignite Passion in their People, and Why Those People Succeed and Fan the Flames of Engagement
How do great companies attract top talent, encourage innovation, and instill a desire for excellence? That’s the question Eric Chester set out to answer. By interviewing more than one hundred acclaimed C-level leaders across all industries, Eric discovered commonalities in how successful leaders create cultures of engagement. In this entertaining and content-rich multimedia presentation, he shares those discoveries with you and provides actionable ideas for finding, recruiting, developing, and retaining instructional and support staff for your swim schools.

You’ll discover the secrets and strategies that legendary companies use to:

  • Consistently attract top talent to their organizations with minimal recruiting
  • Engage employees so that they’re motivated to work harder, perform better, and provide outstanding service
  • Significantly reduce costly turnover and develop hourly young talent into long-term leaders
  • Create award-winning workplace cultures that generate priceless PR and brand awareness

Fully Staffed: How to Find and Keep Great Employees
The biggest threat facing today’s business owners and managers is not how they can get new customers and improve sales, but rather how they can find, develop, and keep qualified employees to do the tough, vital work that keeps them in business. The kinds of jobs you rely on to keep the wheels of your business moving. They’re also the kinds of jobs where employee turnover is pandemic. Employers need to find and retain competent workers, but those workers are hard to find—hard to train—and even harder to keep.

In this high-stakes hiring environment, employee engagement expert Eric Chester has gone behind the curtain to interview thousands of owners, managers, and leaders of small companies and franchises in order to uncover the best practices for attracting, developing—and yes, even retaining—amazing employees at all levels, often for jobs that aren’t considered sexy by today’s standards.

Discover how savvy employers have made bold moves, implemented guerrilla-recruiting tactics, and transformed the way the hiring and retention game is played. Eric’s presentation – live and virtual -- will delight, surprise, and get you thinking—and the strategies and methodologies he illustrates will inspire you to change the way you recruit, hire, and lead your employees so you, too, can proudly say you’re FULLY STAFFED.


“No one knows the emerging workforce better than Eric Chester. He’s spot on when it comes to the challenge leaders face for improving work ethic and restoring pride, and he offers advice that is both practical and solid.” - 7-Eleven

“Fantastic job, Eric! You totally WOW’ed our 700 franchise partners!” - Firehouse Subs

“Your keynote presentation was tailor-made for our dealers. Absolutely outstanding.” - Harley-Davidson

"Outstanding convention keynote! Customized, relevant, and immediately actionable." - Denny's

“I believe our speakers should help you not only professionally but personally. I believe our speakers should have unique and helpful messages and that they should connect with us emotionally. You nailed it and hit all the criteria- thank you! It was odd how remarkably well your messages tied into what we are conveying and I would have almost suspected collusion between the two of us as your messages reinforced so much of what I wanted to articulate… You crushed it and we loved you!” - Beeline