Erik Therwanger

Erik Therwanger

Erik is the founder of Think GREAT and the Think GREAT Foundation, which awards scholarships to military spouses. He draws from his experiences as a U.S. Marine, executive business leader, sales professional, and entrepreneur to help organizations achieve new levels of success. He uniquely combines leadership development, sales performance, and strategic planning into strategies and techniques that empower team members and leaders to exceed expectations.

Erik has inspired audiences across the country in nearly every industry Think GREAT is a Certified Veteran-Owned Business and Erik is also author of The Think GREAT Collection.

Most Requested Programs

Leading thru Chaos

Leaders are needed the most during the most trying times. Discover your greater purpose as a leader and unlock your potential, inspiring your team to set and accomplish important goals during challenging circumstances.

Attendees will discover the leadership strategies and techniques necessary to inspire, motivate, and influence their entire teams and co-workers during these unprecedented times. With an emphasis on creating an empowering culture, leaders will learn new ways to encourage their team members, achieve exponential growth, and experience unparalleled results. Today’s leaders will unleash the leadership potential in their teams!

  • Learn strategies to unify all leaders
  • Understand how to raise the leadership bar
  • Discover new ways to communicate empoweringly
  • Set and accomplish goals, no matter what circumstances you face

Planning thru Chaos

Your business is like an aircraft and it was not designed to remain on the airfield of mediocrity, even during challenging times. It was created to soar to new levels of success and you need to focus on your Flight Plan to elevate.

Attendees will discover the planning strategies and techniques necessary to empower leaders and team members to set the goals necessary for elevated levels of achievement. With an emphasis on creating a plan that allows businesses to take off and sustain elevation, leaders will learn new ways to develop a visually empowering leadership tool – their Flight Plan. Today’s business aviators will unleash the true potential in their teams!

  • Learn strategies to create a powerful plan for the future
  • Understand how to use “identity” to get your entire team “on-board”
  • Discover new ways to stay on course, no matter what challenges you face
  • Inspire everyone to consistently and enthusiastically head toward your vision

Selling thru Chaos

The sales environment has changed significantly and we all need to shift our gears in order to drive sales to new levels of success. It’s time to fire up our sales engine!

Attendees will discover the sales strategies and techniques necessary to open new opportunities, stay motivated, and impact their clients at higher levels during these unprecedented times. With an emphasis on understanding the sales engine that powers their sales vehicles, sales leaders will learn new ways to enhance their performance while achieving greater results. Today’s sales leaders will unleash their unlimited potential!

  • Learn strategies to enhance your mindset
  • Understand how to identify and gather important data
  • Discover new ways to build deeper relationships
  • Create the structure necessary for gold-medal results


Communication is one of the most powerful tools we have in the workplace. Unfortunately, it is most often listed as a “challenge,” by leaders and their teams. Discover how to unify your people by creating a movement in your organization as you harness the untapped power of communication.

Communication is typically ranked as a “10,” on a scale of 1-10 when asked how important it is in the workplace. But there are often more examples of “poor” communication than “moving” communication. Attendees will discover how to recognize the four types of communication happening right now in their businesses and learn the strategies and techniques needed to transform each one into an empowering tool for success.

  • Learn how to magnetize the words chosen in the workplace
  • Understand techniques to unleash the power of our speeches
  • Discover how our gestures can empower the people around us
  • Achieve new levels of success by taking the right actions

The GOAL Formula
Based on Erik’s book, The GOAL Formula, understand the formula necessary to accomplish any goal,
personal or professional, no matter what circumstances you face.
Attendees will discover the goal-setting strategies and techniques necessary to identify important
goals, stay focused, and make the course corrections required for success. With an emphasis on
developing their greater purpose, team members will learn new ways to set and accomplish goals.

  • Enhance their perceptions about accomplishing goals
  • Learn the five steps required for success
  • Understand the power of Time Mastery
  • Discover how to enlist the help of others for each of your goals


“In the telling of his life experiences, Erik Therwanger gives an incredibly moving performance. In my own life, I would find it difficult to match the positive energy and attitude of this amazing individual. Most importantly for a group of hospitality industry professionals, each of us walked away with valuable development tools for use in our career paths as well as a renewed sense of purpose for our everyday lives. I heartedly recommend engaging Erik for your group gathering. Your attendees will thank you!” - Sara-ann Kasner - CEO & Founder, National Concierge Association