Erin Botsford

Erin Botsford

Having spent 30 years in the financial services business and achieving at the highest levels (Barron’s Top 100 in all categories – Independent, Advisor and Women Advisor) Erin sold her business in 2017 in a successful exit, a step most advisors want to achieve at the end of their careers.

Today she is the creator of the Elite Advisor Success System™ a system that teaches advisors how to quickly grow their businesses exponentially and build firms that have all the elements needed for a future succession or exit. Her program delivers the 5 keys to business success in easy to understand modules and in less than six months, advisors can learn what might otherwise take them decades to figure out on their own. Erin believes in the power of “modeling” and allows advisors to simply copy her success blueprint. Erin is also the author of two books, Seven Figure Firm, How to Build A Financial Services Business that Grows Itself and The Big Retirement Risk: Running out of Money Before You Run out of Time.

With 30 years of field experience and an authentic personal story, she can relate to advisors at all levels. An international speaker, Erin shares her 30 years of wisdom at industry conferences world-wide.

Most Requested Programs

Prospecting in the Virtual World
Covid-19 changed the landscape for advisors to connect and meet one-on-one with their prospects and clients. That said, tools like Zoom and Skype have removed barriers associated with the location and proximity of prospects. Savvy advisors will see the new virtual world as a great advantage - a new frontier to be mastered and conquered! In this presentation, Erin will discuss:

  • How to effectively market and prospect in the virtual world
  • Elements of a great virtual webinar/seminar
  • Keys to engage and keep your prospect’s attention in a webinar or meeting
  • How to close prospects in your first meeting
  • A secret weapon to use when marketing virtually

The “Secret Sauce” to Closing Prospects in the First Meeting
The first fifteen minutes of an advisor’s meeting or Zoom call with a prospect will determine if they end up with a new client in the first meeting. With clients in 31 states, Erin will discuss how she was able to close the vast majority of her prospects in the first meeting – either in person or virtually. In this game-changing presentation, Erin will discuss:

  1. The important steps in “setting the stage,” whether in person or virtually
  2. Why you should ALWAYS seat the woman at the head of the table
  3. The art of using “Disturbing Tracts” – language that quickly converts the prospect into a client and raving fan
  4. Why you should NEVER use a “Pitch Deck” and NEVER lead with Investments or Insurance product discussions

The Ultimate Leverage to Create More Time, Money & Business Valuation
The biggest struggle advisors have in growing their practice is transitioning client review meetings to licensed members of their team. As the sole point of client contact, the advisor eventually runs out of hours in their day/week/year. Ultimately, the growth of their business stagnates. In this presentation, Erin will give advisors the exact steps they need to hire and train their team(s) to meet with clients so the advisor can build the business of their dreams: a business where they have more free time, make more money and create significant business valuation. In this presentation, Erin will discuss:

  1. Her three-meeting process to transition clients from the advisor to his/her team
  2. Exactly how to train and empower the advisor’s licensed staff so they take over review meetings with B, C, D (and even A) clients to free up the advisor’s time for business building activities or time off
  3. How to position the transition with clients so they welcome the change
  4. A unique tool Erin will demonstrate to give advisors complete confidence in making this transition

Build Your Team – Build Your Business
In a thriving practice, the advisor/CEO only does 4 things: prospect for new business, close prospects to become clients, provide creativity and leadership to his/her team and TAKE TIME OFF. Their team does everything else. In this presentation, Erin will discuss exactly what an advisor needs to do to have a thriving business, make more money and take a lot more time off; most importantly, how to get there in the quickest time possible.

Erin will discuss:

  1. Why building a team is the BEST investment an advisor will ever make
  2. Who they should hire next
  3.  The exact tasks and duties of various team members needed to grow a thriving business
  4. How taking more time off will actually help grow an advisor’s business faster than if they’re always there
  5. How an effective team can super-charge an advisor’s business valuation

Winning Over Women Investors – Avoid Getting “Ghosted”
Advisors often think they had a great initial prospect meeting but never hear from the prospect again. It can be bewildering. Oftentimes, without knowing, they left an important influencer out of the discussion. If an advisor isn’t careful and mindful, the female in the room can feel ignored and/or marginalized if most of the discussion goes to her male partner. While women might not say much in the meeting, they can and often make decisions about the advisor in the parking lot; sometimes before they even shut the car door! Advisors who never want that to happen need to listen to this presentation: Erin will discuss:

  1. Understanding who drives the bus in the relationship
  2. What’s the ONE question an advisor should NEVER ask a woman?
  3. The Psychology of placement in the room
  4. What Women REALLY want in an advisory relationship
  5. How to prevent a female client from feeling patronized and/or marginalized

Winning New Clients by Creating & Controlling the Prospect Experience
A business that isn’t growing is dying. Learn the keys to closing more prospects to become clients …. and closing them in the first meeting. No more of that “ghosting” feeling – when prospects walk out the door and you never hear from them again.

  1. Success is ALL about Psychology -- Perception is Reality
  2. Understanding who drives the BUS in every couple
  3. $8 Million Seating System
  4. Why You Should Never Lead with Investments
  5. What clients REALLY want in an advisory relationship – and it isn’t asset manage

Using Lifestyle Driven Investing™ to Bulletproof Your Business
Erin Botsford, Barron’s Top 100 Advisor and 31 year veteran has gone through 3 decades of market corrections, one that lasted more than 3 years. She never lost a client because of a market correction. Why? Because she had an investment philosophy that protected her clients’ lifestyles in good markets and bad.
Join Erin Botsford, CFP™ as she discusses her trademarked investment philosophy, “Lifestyle Driven Investing™ as a way to position client’s assets. Erin counts this philosophy as the key that has protected both her clients’ lifestyles as well as her business. In this live webinar, Erin will discuss:

  1. The Case for Annuities from someone who Hated Annuities
  2. How Lifestyle Driven Investing™ should be used as a framework in retirement planning
  3. Overcoming objections in advance by using an Investment Collaboration Meeting
  4. Where Annuities might fit in your product mix.

Elite Team Member Training
It would be an understatement to say an advisor’s success is largely determined by the people surrounding him/her. It is vitally important that an advisor has team members who are absolutely committed and EMPOWERED to impact the success of the business. In this presentation, Erin will discuss the exact steps team members can take to help catapult an advisor’s business growth.

  1. The #1 job role for an assistant or team member is to protect this for the advisor…
  2. The exact tasks and duties of an “admin” to help make the practice efficient and help it grow
  3. How to empower team members to effectively run the business while the advisor grows it!
  4. Identify the 3 or 4 things an advisor should be doing in the business –the team should be doing EVERYTHING ELSE
  5. How to train licensed staff take over review meetings with B, C & D clients to free up the advisor’s time to build the business

This webinar is designed for the staff/team members of the advisor, but it will have exponential benefits if the advisor AND staff listen to it together.


“As Head of Practice Management for Raymond James Ltd. (Canada) I have had the opportunity to work closely with Erin Botsford over the last few years. Erin delivers high value in an easy-to-understand format. In addition to many keynotes, we have also had the pleasure of hosting Erin in person for two full-day workshops. Feedback from our Advisory teams has been overwhelmingly positive. I highly recommend Erin as a speaker to any level audience. Her breadth of experience and her ability to relate to advisors at all levels makes her an excellent resource for anyone in the financial services industry looking to grow their business.” - Andrea Linger, Manager, Practice Management ,Raymond James Ltd. Canada

“We hired Erin Botsford to speak at our joint field work and Top Producer Academy. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of the conversation that she had on stage. She speaks about her history and her infrastructure of her practice. And her story just resonated with everyone in the room and there was a lot of buzz and excitement afterwards. I think the outcome is that this will really make a big impact on many advisors’ lives and businesses overall. I’d highly recommend her for your business.” - Brad Rohles, Program Manager – Premier Practice Leaders, Thrivent Financial

“Knowing your audience is key! We’ve brought in dozens of outside speakers during my career, and most will ask about the audience they will be speaking to. But all too often they ask that question just as a formality. It ends up being the same cookie cutter presentation except for Erin Botsford. When Erin asked us that question, she meant it and wanted to know more. The audience was 200 independent financial advisors being hosted by wholesalers from an annuity carrier. And her message was hand crafted to that exact audience. We all have a shorter attention span on a webinar than in person, and it makes a big difference when someone is speaking directly to you. 10/10 recommend!” - Kit Harbuck, Regional Vice President, Jackson National