Gaye Lindfors

Gaye Lindfors

Gaye approaches life as a front row observer of celebrations, messy places, and you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me! moments. Not afraid to poke fun at her own mishaps, she shares life and business lessons, hope, and humor from her own experiences: successful corporate and non-profit leader, business owner, a city girl with a small-town heart, caregiver, and self-proclaimed Chief Encourager.

Whether you’re working, volunteering, taking care of things at home, or showing up for your friends, your heart wants to feel alive. With her stories and the welcoming style and wit she’s known for, Gaye will encourage your heart, help you rediscover the joy in your everyday, and remind you that your life makes a difference.

Gaye led a human resources department that supported 11,000 airline employees, served as Special Assistant to a university president, and has an M.A. in Industrial Relations. She has served in leadership roles in associations, non-profits, and volunteer and professional women’s organizations. She is past-president of the National Speakers Association/Minnesota chapter, and was Regional Director for Christian Women in Media. Gaye is the author of several books, including “This is Livin’!” and “Getting My Ducks in a Row and Other Stories of Faith.”

Most Requested Programs

Getting My Ducks in a Row … Or Not!
If you’re worried about trying to get your ducks in a row because, first, you aren’t sure if that is possible, and second, you can’t even find your ducks, there is hope! Perhaps you find yourself trying to fix situations instead of giving up control. Or, worrying about disappointing people rather than focusing on how to love them. And maybe in your attempts to get all the details in perfect order, you’ve missed some moments. You are not alone. Gaye brings a blend of lessons learned, life stories, and humor as she invites you to consider ways to stop striving, fretting, and fixing, and encourages you to remember that you are amazing!

This Is Livin’!
Life is good. And life can be messy! The good news? We don’t have to wait for it to be perfect before we can live it to the fullest! We can look for, create, and celebrate good moments even during the “You’ve got to be kidding me!” seasons. Let’s laugh a bit, push the reset button, and chuckle some more as we rediscover how to create great moments, which turn into great days, which turn into a great life!

Help! There’s a Hole in my Life Jacket!
We celebrate “getting our act together,” stress about not having a thing to wear to our high school reunion, and breakdown when the diagnosis isn’t good. Real life happens. And we still have to get out of bed. Find the hope, encouragement and simple life tools to keep going when life seems to be going in an unplanned direction.

Sweat Pants, Girlfriends, and Chocolate
If reality TV, personal insecurities, and our neighbor’s expectations frame how we live our lives, we’ll be very confused…and tired! To make the trip easier, let’s toss the expectations out the back window and invite three traveling companions to join us: sweat pants, girlfriends, and chocolate. This is our journey – let’s enjoy it!


We really connected with Gaye. Loved, loved, loved her – she was down to earth, smart, knowledgeable, and fun. Her content brought superior value to the conference. She had such great stories and so many good ideas – the best! - The JOY Conference

Excellent! Gaye had a great message with humor and wonderful content. It was the best presentation of the conference – she got everyone feeling good and she was entertaining. It was very meaningful, motivating, and uplifting! - Minnesota Association of Healthcare Volunteers

Gaye was very positive and inspiring; she made us think. She was relevant. Laughter makes a meeting great, and she had many “laughter” moments! Her stories related to our work lives and our personal lives; she helped us put our lives in perspective. She was very uplifting – great speaker – awesome! - Independent Community Bankers of North Dakota – Frontline Series

From my first point of contact with Gaye, she “had me at hello.” What a true joy and delight she is! Gaye was genuinely invested in the success of our event in the way she crafted her message to align with our event theme. She spoke in a full auditorium, but her with her warm and connecting speaking style, we felt like longtime friends just chatting over coffee. Her zeal for life and ease of laughter is surpassed only by her love for God and the way she shines His light! - Prayer Ventures

It was a delight to work with Gaye for our recent women’s retreat! From the very beginning of the planning stages Gaye was thoughtful, thorough and very timely in everything that we requested of her. She was willing to personalize the event based on our needs, and on the day of the retreat her natural presentation style delighted our guests. She was funny, Biblical, faithful and poignant in her presentation and our women loved and related to her. We would wholeheartedly recommend Gaye! - Gethsemane Lutheran Church