Jasmine Brett Stringer

Jasmine Brett Stringer

Jasmine Brett Stringer is an uplifting keynote speaker, award-winning author of Seize Your Life: How to Carpe Diem Every Day, on-air TV personality, host of the podcast and lifestyle blog Carpe Diem with Jasmine and founder of Share the Mic Minnesota. In these times of transformational change, Jasmine is on a mission to help people live empowered and authentic lives. Through her Seize Your Life keynotes, workshops and customized coaching sessions, Jasmine guides clients and audiences through a simple process to identify their goals and achieve their personal definition of success. Jasmine’s common-sense approach to creating a life of one’s own has inspired thousands of people across the world to carpe diem! Jasmine has shared her positive message to corporate and nonprofit organizations such as Land O’ Lakes, Federal Reserve Bank, Airbnb, Cargill, Goodwill, Mondelēz International, Bayer, Boston Scientific, Radisson Hotel Group, NEW, the Network of Executive Women and the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management. Jasmine inspires revelation and change by leveraging her experiences working with some of the world’s biggest brands. Additionally, Jasmine speaks on how to effectively network and how to build synergy and develop interpersonal skills- core tools for living a vision-driven life.

The international “new awakening” to racial inequalities and social justice issues during the summer of 2020 inspired Jasmine to launch a new project, #SHARETHEMICMN. #SHARETHEMICMN was established to give Black and Brown women in Minnesota additional exposure through connection and engagement with new audiences. The goal is that the new conversations and relationships develop into a deeper understanding that will be impactful in tackling and overcoming unconscious biases, racial injustices and racial inequities. Through storytelling, relationship development, programming and collaborations #SHARETHEMICMN strives to help make Minnesota a more inclusive and equitable state. Jasmine is using the #SHARETHEMICMN platform to elevate the voices of women of color, inspire action and allyship, and show the world that a Carpe Diem spirit can drive change.

Jasmine is a graduate of American University’s Kogod School of Business in Washington, D.C. She was named one of “100 People to Know in 2021” by Twin Cities Business Magazine, a Twin Cities Fearless Woman in 2017, and a Woman of Promise by the Girl Scouts in 2012. She received the 2020 Team Women Community Impact WaveMaker Award. Additionally, she was awarded Distinguished Alumna of American University and is an active member of the National Speakers Association. Ebony Magazine featured her as one of its “30 Future Leaders Under the Age of 30 in America.” Jasmine is based in Minneapolis but can often be found two hours south of the city working with her husband at the family farm. On a personal note, Jasmine is a Minnesota State Fair ribbon winner for her delicious canned sweet pickles grown with love in Blue Earth, MN.

Most Requested Programs

Tired of seeing others advance while you stay in the same rut? The truth is, personal success only comes when we start to bet on ourselves. In this inspirational program, Jasmine guides audiences on the journey to carpe diem by leading a vision-driven life. Jasmine identifies how to unlock the barriers that keep us from fulfilling the life we are intended to have while establishing a personalized vision to take life to the next level. Audiences are Inspired To:- Stop living life on autopilot- Establish a holistic vision for their lives- Overcome limiting beliefs to boldly live the life you envision- Create focus and alignment on their professional and personal goals- Raise their voice and ask for what they want out of life

Seize Your Opportunity, MOVE BEYOND BURNOUT
It’s no secret that today’s workforce is stressed out and stretched thin, while employee engagement, retention, and satisfaction are at an all-time low. But checking out isn’t the answer – life is just too short to spend each day doing something that does not bring you joy.In the middle of all difficulty lies opportunity. It’s time to recharge, re-energize, and Seize Your Opportunity. In this program, audiences will discover effective ways to bounce back from daily challenges and stress in a constructive manner that promotes positive growth, empowering them to break free from survival mode and rediscover the joy in their work.Audiences are Inspired To:- Promote healthy engagement with challenges at work- Discover specific methods to avoid burnout, find comfort, and release weighty feelings- Rediscover the joy in their work and career- Respond to stress in a healthy way that allows for goals to be achieved at minimal psychological and physical costs

In a world of increased isolation, how do we make authentic connections and network with one another?The opportunity for authentic connections in life lies in one’s willingness to be vulnerable, openly sharing their personal story and lived experiences.Offered as a keynote speech or hands-on workshop, Jasmine shares best practices for breaking down barriers, expanding our various networks, and deepening personal and professional relationships.Audiences are Inspired To:- Build the relationships in their work and life that serve as the catalyst for transformational growth- Remove distractions and be fully present for the relationships that matter most- Simplify the process of making new connections