Jason Lauritsen

Jason Lauritsen

Jason Lauritsen is a keynote speaker, author, and consultant who will challenge you to think differently. He is an employee engagement and performance management expert who passionately believes that work can and should be a fulfilling experience for every employee.

Jason uses a blend of research, practical experience, and storytelling to empower managers to have a more positive impact on their people.

As both a former corporate executive and entrepreneur, Jason has always been dedicated to creating organizations that are good for both people and profits.

Jason also led the research team for Quantum Workplace’s Best Places to Work program for three years. There, he studied the employee experience at thousands of companies to understand what the best workplaces in the world do differently than the rest to engage their employees.

Jason is the author of the books Unlocking High Performance: How to use performance management to engage and empower employees to reach their full potential and Social Gravity: Harnessing the Natural Laws of Relationships.

Most Requested Programs

Unlocking High Performance
How to Use Performance Management to Engage and Empower Employees to Reach Their Full Potential

Can you engage employees and maximize performance at the same time? Isn’t having fun at work counter-productive? Why do I need to recognize employees for simply doing their job? If you wrestle with these questions, you aren’t alone. You’re struggling with the disconnect between an outdated model of management and a new world of work. The time for top down, compliance-based management is over. To attract, retain and unleash great talent for your organization, a new approach is required.

In this powerful keynote, you will learn how successful organizations are unleashing the full potential of their employees by creating a more “human-friendly” work experience. Employee engagement expert, Jason Lauritsen, will reveal how you can more effectively manage performance by making work feel more like a healthy relationship than an unpleasant obligation. You’ll leave the experience inspired, informed and equipped with a new approach for unlocking higher performance that employees will love.

Learning Objectives:

• Why traditional management practices have failed us
• How work as a contract is being replaced by work as a relationship
• Managing performance is really about creating the right kind of employee experience
• To manage human performance through experience requires planning, cultivation and accountability
• Case studies and examples for how to transform the performance of your team or organization

Being the Best: Discovering the Secrets to Building a Best Place to Work
Becoming a “Best Place to Work” is at the top of many organization’s priority lists. To attract and keep the best talent requires fostering an engaging culture where people want to work. But, building an extraordinary workplace is easier said than done. In fact, it’s hard to even know where to start.
This dynamic session will reveal research-based insights into the what, why and how of building and sustaining a “Best Place to Work” for your employees. And (spoiler alert) it’s not about installing ping pong tables or sleep pods.

Learning Objectives:

• Understand what organizations with exceptional workplaces do differently than others to engage and retain their best talent
• Discover the common elements found within “Best Places to Work” and what they tell us about how to create the most engaging workplaces
• Gain practical advice for how to take action within your organization to implement the lessons from “Best Places to Work” in order to increase employee engagement and performance within your own organization.

The Relationship Comes First: Discovering the True Path to Employee Engagement
Work has been defined in many ways over the years: a contract, a transaction, a value exchange. This led to describing humans as capital and designing systems that treat people like assets to be managed and optimized. Is it any wonder that employees’ feeling of engagement within these organizations continues to drop? It doesn’t feel good to be treated like an investment to be maximized.

To reverse this trend requires that we understand what work is for employees, a relationship, and a critically important one. Research has shown us that employees crave the same things from work that they do from other important relationships in their lives: appreciation, connection, acceptance, communication, and support. In this session, we will explore how designing the employee experience through the lens of a healthy relationship will focus your employee engagement efforts for greater impact.

What you will learn:

• Deconstruct employee engagement practices to discover why and how the current model is falling short by focusing on maximizing employee discretionary effort
• Discover that for employees, work is an important relationship and that the work experience should be designed as a relationship for employees rather than as a company process to be optimized
• Gain a deeper understanding of the elements that make for a healthy relationship and how to use this model to design a more engaging and fulfilling experience for employees at work

Making Performance Management Human-Friendly
We can all now admit that the annual performance appraisal is a bad process. Employees hate it. Managements hate it. If we are honest, HR hates it too. The process was designed to enforce policies, not motivate performance. No wonder the humans involved don’t like it. And, many of our other performance management processes like one-on-one meetings and 360-degree feedback don’t fare much better.
To make performance management processes more effective and engaging, we must understand that employees experience work as a relationship. Creating human-friendly performance processes means ensuring that the experience builds the relationship instead of damaging it. The process should foster trust and make the employee feel valued and supported. Learn to use the “relationship test” to make your processes more human-friendly.

What you will learn:

• Explore how traditional performance management approaches are flawed because they focus on enforcing compliance rather than motivating behavior
• Learn how to make performance management processes including performance reviews, one-on-one meetings, and 360-degree feedback more human-friendly
• Discover how to use the “relationship test” to redesign processes to be more human-friendly and engaging

Hacking Employee Engagement: Big Innovation Starts with Thinking Small
Employee engagement trends suggest that we need to radically rethink our approach. We need to innovate and we need to do it now.
Innovation doesn’t have to mean big changes. And it doesn’t even require a big budget, a big title, or any permission. The changes that matter don’t happen overnight, they are the result of many small, meaningful changes over time.
Using insights derived from computer hacking, you will learn a simple approach to making real progress in your work, one small change at a time. Regardless of your title or experience, you can make big things happen by hacking your work.

Learning Objectives:

• Discover hacking as a simple and effective approach to driving more innovation at work
• Learn a four-step hacking process that is easy to apply and teach to others
• Experience how collaborating with others using this process can generate great ideas quickly


Our event went SO well! I think Jason did an excellent job and was just the right person for what we needed. I think he really got through to most of our people and everyone walked away with thing(s) of value. We have plans to continue leadership development throughout the year to build from what Jason started and then do some internal wrap ups of the years’ learning in late October. He did a great job of getting people to think deeper about why people are not engaged and the importance of the relationship building piece of it through the exercises he has us do. I think there were some pretty hard hitting “a ha” moments. - Wegner CPAs

Thanks for an exhilarating, impactful and profound presentation. The lessons transferred will be permanently etched in our psyche as we individually and collectively take up the challenge of being enablers of human capital success - until such times, continue to win! - Jamaica Business Development Corp

Jason is a dynamic speaker that has a true understanding of what drives employee engagement. Relationships are at the center of everything we do as leaders. Jason will challenge conventional management strategies and will get your team to think differently about how they approach work. Work is no longer a contract, it’s all about the relationship - PayPal