Jerrid Sebesta

Jerrid Sebesta

Jerrid Sebesta was an award-winning TV meteorologist with a career spanning over 12 years. He has worked at stations in Sioux Falls, Phoenix and most-recently at KARE11 in the Twin Cities before abruptly changing careers in 2014. Jerrid is now a financial wellness coach at Taatjes Financial Group in Willmar, MN. Since, Jerrid has inspired thousands of people to begin their own debt-free journey through financial coaching and hosting JUMP-START | IGNITE YOUR DEBT-FREE JOURNEY events. Shortly after getting married in 2007, Jerrid stumbled upon Dave Ramsey’s book, The Total Money Makeover. Overnight, a passion for personal finances developed and changed the course of his new families’ life. He desires everyone experience the freedom to live and give by having no payments, having an emergency savings and budgeting.

Most Requested Programs

Your employees, your staff or your association members know they should save, pay off debt and budget but they don't know where to start or can't ever seem to get ahead. In JUMP-START, Jerrid Sebesta will not only inspire, but teach your staff how to pay off debt, budget and save. They will leave JUMP-START with an actionable plan and revived sense of hope for their personal finances. JUMP-START sessions are customizable and can range from one-hour seminars to half-day workshops.


"I've never had a speaker receive more positive comments than all my years participating in our annual conference." - NATE REINHARDT, Organizer, Minnesota Government Finance Officers Association

"Jerrid keynoted at our 10th Anniversary of Ag. Symposium to over 200 high school students and 500 farmers. He hit it out of the park! People continue to talk about his message today." - ERIN AANENSON, Executive Director, South Central College Foundation