Jesse Ross

Jesse Ross

Jesse is an international speaker, executive coach, & a diversity, equity, & inclusion leader, that works with leaders and organizations specializing in personal and professional development. He focuses on transformation from the inside out and believes that everyone he encounters should expect ascension.

Jesse has a keen ability to apply his education, training and certifications, over 15 years of business, nonprofit, and practical experience to motivate others to greatness, increase productivity, and to take their rightful place as a leader. Jesse has delivered over 600 speaking engagements at colleges, conferences, corporate and nonprofit companies, with a large number of Fortune 500 companies.

Jesse offers trainings, workshops, evaluations, assessments, and strategy development for your school, business or organization. Jesse has been engaging his audience with his Morning Minute call-to-actions on his Instagram and LinkedIn social media pages.

Most Requested Programs

Welcome 2 The Jungle
There are 4 Animals that run any workplace: a lion, a flamingo, a chameleon, and a turtle! And each of them does things differently! What if you knew how each one operates, communicates, and works? This workshop allows you to take some time to think through both the general strengths and weaknesses of your team. Is your team missing a vital personality type or do they just need help understanding each other? No matter what the scenario, the Welcome 2 The Jungle Training can provide decision makers and team leaders with tools to create the best teams and supercharge their performance.

  1. Identify your natural “animal” tendencies and the tendencies you adapt under stress.
  2. Learn exactly how to communicate with your team without assuming or guessing.
  3. Recognize the different “animals” on your team and how to work better with them.
  4. Get the whole team on the same page with all the different “animals” to supercharge performance.

Cultural Self-Awareness as a Tool for Effective Change
If cultural competence is about bridging across differences that make a difference, then the work must start with a focus on self. Our identities and cultures inform our beliefs, values, assumptions and biases and thus influence the ways we think about behave when working and relating across difference. This workshop helps change agents explore their own cultural patterns and behaviors and links identity awareness to our capacity to make new and different choices to achieve equity or inclusion goals.

Learning Objectives: Understand one’s own cultural context, Increased awareness of influences of other cultures, Common language around diversity, equity, inclusion, & cultural competency, Ability to identify target identities and agency identities, Practical solutions on how to serve your constituents better, Diversity, equity, & inclusion implementation ideas,

Adversity Intelligence: How to use adversity to build yourself as a leader
The world of work is changing so rapidly that many would rather stick their heads in the sand instead of facing the fact that there’s no more “business as usual”. In times like these, it’s important to grow your ability to face professional challenges head-on so that you can bounce back from crisis like a rubber band. But how can you become better and stronger when it feels like you’re just putting out fires all day long? This session will show you how to tap into resilience as a skill you can use to strengthen your leadership, especially in times of stress and uncertainty. You will learn to: Put a daily practice into place that will help you stay focused on the most important talks on your to-do list, Manage your fear and adapt more easily to changing circumstances and challenging situations at work, Overcome mistakes at work with humility and maturity, Approach those difficult, but necessary conversations with a sense of calm and clarity

Access an ongoing support network of colleagues who can help you navigate personal and professional challenges.


Jesse did a great job addressing issues that we have and that are hard to talk about. He did it in a way that was very positive and did it in a way that was very intriguing, challenging, but also engaging. I’d recommend any school district or company to bring in Jesse if they are looking to take their staff to the next level. Jeff Powers, Superintendent - Dassel-Cokato Public Schools

Jesse did an amazing job! He really connected with our staff by sharing personal stories that helped staff feel empowered to make adjustments in their professional leadership journey. Working with Jesse was a treat because he was very professional but not a diva. He was very easy to work with, not a lot of crazy demands, very reasonable, but always professional. - Jean Maierhofer, Associate Vice President of Equity & Inclusion - Hennepin Technical College

Jesse is a skilled communicator, one of the best I’ve heard in a while. Not everyone can engage people in difficult conversations and have them entertained and excited about doing some hard work ahead of them at the same time. Our staff felt empowered after Jesse’s session and I’d recommend anyone to book him if they want to move their staff from bystanders to doers! - Vice President of Strategy & Innovation - Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities

Jesse was amazing! We needed a speaker to come in and deliver a high-quality keynote for staff and Jesse delivered just that. His ability to meet everyone in the room where they were at and bring them along with his storytelling and challenging questions was inspiring. I’d recommend you book Jesse for sure! - Tria Vang, Program Manager - State of Minnesota Office of Higher Education

Jesse has provided multiple high-quality keynote speeches and workshops for our staff at the City of Minneapolis and staff always come back to me saying how engaging he is. He has a great way of mixing humor, quality content, and personal stories to push people to achieve more in their personal and professional lives. I’d recommend any business to book Jesse; you won’t be disappointed. - Cassidy Gardenier Assistant Director of Civil Rights - City of Minneapolis