Joan Steffend

Joan Steffend

Joan used to be an actress, who studied at Warner Brothers. She used to be a national Emmy-winning news reporter and anchor at KARE-11(NBC) in the Twin Cities for almost two decades. She tried her hand as a television host of "Decorating Cents" on HGTV for ten years - hosting many "Dream Home" specials, and rating record setting "Christmas at the White House" specials. She was a guest on "Entertainment Tonight", "The Today Show", "The Oprah Show" and "Live, with Regis and Kelly."

Today Joan speaks for organizations across the United States. She has a gift for lifting people up. She connects people to their own magnificence and to one another. A sense of community is only one of the many reasons to invite Joan to speak for your organization. One of her favorite topics is: reclaiming your most brilliant self...and using it to change the world for the better.

Joan is also encouraging others with her two books ( "...and she sparkled" and "peace in, peace out" ). Her non-profit, "peace begins with me" is her latest effort to ask the world (that's you, by the way) to be a little kinder to itself.

When she heard that the Dalai Lama had said that the Western woman will save the world, Joan thought, "Let's get started."

Most Requested Programs

Be Yourself or You’ll Miss Your Life!
Are you taking the path of least resistance or are you living your authentic, brilliant life?
We were all born with a seed of brilliance inside us. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t always sign up to nurture that seed. In fact, sometimes it feels like the culture’s job to cover it up! That’s Joan’s story. But a few decades down the line she found herself with a flashlight, a shovel, and an unquenchable need to find that seed once again!

In this program Joan puts aside the polished bio of her life, and shares the real story of Joan lost and Joan found. She hopes it is a signpost, pointing to the brilliance of your own authentic nature and your capacity to effect positive change in our ever-changing world.

While the heart of the speech is always about authenticity and the innate power of who you are, it can be tailored for the particular audience.

You Are a Hero
The opportunities we all have to be a hero to ourselves and to one another.

Interior Design of a Different Kind
Do you spend more time choosing a new wall color than the color of your dreams?


“Joan Steffend sparkles! I want to take just a minute of your time to offer my support to Joan Steffend as a dynamic and engaging keynote speaker. When she joined Hammer Residences, Inc. at their annual meeting this past April the room was packed with enthusiasts who had the rare opportunity to be moved to both laughter and tears. Ms. Steffend has a grace and ease of delivery - so much so I found myself feeling as though part of an engaging conversation. Professionally, I have listened to hundreds of speakers and I can heartily recommend Joan Steffend to any group looking for a bright, upbeat and engaging experience.” -Joe Reis, President/CEO Coldwell Banker Burnet

“I’m so happy you were able to come speak and do the book signing—the ladies loved every minute of your presence. Your presentation drew a good amount of conversation in the days after the event. I know that my mom and all her friends who attended were enlightened by some of the topics you brought up. They especially noted the eye-opening perspective you brought, so thank you for that.” - Caitlin Wember, Event Specialist - Centegra Health System

“As the Keynote Speaker for our first Illumination Conference, Joan did a wonderful job engaging the participants and setting the tone for the day. People really related to who she was and the message she shared because she was so open and down-to-earth. She was able to emotionally connect with the audience on all levels and her presentation had a lasting impact on many. I highly recommend Joan as both an incredible presenter and person.” -Michele Bergh, Illumination Conference Producer
“Joan is one of those speakers who comes alive when she's up in front of people. She is engaging, warm, funny, wise... I could go on. We had her speak in front of 250 women, and within the first minute she had us all laughing, and from that moment on we were with her completely. Joan spent years really connecting with people through her television career, and telling people's stories... and she does the same as a speaker. When Joan is up there, you feel like you are having a delightful and funny and warm conversation, just with her. I would bring Joan back again, without reservation.” -Sally Koering, Youth Frontiers

“Joan Steffend brightens a room with her energy and words. I had the pleasure of listening to Joan give a keynote and was amazed when I looked across my table at the people listening to her words. Two of my co-workers had tears in their eyes right at the point Ms. Steffend urged the audience not to give up on their dreams. She is adept at sharing personal stories and anecdotes from her life in such a way the audience is both challenged and entertained. Her timing is great as those who had found themselves moved to tears also found plenty of moments to also laugh at her humor and levity. I highly recommend her as a keynote speaker. She sparkles!” -Lynne Dablow, Tamarix Counseling Services