JoAnn Corley-Schwarzkopf

JoAnn Corley-Schwarzkopf

When we are our best human selves, we will have our best enterprises. That's JoAnn's philosophy as she helps leaders globally learn how human behavior can improve their results.

Consistently recognized as a global thought leader, She is also known for her unforgettable passion, energy, and insights. She boosts her clients' capabilities through a primary focus on emotional intelligence, creative thinking, and the disciplines of effective leadership and management.

Most Requested Programs

Brain on Fire: How to Unleash Your Creative Superpowers
Did you know that many leaders and their employees do not consider themselves creative? And yet, according to the IBM Leadership Institute, it's considered a critical leadership capability. There is tremendous confusion surrounding creativity, and therefore many companies miss out on better problem-solving, great ideas, and a company culture of diversity and inclusion. Yes...there's a link! Did you know that diversity and creativity are the ultimate power couple?


"I am excited to recommend JoAnn Corley as an outstanding speaker...I was amazed that within one hour she managed to address some very difficult topics with grace and humor. One colleague wrote: she was hilariously entertaining and extremely insightful." - The University of Georgia