Josef Martens

Josef Martens

Josef helps leaders and organizations in tech fields dramatically improve their performance by accelerating their speed to innovate and supercharging their culture, and the customer and employee experience.

He is a recovering scientist with a PhD in physics from the University of Cambridge and several patents in high-tech. He has experienced first-hand what it’s like to lead a tech and engineering team and work with demanding clients. After a distinguished journey as a tech executive, he shifted his focus to help other tech professionals become extraordinary leaders.

Josef is a catalyst for performance improvement for organizations in the private, Government and not-for-profit sectors. He has spoken to executives, leaders, and teams throughout the U.S., Canada, and in 30 other countries on all continents - and that’s before the pandemic. From his studio (and with the support of his professional production team who turn a virtual meeting into a multi-media experience) he has also spoken in hundreds of virtual meetings to people in even more countries.

Most Requested Programs

Stop Pivoting and Start Innovating - Don't Become a Victim of Your Superficial Thinking
The pandemic has brought us new vocabulary with vague and empty meaning. Yet, many of us feel obliged to parrot them back like a Tibetan chant. It’s unprecedented how often we hear the word unprecedented. And then, there is “pivoting”, the go-to-term for everything new. As we’re heading for a new normal as we go through an unprecedented buzzword pivot. Those of us who don’t want to become victims of our own shallow thinking, realize that a pivot is a turn about a fixed axis. A pivot has never been enough the create anything new: it is just a minor change in direction - and you’re still in the same place. In this program we explore how we can truly shift, how we can use the current upset times as a starting point for something new, and how we can still maintain a culture in which it is enjoyable to achieve those outcomes.

Power-Ups for Influence, Impact and Innovation - Immediate Results to Shift the Performance Your Teams and Organizations
You have brilliant people – but they are not great leaders. Why is that? Influence and impact are among the most misunderstood areas. From early on, we are used to influencing others through our knowledge and expertise.Yetthereareotherfactorsthatmattermuchmore–andinfact, expertise is vastly overrated. In this program, Josef shares the Human Elements of Leadership as the real sources of influence and impact.

The Five Steps from Technical to Strategic Leader - Expertise is Vastly Overrated (if you use it the wrong way)
In this program, audiences from tech organizations learn the tools and the shift of mindset to move from being technically excellent to be a strategic leader. With the best intentions, many of us have formed the poor habits that keep us focused on our technical expertise and skill set. While many enjoy this role, it prevents us from stepping into real leadership. Step out of the rut of putting out one fire after the other and step into intentionally choosing and creating the future of your team. Becoming a leader in tech is not about following the latest trend on leadership. It requires an intentional journey to credibly shift your expertise. This program shows you the journey, the next steps to take, and how to master this road until you reach executive leadership.


“Josef got folks to buy-in to a very creative process that created results to the working rooms of the organization. Josef’s ability to attract even senior and highly degreed professionals to his style is nothing short of dramatic. He succeeds brilliantly where others might just get the job done.” - Jim Rubin, VP, Serco

"Josef is a fabulous speaker that has a unique ability to guide leaders with innovative tools to enhance their performance sprinkled with humor. He is extremely engaging and I have already began using many of the ideas he provided” - Jennifer Ackerman, Director, Federal Agency

“Dr. Martens put together a suite of creativity and innovation tools, as well as a dynamic and impressive program along with hands-on exercises in these tools. His expert knowledge, as well as his easy and thought- provoking presentation style was much appreciated by the audience. I recommend him for those looking for expert advice on processes and tools to enhance innovation and performance." - V Sundar, Global Program Manager, Dentsply

“Josef has revolutionary ideas as well as practical advice on how to bring innovation to your business. He is a dynamic, entertaining speaker who will hold his audience's attention without question. If you decide to use his services, you will not be disappointed.” - Jay Moore, Director Technology Services, US Senate