Judson Laipply

Judson Laipply

Judson Laipply M.Ed, CSP is an enigma wrapped in an anomaly contained inside a quandary. Combining comedy and content, laughter and learning, energy and engagement Judson gives his audiences both immediate joy and lasting impact. He’s been featured on the Today Show, Ellen, Oprah, GMA, America's Got Talent, Tosh.O and more. He is the world’s first YouTube Celebrity and his finale “The Evolution of Dance” has over a billion impressions and was the first video ever to hit 100 million views on YouTube. He’s been speaking and performing for over 20 years and has been all around the globe. He has published or been featured in 6 books and is currently writing his next. He is also an Ironman Triathlete, terrible singer, and reformed Kool-Aid eater.

Most Requested Programs

Lead Your Evolution
Everything changes. Not everything evolves. Every organization needs leaders who can lead the evolution.

Change is inevitable; evolving is not. Evolving means becoming a better version of ourselves, our organizations, our world by focusing on the things we have influence over.

Overcoming the adverse reaction to chaos and embracing the struggles that strengthen allow leaders to help their organizations to evolve. The world is moving faster and faster requiring a constant evolving mentality. Never rest on laurels or past accomplishments instead seeking to grow, stretch, and evolve. Learn from those that came before and refused to evolve and gain insight into how you can lead your evolution.

Complete with "The Evolution of Dance" this keynote ensures that everyone recognizes that everything changes - not everything evolves.

Life is Change
Socrates once said, "Perfection is constant change."

Life is change.

Day in and day out the thing that remains constant is change. Judson combines laughter inducing stories with thought-provoking ideas to drive home the point that we are in the constant presence of change.
His stories, personal experiences, crowd participation, high energy, and laughter help people recognize how to let go of the things out of their control and focus their energies on things they can change. Judson's finale, The Evolution Of Dance will leave your audience with an unforgettable message, one which will remind each participant that "Life is Change," and that they have the ultimate control over the outcome.

The 5 L's For Living
Laugh with Yourself
Listen to Yourself
Learn From Yourself
Live for Yourself
Love Yourself

Laugh with Others
Listen to Others
Learn from Others
Live for Others
Love all Others

A program built on the idea of wholeness. The each of us is an imperfect being striving to better ourselves and the world around us. Using the framework of the 5 L's (Laugh, Listen, Learn, Live, Love) to explore inter and intrapersonal relationships. Highly interactive and expandable from a 60 minute keynote up to a multi-day training.

The Viral Leader
The same elements that power viral videos or memes are the some of the same elements that power effective leadership.

This fast moving and entertaining look at what makes things go viral and how those things correlate to leadership will have you laughing and learning. Plus you'll learn the difference between a viral moment and a viral movement and how that single element will take your leadership to the next level.

Who better to talk about going viral than the original viral star Judson Laipply? He was the first YouTube video to ever hit 100 million views and ushered in the era of viral video.


"Evolution and change are part of our everyday lives and business environments... Judson Laipply has a compelling, easy to understand message for all that can help us in our personal and professional lives. Our audience connected right away with his easygoing style. His story telling approach is a lost art...I've never seen a better, more enjoyable more applicable ending to a presentation." - Stephen Tate, SONY

"Judson knocked the ball out of the park at our Michigan Works! Annual Conference!! He perfectly blended humor and a relevant message for us all." - Luann Dunsford, Chief Executive Officer, Michigan Works! Association

"I was INCREDIBLY impressed with your energy doing a Zoom keynote. Seriously, I don’t know how you do it. Your presentation was a wonderful way to end our two day event and I really appreciated your time!" - Jennifer B. Briggs, CAE, President & CEO, Indiana CPA Society

"Judson is more then just a funny dance! He provides a great message in the perfect package of storytelling and humor! He creates an energetic atmosphere where messages can be received and processed without feeling like you are being lectured to. One hour was not enough!" - Kerry Nachtrieb, KPMG LLP, Events and Meetings Services

"We really enjoyed your presentations. You are a very talented individual! What energy and captivating persona." - Lisa D. Pflueger, Assistant Vice President, Sr. Project Manager, US Bank