Karrie Landsverk

After working for nearly a decade in senior level leadership roles for a Fortune 500 company, and over 5 years as head of HR for a 20-location independent pharmacy chain, Karrie decided to pursue her long-time love of speaking and training full-time. Karrie is now a professional speaker as has served as president in the WI chapter for the National Speaker’s Association. She offers custom programs to businesses and associations of all sizes. Her past experiences with corporate business to mid-size business has given her an in-depth understanding of what it takes to build and maintain high-performing cultures. Karrie served on her local school board for seven years and used her business sense and great ability to connect with others to spearhead discussions that helped the district continue to thrive during a time of incredible industry change.

Karrie also serves as the pastor in her local church, Living Gospel Church in Rio, WI. She thoroughly enjoys speaking at Christian ministry events on topics focusing on servant leadership, character growth, walking by faith-not by sight, finding your purpose, and serving with purpose.

Karrie incorporates her personal experiences of finding her own purpose and passion into each message she shares. She is most passionate about helping people build meaningful connections and relationships, because it is our relationships with others that define our long-term success and happiness in life. Karrie is highly motivating and will ignite a passion in your teams! She will put together a plan of action to best suit your organization’s needs and will ensure your company or event are a great success.

Most Requested Programs

Leadership: “Why Won’t You Listen to Me?“
Communicate to Ensure Your Message is Heard as You Intended
“Why can’t people just understand what I’m saying? I am speaking as clear as day, what is their problem?” Sound familiar? The reality is, we don’t all think alike and we often misunderstand one another because of our delivery. There are varying communication styles, and Karrie will have your audiences laughing at themselves as they learn why they act and think the way they do. She will also share practical techniques to adapt their style to others so they can develop more meaningful connections, communicate with greater impact, and ensure their message is heard as they intend it to be.

“Open Your Silos and Feed Your Organization.”
Having silos isn’t a bad or negative aspect to a corporation in and of itself; they serve a distinct purpose to separate and refine key functions in the company just as silos in the agriculture world serve an important purpose to keep grain dry and away from the elements outside. Problems arise when silos are left unopened and valuable information isn’t shared across the functional areas-creating the commonly known phrase “silo mentality”. The goal would be to open the silos within your organization to create a free-flowing information system that feeds your entire organization.
In Karrie's program we’ll discuss the negative effects in a culture that is not openly sharing, and what happens because of that. This message is not about smashing down silos. Rather, it’s about keeping them in tact while developing a culture to freely share what is housed within each silo, increasing collaboration and connections across the organization!
We’ll address 3 points to effectively open the silos and increase information flow and collaboration throughout your organization

• Developing or redefining a common vision across all departments
• Define the cause of the silo mentality
• Identify importance of cross-functional teams and developing short-term goals

Unleashing Generational Awesomeness
To Increase Employee Performance and Customer Satisfaction!

Businesses are faced with an exciting and yet complex challenge of having multiple generations in the workplace at one time. Each generation brings with it different values, skill sets, and perspectives on what “work ethic” and “loyalty” mean. When our views differ, conflict is often not far behind. When conflict is present, your employees are not fully engaged in their roles and are likely actively seeking their next “opportunity” somewhere else. Vast amounts of knowledge and expertise exists within each generation, yet if left untapped, your company is left with a competitive disadvantage. Karrie will unlock the secrets to help you unleash your generational awesomeness and connect internally and externally like never before!

“Perfectly Imperfect by Design. Celebrating YOU!”
Key verse: Psalm 139:14 “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

God made us all uniquely talented in certain ways to bring glory to His great name. He has a specific purpose with you in mind that no one else can fill. He is also aware of our shortcomings – He designed us that way! God wants you to know it’s time to celebrate the perfectly, imperfect creation of you – just as He designed you to be! Karrie will show you how to embrace who you are to the fullest and learn to live your life joy-filled, serving with the talents only you have, and letting go of areas that were not meant for you to fill.

"Finding Freedom Living According to His Purpose"
Key verse: Romans 8:28 “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”

This program is designed to show us we were each created according to God’s purpose and we have a perfectly designed plan already set in motion by our creator. When we seek to understand what that purpose is, and embrace it, we actually feel a greater sense of freedom as we align our actions to his will. Learn how to be free to live out the specific purpose we were created for and live life more joyfully, peacefully, and fulfilled!


"When I was looking for a speaker pertaining to effective communication, Karrie came to mind immediately as we had worked with her several years ago. She far exceeded my expectations and that of the people she spoke to. I am reading from an overwhelming “excellent” evaluation in which the comments included; “Very thought provoking,” “very insightful, and gave me so much to consider when communicating with different personality types,” Excellent speaker, personable, effective and easy to understand.” From my perspective as a meeting planner, this is music to my ears. Karrie was well prepared, tailored her program to our members’ wishes and delivered an entertaining and very informative, practical and useful presentation. Thank you Karrie!" - Dianna Rowinski, Wisconsin Credit Association WCA

“Thank you for the wonderful experience our team had with you during the full day educational session on change for our entire leadership team. You were able to quickly build rapport and credibility with the group, had command of the subject matter, and built in group activities and adult learning principles to solidify the concepts in our minds. Our team echo’s my sentiments and we are looking forward to working with you in the future.” – Ann Roundy, VP Employee Services Columbus Community Hospital

Karrie took time to learn about the audience before her presentation. Karrie offered insightful stories that accentuated her message and engaged the audience. “Open your silos and Feed your organization” offered practical knowledge and a message that resonated individually with the audience as well as the ASCE organization. Karrie is an expert in effective communication tactics that helps build teams in today’s diverse and challenging business environment. This was a truly enjoyable experience. – Daniel Borchardt, PE | Senior Project Engineer ASCE Spring Tech Conference

"Karrie took the time to learn about our culture and customize a presentation that incorporated our values and vision. She definitely has energy and passion for her topic.” – Nicole Robinson, Talent Development Consultant, Talent Development, NWTC Human Resources

"Karrie’s facilitation skills keep the audience engaged, communicated relevant content from multiple sources, and fostered openness with participation. Karrie was great to work with, and delivered a workshop that improved the change management skill set for many people.” – Ric Drake, Store Manager, U.S. Cellular