Kat Perkins

Kat Perkins

Kat is a nationally recognized motivational speaker who can deliver her message to businesses, colleges, schools of all grade levels, corporate organizations, fundraisers, and leadership conferences of all types. Kat appeared on Season 6 of NBC's The Voice and went all the way to the show's finals on Team Adam Levine!
She can set the tone for people of all ages and each appearance comes with a musical performance!

By booking Kat's Fearless campaign, you can expect an inspiring experience about finding your passion, taking leadership and working with others, developing a positive attitude, and working toward your dreams. In schools, she focused on how to stay strong against bullying, as well as finding your passions, dreams, and setting goals. Your audience will leave the event with a sense of confidence, some laughs, music, and a full heart!

Most Requested Programs

An inspiring experience about finding your passion, taking leadership, working with others, developing a positive attitude, and working towards your dreams with a musical performance in each session!


Kat Perkins was the highlight of our Sales Meeting! She immediately captured everyone’s attention and struck a cord in everyone’s mind to make us think: “Why Not?”. Kat was engaging, impactful and simply amazing! She added a whole new dimension to the typical motivational message. The cherry on top was her willingness to sing “Fearless” to close out her presentation and then come back the following night to perform at our awards ceremony. Truly inspiring! What if we all lived life FEARLESSLY? Thank you Kat – YOU ROCK! - Sara M., Upsher-Smith Laboratories LLC

Kat’s presentation was the perfect way to end our conference. She has such a captivating story to tell, and the way she related it back to the audience was just what we were looking for. She was able to hold everyone’s interest at the end of the day, and then topped it off by giving us a very special singing performance. It was truly a positive and unique way to end our event. As one attendee said “Kat’s session was life-changing.” I agree! - Ann Winkel, Vice President of Education, Iowa Bankers Association