Kevin Kush

Kevin Kush

Coach Kush has been professionally speaking for over twenty years and has given hundreds of talks to teams across the country. He spent twenty-one years as the head football coach at Boys Town, a residential facility for at-risk-youth and developed a remarkable record with young men who were being given their last chance at life. Winning at life was more important than winning on the field and Coach Kush helped them to achieve both. That is why he was featured on ABC World News Tonight as their PERSON OF THE WEEK! Coach Kush is a master motivator who will help teammates develop a sense of pride in their organization and feel a great sense of job fulfillment. Kevin will help foster a “WE before ME” attitude with his simple methods and help to improve your company culture.

Most Requested Programs

“A Piece of the Puzzle…Eight Traits of a Quality Teammate”
Audience: Any Team, Group, or Organization
This is Coach Kush’s signature talk and the title of his latest book. How well do the members of your organization or team work together? Are you a smooth, well-oiled machine or a fractured collection of in-it-for-yourself individuals? In a straight forward no-excuses style, Kevin Kush discusses eight traits that can turn any group or organization into a cohesive, high-performing team. Including; respecting everyone, handling adversity, adapting to change, and the importance of having high-energy and being accountable. Coach Kush’s passion for performance is contagious and will help lead your team to greater productivity and success!

Audience: Any Team, Group, or Organization
TEAMMATE TRAINING expands the principals from, “A Piece of the Puzzle…Eight Traits of a Quality Teammate” by facilitating a workshop with learning activities and sharing within smaller groups. This is a wonderful program for organizations that want to help their employees understand and adopt the practices necessary to become TEAMMATES and improve company culture.
Available Virtually—40 minute webcast with discussion items

“Leadership in Layman’s Terms”
Leadership does not have to be complicated. Regardless of industry, the task of leading is the same…helping people get from point “A” to point “B”. In a straight-forward, no-nonsense approach, Kevin will provide both current and future leaders the needed tools to add to their leadership toolbox. Participants will leave the session with new concepts they can immediately implement with their team, along with a renewed will to WIN! Key components include:

  • Building Trust
  • Coaching For Improvement
  • Developing Unity
  • Embracing Change
  • Professional Development

Available virtually—30 minute webcast with discussion items

“The 100-Yard Classroom”
Audience: Educators/Coaches working with students or young adults
Getting kids from point “A” to point “B” is a goal of any teacher, coach, or parent. In this inspirational and practical presentation, Coach Kush explains his dynamic strategies for motivating youth to individual improvement and team achievement. Kevin Kush achieved tremendous success with his Boys Town football team comprised of youth who have academic, behavior, and emotional problems. Many had never played organized sports. Coach’s strategies can succeed for you whether you work with students in a classroom, on a school athletic team, or in a weekend recreational league.


"An audience of over 1000 sales professionals were blown away by Coach's enthusiasm and approach to business and life. We would highly recommend Coach Kush for any corporate speaking event large or small." - Yahoo! Inc.

"I can't thank you enough for what was an engaging, informative, and extremely entertaining keynote! The group loved it and it was the perfect addition to our event in Las Vegas. Consider us among your biggest fans." - Lending Tree

"Coach Kevin Kush has such a great stage presence – enthusiastic, uplifting and engaging. Kevin’s message definitely resonated with our audience!
As a speaker, Kevin is extremely easy to work with; particularly with all the challenges we were faced with in 2020 – I highly recommend!" - Kentucky Bankers Association

"Wow! Coach Kush delivered! He was such a dynamic speaker and his message fit perfectly with our culture. It was great watching the audience become so engaged." - Farm Credit Services of America

"Coach Kush inspired 1,000 educators, secretaries, nurses, bus drivers, custodians, and administrators to become an enthusiastic member of our team…an important piece of our educational puzzle. We laughed and cried during his presentation, which was motivational, humorous, and inspirational. Coach Kush was the perfect kick-off to our new school year!” - Kearney Public Schools, Kearney, NE