Kim Becking

Kim Becking

Inspiring. Engaging. Riveting. Laugh-out-loud funny. Authentic. Highly entertaining. With a rare ability to connect at a deeper level with her audiences, Kim Becking is a sought-after keynote speaker and thought leader on change and resilience who helps leaders, teams and organizations build a “Momentum Mindset” to conquer change, boost resilience, connect and lead more effectively and accelerate success no matter what.



  • Become More Flexible and Adaptable
  • Inspire Bold Action and Boost Confidence
  • Boost Performance and Productivity
  • Reduce Stress, Avoid Burnout and Boost Resilience
  • Build Better Work-Life Blend While Working Wherever You Are
  • Create Stronger Relationships and Connection in This Ever-Changing World
  • Strengthen and Enhance Team Connection And Resilience
  • Lead with More Confidence and Clarity During Change and Uncertainty

Using humor and vulnerability, Kim has the ability to connect with her audiences at a deeper level. Her authentic, engaging, humorous, and empowering messages of extraordinary resilience, conquering change, and creating success regardless of your circumstances have made her a favorite among her audiences. Her messages would not only inspire and motivate, but would provide tactical and practical skills that your people could apply IMMEDIATELY.

Kim has been featured in national media such as People, SELF, The New York Times, USA Today, Good Morning America and Lifetime Television for her expertise on resilience and thriving in the midst of change. She knows a thing or two about change and challenges through her own experiences in business and life. As an attorney, serial entrepreneur running 2 successful businesses, communications strategist and “recovering” political consultant, Kim has conquered the ever-changing tough worlds of business, government, and politics. She’s also conquered cancer and other life challenges.

Kim has boosted communication, collaboration and consensus building capabilities from Fortune 100 companies, to small and medium sized businesses, to associations, government, and non-profit organizations. Her Momentum Mindset framework provides practical tools, strategies and tangible takeaways for leaders to effectively manage change, boost resilience, connect better and deal with difficult people, tough conversations, and hard issues.

Kim graduated with honors from Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing and received her Juris Doctorate with honors from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law. She is a member of the National Speakers Association, the International Association of Business Communicators, the Association of Talent Development and holds a Certificate of Public Participation from the International Association of Public Participation. A best-selling, award-winning author, Kim recently launched her Momentum Mindset series of business success tip books focusing on change, resilience, leadership and communications. Kim resides in Columbia, Missouri with her blended family of five and delivers programs virtually, hybrid and in-person throughout the world for conferences, conventions, and events.

Kim knows that no two audiences are the same. That’s why she creates highly customized content for you using her Momentum Customization Process. She creates additional value including engagement pre-event with customized promo videos, interviews and/or a survey if wanted and ongoing engagement and interaction during the program. Kim also helps you create Momentum after the program with additional Momentum Boosters including a recap video or article to keep the momentum going long after her program is over.

Most Requested Programs

Program: Build a Momentum Mindset®: How to Conquer Change, Boost Resilience and Accelerate Your Success No Matter What
Change and uncertainty are guaranteed – the pandemic taught us that. But growth and progress are not. How you deal with this accelerated pace of change in an ever-changing world is completely up to you. You have a choice. Your people have a choice. Your organization has a choice. You can stay stuck or develop a Momentum Mindset® so that you can move forward, grow with grit and create sustained momentum in the midst of ongoing change and uncertainty.

Kim shares her own stories of resilience in life and business with healthy doses of vulnerability, humor, and motivation and will share how to use resilience to not only navigate and cope during change and uncertainty, but build a Momentum Mindset where you develop sustained resilience to push past limited thinking and use change and challenges as the fuel needed to propel you forward – stronger and better than before.

Leave this program equipped with the tools you need to transform your mindset to think differently about the future, conquer change and challenges and create the everyday resilience required in this ever-changing world to build momentum and accelerate your success no matter what.

Leave this program learning how to:

  • Develop key techniques and simple mindset shifts you can use to reduce stress, burnout and overwhelm and develop sustained resilience during ongoing uncertainty and change
  • Maintain a positive attitude, create more focus, and become more focused, productive, engaged and connected as a leader
  • Enhance your ability to adapt to change, deal with the unexpected and develop greater flexibility during change and uncertainty

Resign as General Manager of the Universe: Stress Busters and Resilience Boosters to Avoid Burnout in the Midst of the Change, and Uncertainty
In this constantly changing, high stress world, life is anything but balanced. Boundaries are blurred – your work and home life are colliding - leading to overwhelm, stress and yes, even burnout. Life – both professionally and personally - is constantly changing, especially right now. It’s time to ditch the exhaustion and overwhelm.

In this interactive and energetic program, Kim will share key stress busters and resilience boosters so that you can create work-life blend, especially in a virtual and hybrid world where you are working from home. You will learn the Keys To “Resign As General Manager of the Universe” and leave with practical, immediately actionable strategies to reduce stress, overwhelm and burnout and show up as the best version of yourself right now.

Leave this program learning:

  • Key techniques and simple mindset shifts you can use to reduce stress, burnout and overwhelm and boost your resilience
  • The power of locus of control: How to let go of those things you can’t control and focus on what you can control
  • How to boost productivity in this virtual world – learning to set boundaries, delegate, say no and focus on what really matters.
  • How to increase focus and master time and energy management

Boosting Team Resilience: Keys to Effectively Connect, Engage, Motivate, and Lead Others During Stressful Times (Alternative Title: Heart-Led Leadership: How to Connect, Engage and Show Up as an Empathetic Leader When Others Need You Most)
Connection is the heartbeat of life and leadership - especially during uncertain times. The reality is that connecting, motivating and leading your people through the pace of change that we will continue to see - can be a challenge to say the least. Overwhelm, stress, burnout, too much to do, competing priorities, stresses of home, work and everything in between. Lack of focus, energy and motivation. The reality is that ongoing change and uncertainty for this sustained period of time is taking a toll on you and your people.

As a leader, how you show up during this ever-changing high stress pandemic and post-pandemic world matters. Your people need you now more than ever before. In this engaging session, Kim will share keys to build resilient leadership so that you can effectively connect, motivate, and boost the resilience of others during this stressful time when the workplace continues to change and looks different for everyone.

Leave this program learning how to:

  • Become a more empathetic and compassionate leader by learning the keys to resilient leadership
  • Identify specific strategies to connect, engage and keep your team motivated – whether in person, hybrid or virtually
  • Develop the skills to help others become more adaptable to change and more resilient which increases individual and team morale, engagement and productivity.

Momentum Communication: Communicating and Leading Courageously Through Change and Challenges
Change is certain – the pandemic reinforced that. But communicating change effectively is not. Often when dealing with change, communicating the change is where the breakdown occurs. A disconnect may occur between those who are pushing for change and everyone else. Resistance to change keeps people stuck, creates stress and stifles growth and productivity. And people resist what they don’t understand. For leaders to successfully navigate change, communication and engagement with those affected are critical in order to reduce drama, stress and misunderstanding. In this engaging session, you will learn proven, easy to implement strategies on how to effectively communicate, connect and create the momentum needed for success when facing change – whether you are the one pushing for the change or the one having change “happen” to you. (Note: This can be tailored for leadership, leadership teams, sales teams, etc.)

Are you Change Ready? How to Get Up, Grit Up and Conquer Change No Matter What
Unexpected changes. “Stuff” hitting the fan. Life, both personally and professionally = constant change, with crazy and unpredictable ups and the downs, particularly right now. How you deal with this ever-changing high stress world is completely up to you. Change is certain. But growth and progress are not. Do you learn, grow, evolve and stretch or do you stay stuck when unexpected change and challenges knock the wind out of you? In this authentic, inspiring, high energy session, Kim will share her own punch-in-the-gut moments and how to unlock the keys to conquer change and roll with the punches in life. The Keys to ROCK Your Change will be unveiled, providing you the tools you need to get up, grit up and rock any change that is thrown your way and to be able to effectively lead others through change.

You will leave learning how to:

  • Be a champion of change instead of a change resister and learning to choose opportunity over fear
  • Create an organization of Change Catalysts instead of Change Resisters by focusing on the 3 C’s of Change: Communication, Connection and Collaboration
  • Become a more effective leader who inspires and helps others deal with change in a more productive way, which increases morale, engagement and productivity.


“Kim was our keynote speaker for our internal Sales Kickoff event and she did a phenomenal job. Not only was her presentation engaging, entertaining, and informative, but on top of that she was incredible to work with. She went above and beyond every step in the process and we are extremely grateful for that. We look forward to finding ways to incorporate her Momentum Mindset “Rockstar of Change” mentality into other areas in the company!” -Relias

"Kim Becking did an amazing job as the keynote speaker at our software company's User Conference. As our company is rolling out a new product, change is a very important topic for all of our clients (and our employees as well)! Kim kept the audience engaged and entertained as she gave important insight into handling change and embracing it with open arms. We were so pleased with our choice to have Kim there for our conference and we would highly recommend that anyone use her - she is so personable and warm that she wins over the crowd instantly! Everyone loved her!" -Applied Technology Solutions

"Our program featured its first keynote speaker ever at our Annual Clinical Assembly. Kim did her research, connected with our members and got them doing things I thought I'd never see. Physician burnout is real and Kim's message on resilience hit the mark. I highly recommend Kim for your program." -Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Association and Foundation

"Kim nailed it! Her customized presentation for our group of leaders was practical, powerful, and on-point. She led off our session with great energy and inspired us to be ROCK STARS of change. The attendees, as well as the speakers that followed her, were quoting her throughout the rest of the 2-day conference. She's THAT good!" -Shelter Insurance

"You ABSOLUTELY knocked it out of the park! I have heard nothing but positive things from the rest of my Roche teammates and from our customers about the event. Your message resonated so well with our audience. Everything from the planning to the actual event to after the event - we couldn't have asked for a better partner!" -Roche

"Kim is one of the best speakers we've ever had. She is the complete package and delivers every single time. Inspiring. Authentic. Engaging. Rave reviews. She's fantastic, so great to work with, and our members love her, which is why we keep asking her back year after year." -Missouri REALTORS

“The WOW factor! Kim ranks among the very best speakers I’ve ever encountered during my 25+ years in securing speakers for Covenant HealthCare. She was an electrifying speaker who had our audience on the edge of their seats from the moment she walked on stage. Her presentation was more than a one-hour keynote–it was a thrilling, inspiring, laugh out loud experience that was spot on for our audience.” -Covenant HealthCare

"Kim Becking was our keynote speaker at our virtual conference with over 1,100 attendees. Kim captured our members with her personal experience overcoming change and shared stories and strategies that could be put into action quickly and practically. With change coming at us all so fast and furious, I would recommend Kim to speak to your organization - her insights and personal success will inspire you - just as I was!" -IDOC

"Kim is as real as they get. We recently hired Kim to speak at one of our forums and I cannot put into words how fantastic she was. Her energy, her presence and her passion provides a purpose filled event that grounds her audience. Kim’s program has been a game changer to the women and men that attended. I would highly recommend her for any speaking event you have. Thank you Kim!!!!" -Women In Technology

"Kim brought helpful and actionable strategies to our sales management team. She brings empathy to each session and encourages you to make your own momentum for yourself, your team and your organization. I heard extremely positive feedback from attendees and they are asking for access to Kim's sessions for their teams! Kim took the time to understand our team and our environment so that her sessions were relevant to us and helped us to see where to have control to keep moving forward. Highly recommend!" - Missouri Lottery

“Kim is one of the most dynamic speakers I have ever known. She really made a lasting impact on our employees and is truly inspiring to anyone who hears her speak.” -Lee Jeans Company