Kim Hodous

Kim Hodous

KIM HODOUS, THE HAPPINESS SPEAKER... is an award-winning entrepreneur, a best-selling author, a sought-after speaker and one of the happiest people you will ever meet. Kim is on a mission to make the world a happier place and has committed herself to helping 12 million people become happier. She is the creator of The One Minute Happiness Habit™and is a Certified Speaking Professional by the NSA – a designation less than 10% of their members attain.

She is on a mission to help companies, regardless of size or industry, embrace the habits of happiness so their people will be more engaged, more productive and stay longer. The crux of her work is the One Minute Happiness Habit™, based on the most current research and her own life experience, which distills all the data and proves that the pursuit of happiness is a legitimate path to more meaningful work and joyful living.

KIM LEARNED HER LESSONS IN THE REAL WORLD… Kim Hodous is an expert on happiness, not because she’s researched it in a lab or received a psychology degree from a prestigious university. She’s an expert on happiness because she has experienced one of life’s greatest tragedies and lived to embrace genuine happiness once again. It was navigating her way back to finding some semblance of joy after the death of her two-year-old daughter, that she personally discovered the ways in which we can find happiness – regardless of circumstance.

Most Requested Programs

BE HAPPY. WORK HAPPY. Because Happy People Make Good Things Happen
In this fun, funny and interactive keynote, Kim takes all the data and distills it down into a simple Happiness Habit, that can be mastered by anyone, done in less than 60 seconds, and will make a lasting change in your happiness - and your performance.

BE HAPPY. LEAD HAPPY. Why Happy Leaders Get Results, Not Resistance
Using the five habits of happiness, Kim shows leaders how to create a workplace culture where people are engaged and appreciated, and everyone has the opportunity to shine.

BE HAPPY. SPEAK HAPPY. Use Positive Communication to Create Happy Teams
Integrating the habits of happiness into our everyday conversations, uses communication as a tool to build more authentic relationships, create a culture of caring and provide a safety net for all types of ideas.

BE HAPPY. LIVE HAPPY. Finding Balance & Staying Happy in a High Demand World
This talk is chock full of tips and strategies of how to start your day, end your day and LIVE your days so you are balancing your priorities, minimizing stress, becoming healthier and ultimately, feeling fulfilled and HAPPY in all the nooks and crannies of your life.


“The team walked away feeling good – feeling energized & inspired.” - Sally Welborn, SVP Walmart, Global Benefits

“Good speakers hold an audience’s attention. Great speakers hold an audience’s attention, while motivating and inspiring audiences to act. Kim is a great speaker.” - Willie Johnson, J. B. Hunt

"Kim truly made a positive impact on our culture. - Mark Gotcher, Superintendent, Russellville School District

"Kim engaged and connected to the audience in every way. She was able to mix the perfect content of knowledge and fun." - Karan Skarda, ACE Program Director

"Our event was a success because of Kim Hodous." - Pam Gridely, Director of Corporate Relations, Iowa Hospital Association