Kristen Brown

Kristen Brown

Kristen Brown powers up your leadership and life as an international keynote speaker and bestselling author who drives growth at organizations like Rodan & Fields, General Mills, Boston Scientific, Cargill, Minnesota Vikings, EcoLab, national associations, and many more.

Named a top 20 trailblazer in the industry by Meetings Today Magazine, she uses her Master’s education and 15-years of corporate leadership and sales experience working with some of the world’s biggest brands to bring researched insights and actionable results to the audiences she serves.

Her certifications and teacher training in Holistic Health, Yoga, and healing modalities also allow her to translate soft skills into solid results for her speaking, consulting, and coaching clients. Plus her personal experiences as a widowed mom add a depth of perspective to her work helping leaders maintain momentum and resilience during change and stress.

Kristen has been featured in the national media sharing insights from her bestselling books and research including Live with Kelly, Forbes, CNN, Working Mother, Psychology Today, and many more.

Kristen’s biggest faults - she’s occasionally a know-it-all and sometimes a bit of a workaholic. Her biggest loves - movies, summer, bacon, reading, naps, her dog, Boone, and most of all, her daughter, Brooke.

Most Requested Programs

Charged Leadership: Everyday Energizers to Elevate Your Work and Life!
In today’s ever-changing world it’s important to keep your energy focused where it’s needed most without draining the other areas of your life. In this session you will learn about the seven key energy centers that drive your impact and influence at work and at home: Motivation, Creativity, Confidence, Relationships, Communication, Strategy, and Vision. When you charge up each area so they work together you will make better decisions, manage your time more effectively, have more impact on your colleagues and clients, and feel healthier and happier when juggling all your day-to-day tasks. Don’t miss this opportunity to create your personalized plan to keep your Energy Grid charged up!

Key Takeaways:

  1. Evaluate your Energy Grid to pinpoint where you have opportunities to charge up and/or reset.
  2. Learn ways to keep your seven energy centers powered up so you show up as your best.
  3. Discuss how you can use what you learn with your team so everyone stays charged up!

The Happy Hour Effect: 5 Power Shots to Charge Up Your Leadership and Life
You’re a smart, successful professional who knows what it takes to drive success for yourself and build positive relationships with your team and personal circles. But you also face the ongoing stress of workplace dynamics, deadlines, communicating with your team, making time for your personal life, and, of course, ongoing changes in the world. This constant stress and change can negatively impact how you show up as a leader and influencer to people at work and at home.
Key Takeaways:

  1. Know Your Triggers – You will identify your personal and professional stress cues and stress cures so you can course correct quickly and stay on track with your goals.
  2. Grow Your Momentum – You will identify ways to be more connected, productive, and excited about your work and life even during stress and change.
  3. Show Your Awesome – You will learn how to manage your presence and energy to reinforce credibility, likeability, and trust.

Kristen will use her Happy Hour Effect framework to help you gain perspective on the many moving pieces of your work and personal lives so you make better decisions, prioritize the right goals, elevate our presence, and boost your productivity even when the pressure is on.

Renew-Reconnect-Recharge: Super Strategies For Your Best You Ever!
Let’s restore your energy and get charged up! You are awesome! Yah YOU! You are a superstar, a hero, a total rockstar who has navigated so much as the new realities of work and life have created massive change and challenge. Now let’s use what we’ve learned and take extra care of YOU so you can charge ahead with power and positivity! During this session you will unblock your best self with easy and powerful ideas to renew your engagement, reconnect with your tribe, and recharge your body and mind for success at work and at home.

Key Takeaways:

  1. RENEW: You will elevate your confidence and resilience by uncovering what tasks and traits fire you up, bring out the best in you, and elevate those around you.
  2. RECONNECT: You will identify the positive people in your work and life to guide and drive your goals while releasing the energy drainers.
  3. RECHARGE: You will engage in actionable energizers you can use on-the-fly to help you relax, charge you up, and manage stress when you need it most.

The namaSync® Method: Holistic Strategies to Unblock Your Best Self!
Use the eight pillars of The namaSync® Method for high-performance, energy, and growth! You will visualize what you want your work and life to look and feel like so you can get grounded in what has to happen NOW to create momentum. You will dig into how the body and mind are activated by specific activities that can increase your chances of success, improve your health and attitude, and empower you to unblock your best self. You will get action steps, accountability, and your personalized plan using proven strategies for work/life growth. The eight pillars of The namaSync® Method are: NOW Mentality, Assessment, Momentum Mindset, Alignment, Stress Management, Yoga, Nature, and Cellular Health.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Now Mentality, Assessment, and Momentum Mindset: You will get clear on what you want to accomplish both personally and professionally through visualization, hard data, and intuitive insights. You will then determine what mindsets need to be unblocked to stay on track and make your goals happen.
  2. Alignment: At the heart of The namaSync® Method is Alignment. You will learn about the seven key Energy Centers: Motivation, Creativity, Confidence, Relationships, Communication, Strategy, and Vision. You will then identify which are blocked or mis-aligned so you can create more flow, focus, and work/life harmony.
  3. Stress Management, Yoga, Nature, and Cellular Health: Once you have activated the right mindsets and alignment you can skyrocket your energy, engagement, mood, and resilience throughout the year with your personalized Sync Strategy. These are proven modalities that keep you in the high-performance zone, nurture your health, and power up your body, mind, and spirit for growth.


I have heard Kristen speak on numerous occasions. Each time, I have been totally blown away. She is the complete package – great content, action focus to her talks, and fabulous style and sense of humor! She has the unique ability to come across as an expert, but also as your instant friend or colleague. That's what makes her connect to audiences of all types so easily. I have spent 22 years in big corporate America and higher education, and Kristen honestly is one of the best speakers I have experienced. - Planner, MBA Program - St. Catherine University

Kristen was our luncheon general keynote speaker in at our Minnesota Premier CIO Forum last December. Her personality is wonderful, charismatic and positive. The overall session was perfect and what our audience needed. She used humor, was positive and energetic with delivery. There wasn't one person that wasn't paying attention. We will be asking Kristen to join in other cities as the response was well received. I highly recommend Kristen for your company as a motivational speaker. - Planner, CIO Forum

We were blessed to have Kristen speak at our Vikings Women quarterly meeting and to present to our staff and extended Vikings family. Kristen was fantastic! Her message was relevant, authentic, informative, entertaining and inspiring. Her ability to connect with the group and to move them to take action was evident by the tremendous amount of feedback I received after the event - thanking me for bringing Kristen in and sharing how much they enjoyed her! I would highly recommend Kristen, to anyone considering having her speak at your event, and would say get on her busy calendar and reserve your time with her asap! Thank you Kristen. - Planner, MN Vikings

I can't recommend Kristen highly enough! Her presentation at our event was so wonderful! Kristen was truly a joy to work with, so professional and thoughtful, and her presentation exceeded our expectations. We felt that she was a huge part of making our event a success! I had many people come by and say they loved her session, she was so engaging and thought provoking – and funny! Plus I really appreciated the Robert Downy Jr. slide, she knew our audience ? She brought our content to the next level and we were so excited to see the group so engaged. We couldn’t have been happier!! - Planner, Intereum

Day 2 did not disappoint! Phenomenal sessions with Kristen Brown and Rachel Hollis!! - Rodan + Fields