Laura Boyd

Laura Boyd

Laura Boyd is a leader, speaker, leadership coach, and author. She has over 30 years of experience working with organizations to help them develop sustainable growth as organizations and the people within. She has been a leader on executive teams for large companies, emerging companies and non-profits, as well as, a business owner. She believes Leadership is the ultimate Delta for change, strategy and growth in an organization. She is now taking her years of experience helping businesses become high performance organizations through personal leadership development.

Laura has her Masters in Organizational Leadership, certification in change management and is a certified enhanced coaching practitioner. Laura recently authored Words that Work for Leaders: 31 Days of Reflection, Motivation, and Goal Setting. It is an inspirational book excellent for business leaders who want to grow and achieve their full potential through intentional leadership. When Laura is not working with her clients, she enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering with the Empower Leadership Academy for youth, teaching Entrepreneurship and Leadership classes, and going to the gym

Most Requested Programs

Stop Feeding the Imposter
There are about 60,000 thoughts that go through our head in a day’s time and about 59,000 of those thoughts are the same ones you had the day before with the majority of those thoughts being shameful or negative. Until you start to recognize those thoughts as self-limiting beliefs, you will have a hard time shifting your mindset into believing in yourself and your own self-worth. This session will provide ways to recognize those thoughts, change the vernacular, and work on talking to yourself the way you talk with your friends.

Strive for Excellence, Not Perfection
Remember the days when perfection was something said in an interview as a weakness, yet, did the candidate really believe it to be a weakness? Did our prospective hiring boss believe it? Did perfection get shared as a weakness because it was secretly known that’s what the hiring boss wanted to hear? In today’s world, research has shown that perfection is truly a weakness for organizations, teams, and individuals. Striving for excellence and shifting our mindsets are critical for the success of our next generation of leaders and our organizational cultures. Find out the negative impacts of perfection and how to change this ever-increasing challenge.

Building a Culture of Trust
Should you trust everyone? No. That would be naive. In our society, we are conditioned to be skeptical of certain situations. Do you follow a complete stranger into a dark alley? Absolutely not! On the flip side, people who do not trust anyone, ever are typically described as what? Jaded, uncaring or cold. The truth is, for most of us, we are all probably somewhere in between the two extremes. The purpose of Building Trust for High Performance Leaders is to learn the trust factor principles and practices of trust and interpersonal communication that result in win-win relationships.

Leading a Legacy
In a world where things are changing rapidly, it is critical to determine your desired legacy. Leading people, teams, families, communities, ourselves requires us to truly define how we want to show up in the world. Whether you’re a business owner, executive, manager, team member, mentor, or friend truly knowing how you want to leave the world even just a little better is worth the time to invest. Join us as we will focus on defining what your legacy could be and how to get there.


94% of attendees rated Laura Boyd at Excellent or Very GoodShe was FANTASTIC!!! This was the best speaker and topic! Such a great speaker, and absolutely loved her topic. Felt so relevant and applicable and really trusted her expertise in the topic. - TEAMWOMEN 10th ANNUAL LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE 2021 (Imposter Syndrome)

200 women team members 4.5/5.0 Average RatingLaura spoke directly to my heart, soul and inner being as a self-proclaimed perfectionist. Great information and take away's that can easily be applied to my everyday life. There was so much excellent content in this presentation. I walked away from this one moved to challenge myself and others to abandon goals of perfection. It changed my perspective on how I approach my day and the workload I am willing to accept.Enjoyed the topic and the speaker. Laura also had a very honest and genuine delivery and I appreciated the way she shared her experiences w/the group. - POHLAD'S WOMEN'S SUMMIT (Striving for Excellence Not Perfection)

She made you feel comfortable and had a lot of needed information on Trust. This is something I personally need to work on and is a topic in our department. I was really looking forward to what information she had to share. We talked personally and she gave me some spot on advice about my trust issues. I was very impressed and would love her to come and have a work session with our teams. - MILLE LACS CORPORATE VENTURE LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE 2019 (Creating a Culture of Trust)

She engaged very well, had a great personality, was easy to listen to and made an attempt to get to know you and encourage your input. Well done Laura. Laura did a great job of presenting and teaching the various concepts of the course. I learned a lot about myself and our management team in regards to leadership skills, communication and trust. Relevant, engaging, she truly believed what she was teaching. - AMERICAN CRYSTAL SUGAR LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT CORPORATE FORUM (Internal)