Laura Sobiech

Laura Sobiech

Laura Sobiech is the author of Clouds: A Memoir, a book about her son Zach, his battle with osteosarcoma (bone cancer), and the remarkable story of his goodbye song “Clouds” that went viral and reached tens of millions of people across the globe. Her book has been made into a movie by the same title and was released on Disney+ in October of 2020.

Laura is a down-to-earth speaker who imparts her wisdom with honesty and humor. Drawing on her experience of mothering a dying child, she shares the basic how-tos of keeping the chaos of life in perspective and living simply but with impact. She skillfully highlights the parts of her story that the audience will find most appealing. Some of the topics she dials into are the value of sharing our talents imperfectly, living a balanced life when the world is pressing in, and how to find joy despite suffering.

She has spoken nationally and internationally at corporate retreats, healthcare and pharmaceutical conferences, non-profit conferences and fundraising events, school district conferences, community events, women’s conferences, and youth and church groups. She has worked as a health care educator, EMT/firefighter and is a childhood cancer advocate at Children’s Cancer Research Fund in Minneapolis.

Most Requested Programs

Fly a Little Higher:
The story of a dying teenager, a mother's desperate prayer, and a song that changed people all over the world.

The Gift That Zach Gave - How My Dying Son Taught us All to Live:
A talk about the lessons that Zach taught on how to live life to the brim.


“Laura’s warm, yet down-to-earth demeanor and honest approach about Zach’s life and death make her a truly captivating speaker, and we are grateful she agreed to be the keynote speaker at our annual fundraising event.”
– Jennifer K., FamilyMeans, Stillwater MN

“I appreciated Laura sharing her experience with us as a parent and a donor through the process of her son’s illness and the outpouring of generosity he inspired through his life and music. I especially appreciated the way Laura customized her remarks to our audience, talking about the donor cultivation and stewardship steps and what worked well for her family as the donor in that dynamic. Her gratitude for the staff of the nonprofit she worked with really came through. Thank you to Laura for her willingness to be open and vulnerable about her experiences in order to cultivate generosity in our community.” - 42nd Minnesota Planned Giving Conference, Jane Townsend, J.D., Development Director, Native Governance Center

“Laura is a true witness to God’s unfailing love especially in the tragic times.” – Tricia G., Holy Trinity Church, Peachtree City, GA

“This year’s speaker was Amazing!!! Stories of persevering through life’s challenges and overcoming obstacles are always inspirational." – Power of the Purse, Family Means Fundraiser 2016 attendee

“Laura spoke deep wisdom in to the hearts of many wounded people. Her story of hope and love in the face of deep pain was a gift to behold. I highly recommend her for any groups of multiple ages.” – Rev. Michael D. Carlson, Lead Pastor, St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church ELCA Mahtomedi MN