Lea B. Olsen

Lea B. Olsen

Growing up in poverty in a racially-blended family created social dilemmas for Lea at a young age. She learned that when your family doesn’t fit the mold, you have to get comfortable breaking the mold. It was one of her first Wins in Life.

Lea began her basketball career in the junior year of high school and, after only two years, went on to play Division I basketball at the University of Minnesota. Surrounded by coaches and teammates while doing what she loved was transformational. She developed an appreciation for the critical role process plays in achieving your goals.

Lea's unique perspective on Winning in sports, business, and life has given her a game plan on how to Win with purpose and passion. As a speaker and thought leader, she thrives on helping people and businesses find their Wins while staying true to their core values and beliefs.

Most Requested Programs

Wins that Matter
The Winning Ways model will allow the audience to dig into what they are really trying to find for themselves when they play to win. Welcoming the Work, Protecting the Process and Connecting, then Collaborating are the key elements of this model. They aim to give the audience more some ways for finding more wins in work and life.

Digging into Diversity
Connection, Communication and caring are the three key factors to digging into diversity. Instead of making it complicated, let's bring it back to the basics. It's actually quite simple we all want to feel like we belong.
Building Teams that Win:
Being around championship teams and teams that have fallen apart has allowed Lea to put together her best practices for building teams that win. Your audience will leave with actionable items and a clear sense of how to embrace the process.


“Lea was the epitome of a great closing speaker. She brought incredible energy and authenticity with her fitting, influential, and timely message. We concluded feeling inspired and better equipped to become more effective leaders.” - North Star Resource Group

"Finding Ways to Rethink the Win was a hit during our company's video conference. Lea helped us understand new ways to think about ourselves and our business. The way she connected professional athletes and championship teams to business motivated us to find WINS every day.” - Bio-Clean System & Supply

“Lea struck an excellent balance between sharing her unique personal stories and offering great professional advice. She was very careful to connect her anecdotes to the life lessons she took away from those experiences, and she made it engaging and fun.” - Ryan Companies US, Inc.

“Lea B. Olsen joined the Women's March Foundation's Connecting Community series featuring the topic "Finding Wins That Matter" and instantly resonated with our members. - Women’s March Foundation

“Lea's keynote at the Young Authors Conference was engaging, informative, and inspiring. She truly connected with our audience – great energy!” - Young Authors Conference