Lori La Bey

Lori La Bey

Humorist, Heartfelt Stories, Practical Tools & Resources

Families and healthcare professionals are looking for the same thing when it comes to caring for those they serve. They want new, innovated way to assess and share knowledge. Lori La Bey has been recognized by Oprah as “Health Hero,” Maria Shriver as an “Architect of Change,” Dr Oz as the “#1 Influencer Online for Alzheimer’s,” and by AARP MN as a “Disruptor, Caring Creator, and Inspiring Leader.” Members of Lori’s audience benefit from her humor and heartfelt style as she:

  1. Delivers simple, practical tools and techniques they can easily implement,
  2. Provides a wide array of resources, and
  3. Demonstrate techniques to shift mindsets from crisis to comfort.

Been There Done That

Lori understands the lived experience of caring for others and herself. Her own family maneuvered the roller coaster of dementia with her Mother for 30 years, the journey of brain cancer with her Father, having a child almost die from Meningitis, taking in teens and adults in her home that no longer could live with their families. She knows what it’s like to be in the trenches of care: the stress, exhaustion, tug of war with family and friends, frustration of lack of access to support, knowledge, plus lack of a cure. Her healthcare background allows Lori to understand service delivery systems and how to adapt to move forward. Her marketing experience allows her to create unique strategies, create friendly onboarding processes, which provide dignity, respect, and empowerment to all involved. Lori understands we must provide a variety of platforms to engage and reach various learning styles. Some initiatives Lori has launched:

  1. The first, radio show dedicated to dementia and caregiving in the world,
  2. The first, video platform which raised the voices of people living with dementia in the world,
  3. The first, Dementia Friendly Community in the United States,
  4. Bringing the Memory Café’ concept to the United States from the United Kingdom, and
  5. The first global resource directory for dementia care.
  6. Her emotional based training to get people to feel the need to change, not just the mandate to do a job.

Caring Has No Boundaries

Lori La Bey specializes in dementia care, but her programs are easily adapted to a variety of groups as caring has no boundaries. Other prime audiences are: Hospice & Palliative Care, Loss and Grief, Conscious Compassionate Selfcare, Divorce, Bullying, Empowerment and Well Being, Cancer and Other Terminal Illnesses, Struggling Teens, Ageism, Economical and Simple Culture Adjustments, Living with Purpose, Marketing to Be Remembered, Caregiving and more. Lori presents to patients, families, and professionals and can easily adapt to be inclusive and respectful when speaking to combined audiences. She is available for keynotes, breakouts, and training programs range from an hour to multiple days.

Lori La Bey - Changing How Care Is Perceived, Received and Delivered

Most Requested Programs

Why Families and Staff Act Like They Do?
This program looks at: who families are, where they are coming from, how they got where they are, how they feel and why. We also look at the critical role all employees play and how they impact the transition of both the person with dementia and family members as they integrate into your community. Our goal is to bring insights and balance that bring families and staff together as a team.

Stigmas and Betty the Bald Chicken
This presentation will look at the real-life stigmas, and what we can do as individuals to make a difference in a positive light. We will discuss simple everyday situations and give tips and tools to understand perceptions and outcomes in our world to reduce and or remove stigmatism. This program is powerful for any group at any age.

Caregiver Survival Camp - Shifting from Crisis to Comfort
Caregivers will enjoy this fun, uplifting and informative pace. They will walk away with simple, practical tools and techniques to improve quality of life for their loved one and themselves. The camp is designed to help care partners maneuver the emotional maze they may feel trapped in through storytelling, film, interactives and more. The audience will learn coping skills and realize they are not alone on their caring journey. Our goal is to shift Caregivers to Care Partners; changing their perceptions and outcomes giving the support they deserve.

The Ripple Effect of Dementia as Shown Through a Hollywood Film
Attitudes drive our lives and our relationships. Join us as we watch the film “A Timeless Love.” Afterwards there will be a talkback where we will discuss our “caring roles” and the power of our perceptions. We will learn how the role of care partners are changing and why and how it relates to your own family, circle of friends, workplace, and community. This is a perfect program leveraging film to expose and teach multiple lessons in care.

Conscious Compassionate Care for Care Partners
Come explore the underbelly of giving care in a safe, fun environment. By exploring things most people don’t dare talk about, we can identify what is dragging us down, ripping at our soul, and makes us feel less than when we are working so hard to be more than we ever have been. This process, can help you find the peace, balance, and joy you deserve in your life not only when caring for another, but throughout your life. This program is for both family members and professionals.


We can highly recommend Lori as a Keynote speaker and know that we will have the opportunity to hear her again in the future. Her passionate style engaged the audience, was incredibly informative, and showed her deep professional expertise.
Lori was our closing speaker of a three-day conference Annual Conference on “The Power of Purpose: Changing Your Life and Others.” Her presentation – a life changing story of how “Purpose” chose her was outstanding. She delivered valuable information in an inspiring and entertaining fashion.
Feedback from the conference planning committee, our leadership team was extremely positive, and many attendees commented she was one of the best speakers they had heard. - Pat Sylvia, Director of Education and Membership Development, LeadingAge Washington

Lori has a true gift connecting to her audience on an emotional level. All participants were truly engaged, and evaluations of her presentation were very high. She is a gifted speaker as well as a wonderful person. - Dena Stolze, Health Operations Coordinator – Northeast Iowa Community College

The amount of knowledge that Lori has from her own caregiving experience and through the connections she has made around the world provided valuable information to our audience. Her personal style helped to set the tone for our conference and there was a great sense of hope and community by the end of the day. The information about social media supporting caregivers and those with the disease helped to empower attendees as did the overall positive attitude on the topic. - Trina-Johnson Brady, Community Relations Specialist Marketing, and Institutional Advancement – Phoebe Ministries

Lori has the ability to turn the audience inward, to encourage them to explore what they know about the person suffering with the illness, in order to look for ways to help customize a way of living that is unique, and beneficial for both caring roles. - Kelli Stover, SCI-AHEC – Rend Lake College (6-hour training)

“If you want a speaker who can speak honestly because she truly understands, Lori is your person. She has lived the life. Our audience loved her real-life tips as they were practical and easy.” - Eva Veitech - Community Living Services Director and Long-Term Care Ombudsmans – Region 10 Colorado (week-long tour)