Marilyn Sherman

Marilyn Sherman

Hall of fame business speaker Marilyn Sherman is known for inspiring audiences to improve their results through shifting their perspective. Her dynamic presentations have helped managers, executives, and entrepreneurs get out of their comfort zone and live and lead their life in the front-row. Her front-row philosophy shows how life is too short to be stuck in the balcony and top performers live in the front-row. And, if people don’t like the seat they are in now, they can either change their perspective on the seat they are in, or they can move to another seat. Marilyn shows people how to increase sales, decrease stress, increase employee morale and decrease conflict with keynotes that are high in content yet high in energy and entertainment. With 25 years of professional speaking experience, she is a consummate professional knowing that the success of an event is measured by the connection the audience has with the presenter. Marilyn is a master of audience engagement from the moment she walks into a room. No matter where people sit, they are in for a front-row experience with a keynote by hall of famer, Marilyn Sherman!

Most Requested Programs

Front-Row Leadership™: How Top Performers Never Settle for Balcony Seats
It’s hard to lead front-row teams when you’re stuck in the balcony. It’s frustrating to lead a team when you’ve lost your leadership mojo! Everyone needs some motivation and inspiration to breakthrough to the next level. You are not alone. You know you can accomplish more with an energized, motivated team. Front-Row Leadership™ techniques will allow you to discover the secrets that high performers use to be in the front-row. You’ll be able to accomplish more results, achieve bigger goals, and overcome fears and insecurities that don’t serve you or your team.

Take away value and ROI: Increased sales, increased employee engagement, motivated workforce, bigger results.

Communicating for Results: From Conflict to Cooperation
No one likes conflict and it’s not fun having to confront employees on their behavior. How do you let someone know they need to improve without having a constructive conversation escalate into workplace drama? You need to know what to say, when to say it, and how to say it in order to resolve potential conflict situations before people get too upset. Plus, teams are so much more effective when people are straightforward in their communication without harboring any resentment from past-unresolved conflict. This workshop will have you walking out knowing that you have the tools to keep your cool when confronting others, or even when someone else is confronting you. Oh, and by the way, you will now know what to say to the bully, so they won’t bother you again. You will be able to tell it like it is but in a way that brings people together and not alienate or divide.
Take away value and ROI: More clear communication, less conflict, higher performing teams.


“Thank you Marilyn for your time, energy, and most importantly, sharing what you love with us! Some comments: “I really came away thinking about my work differently, I want to be as effective as I can be. The keynote speaker and the personal accountability to be a better, more highly effective leader was excellent!’ Thank you again Marilyn for inspiring others to be better than they were yesterday!” - Melinda Altamirano, Regional Director, Starbucks Coffee Company

“She nailed it. Great speaker, right on point with her presentation. Audience loved her and walked away with some great ideas. She is sticking around to join our awards program. She is so personable, talking to our attendees, making them feel special. Really glad the group decided on her, she was a home run.” - Christine L Vallero, CMP Manager, Meeting & Events Kaiser Permanente

“Thank you so much for presenting to the McDonald’s Global Internal Audit department. We received wonderful feedback on both sessions: ‘Marilyn’s presentation was impressive’ ‘Wow – Marilyn has so much enthusiasm in her presentation skills that it’s contagious!’ ‘I was so empowered to take charge and change some things in my life’. ‘I found Marilyn’s presentation very interesting and alive. She is a great speaker, knows how to keep our focus and attention.’ ‘I absolutely loved the presentation!’ We hope to work with you again. - Amy Jones, Internal Audit Manager McDonald’s Corporation

“Your talk was inspiring to all of us and we truly learned and relearned some key insights from you.” - Don Knauss, President & COO of Coca-Cola North America

“I've seen Marilyn speak several times and hired her to speak both at my company as well as for my professional organization, CHART. She consistently delivers a high engagement, impactful and all around amazing session. At my most recent employee conference she spoke in front of area leaders and I remember afterwards being bombarded by those employees who are typically "less than" engaged (you know you have some too). They were floored by how inspiring Marilyn was. If you are looking for your next professional speaker, look NO FURTHER!!! Marilyn is where it's at!!” - Gabe Hosler, VP Del Taco Restaurants, Inc.