Mike McKinley

Mike McKinley

Mike McKinley has the experience and expertise that people in business need to succeed from his history as a teenage entrepreneur which led to leadership positions in manufacturing, retail, radio, television, and ownership of a multimillion dollar publishing house, professional speaking, and consulting business. Mike helps people recognize the challenges to success, open their minds to new ideas and current methods, and helps business maximize performance and profitability.

Hired for the fun but paid for the content, Mike entertains while he teaches – presenting as the keynote speaker at corporate trainings, in-house programs, and for professional association meetings. An example of his client list includes Great Clips, The Toro Company, Subway, Gillette, and American Family. Many clients have Mike return multiple times for their organizations. Hundreds of companies – from construction to healthcare, high technology to the auto industry- have relied on Mike for insight into furthering today’s business growth, innovation, and success.

Mike’s performance ingredients (topics) include Change, The Customer Journey, Maximizing Performance, Teamwork, Leadership, Motivation, and Balancing Work & Home. Working with Mike’s consulting clients and his vast array of businesses gives him a breadth of real life experience and business expertise on which to draw when he shares his ideas and performs for large audiences, individuals, management teams and boards of directors across the country.

Education and training on the customer journey, partnership advocacy, generational and diversity issues, leadership and day-to-day business operations is the heart and soul of Mike’s presentation. It’s time to think fresh thoughts and seek new perspectives. Mike uses real life photos for fun and humor yet ties them into serious points about life and changing business creating the easy learning transition. He works to share his message of maximizing performance and enjoying the ride!

Most Requested Programs

Learn when to manage and when to lead. "How to get 'em and how to keep 'em" is a major organizational challenge today. Create an education driven workplace setting where employees want to come and stay.

You simply must change to keep up with your competition. But change doesn’t have to be intimidating. Learn how to react to change constructively, thereby encouraging flexibility in the people around you.

Maximizing Performance
The business bottom line is affected by how you minimize mistakes and achieve consistent productivity. Learn how responsibility and accountability are essential to your survival and growth.

In an era of cutbacks, improving productivity with fewer employees is essential. Accomplishing more with fewer people takes teamwork. Learn how to meet or exceed your goals - without compromising quality or service standards - by building self-motivated teams.

Customer Service
Right now your competition is busy trying to win over your customers. Don’t let that happen! Learn how to take your clients beyond customer service to a place called "customer specialness," where your clients are loyal advocates and your sales continually increase.

Learn to make the most of each day. People with a positive outlook are happier and more effective both at work and at home. Mike sparks permanent changes by motivating you to focus on what is important in your life.

Balancing Work and Home
It’s hard to succeed at work and at home when both are filled with goals, expectations, and demands. Finding the right balance can increase your productivity and improve your attitude. Put more balance in your life!


“Mike was our keynote speaker wrapping up our Annual Agent Awards and Rally program. The energy level which Mike presented along with his humor kept us all engaged. His talk about transforming today’s challenges into tomorrow’s business was right on point for our group. The unique thing that separates him from others is that he builds humor in and kept us laughing throughout the presentation.” - Harv Eckrote, Director of Sales, Rural Mutual Insurance Company

“Thank you for the great presentation. Our goal was to send our team back to their offices on a high note ready to attack the challenges of the new year. Based on the survey results we have received, you did just that. All comments were positive and I agree. Thanks again, we will certainly keep you in mind for future presentations.” - John Andrzejewski, President, Anson Industries

“On behalf of the Minnesota Trucking Association (MTA) Board and staff, thank you very much for your fantastic presentation at the recent Leadership Development Conference. Your presentation was the highlight of the event, and the attendees are still talking about some of the lessons they learned.” - Karen Rockwell, Director of Communications, Minnesota Trucking Association

“Not only were you one of the best speakers we can remember having at Congress … Your rapid-fire presentation, punctuated with some incredible, funny and thought provoking visuals, laced powerful business and life insights with hilarious stories and photos. Of all our keynote speakers, you scored highest and longest on the laugh meter. Yet amid all the humor, you drove home some very useful lessons our members could take home.” - Dan Maddux, Executive Director, American Payroll Association

“I have been responsible for hundreds of meetings, conferences, seminars and conventions over the past 20 years and have likely hired more than a hundred speakers. Michael McKinley always delivers more than what I expect. I believe it’s obvious that I would highly recommend Mike for any critical role in your convention or meeting, be it master of ceremonies, opening speaker, keynote speaker, or closing session presenter. He has a unique blend of competence, humor, platform skills, flexibility, substance, and sincerity.” - Rhoda Olsen, CEO, Great Clips