Mike Veeck

Mike Veeck

Mike Veeck is the perfect keynote presenter for your event! He’s nationally known, is wildly entertaining and is still leading successful businesses today!

Mike resume is amazing. He is an author, Co-Owner of several minor league baseball clubs, restaurateur, college teacher & Founder of Fun Is Good - Employee Engagement Consultancy. In 2020 Mike was named by The Society of American Baseball Research (SABR) as one of the most influential people in all of baseball.

Mike’s not a sports guy talking about sports – he’s a small business owner, husband, father and friend who tells stories that audiences will relate to. In his presentations, he shares personal and business stories of his successes and disappointments and demonstrates that every good idea starts with fun, passion and purpose. His humorous stories are laced with multiple actionable lessons for your workplace and personal life. And to compliment these engaging sessions, they’ll include fun slides and videos from his personal experiences. Also, Mike and his team will work with you to tailor his presentation to meet the specific needs of your audience.

More about Mike and his wild world of promotions: His name is synonymous with fun and creativity and he continues to blaze new trails each year. Who else would train a pig to deliver baseballs to the umpire, hire mimes to perform instant replays, host a ballpark wide food fight, paint the world’s largest Twister board on the field or lock fans out of the stadium to set an all-time attendance record for fewest people at a game? Yes – all these happened and if you’re curious enough to ask, Mike will share the stories and lessons behind each of them.

It is with the belief that anything is possible and fun is crucial to success that Mike runs his companies. His Saint Paul Saints have become a model organization and sold out their ballpark for years, except 2020 of course. And in yet another milestone, Mike’s Saints are starting an amazing new journey as the Triple A affiliate of the MLB Minnesota Twins!

Fun Is Good business philosophy has garnered national attention, with Mike being featured on NBC Nightly News, 60 Minutes, HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, ESPN Sports Center and many, many, many other national media outlets.

With his teams practicing all this fun and passion in the workplace, providing great customer care, exceeding aggressive sales goals and gaining national attention for his creative promotions and partnerships, Mike decided to highlight his coworkers and tell these stories in his book – Fun Is Good! In response to the success of the book and organizations asking to learn more of this philosophy, Mike created the consulting company of the same name, Fun Is Good (funisgoodteam.com). He and his team have had the privilege of working across the country with many incredible organizations including 3M, The NBA, Deluxe Corporation, General Mills, Securian Financial, NASCAR and Boston Scientific, to name just a few.

Mike and his wife, Libby, reside in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina and spend much of their time in beautiful Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Most Requested Programs

Mike Veeck believes that anything is possible and that passion drives performance! “When we can find our joy and passion, great things happen, in our work world and also in our personal lives,” says Veeck. This makes such perfect sense, yet it’s so hard to put into practice. Mike’s entertaining messages provide meaningful and actionable lessons in the areas of creativity & innovation, passion, respect and of course, FUN!
Thriving During Change & Learning To Fail
With all that’s going on around us, the ability to adapt and change is more important than ever. Making slight pivots in how we look at the challenges we encounter is critical to living and working in today’s world. Mike operates his many businesses with the belief that we only get better if we create a culture where it’s good to fail. . . we learn from our mistakes. . . and we keep trying.

What Box? Creativity Is The Currency Of Today!
Mike has been “thinking outside of the box” for so long, he helps us all see there is no box. Mike was named one of the 50 Most Influential People In all of baseball by the Society of American Baseball Research (SABR). This incredible honor recognizes Mike’s countless marketing innovations, attention grabbing promotions and above all, his love and respect for the fans. This multi-media session highlights what goes into creating these acclaimed promotions. (“What’s in the box?”)

The Rule of I:
Integrity + Imagination + Incongruity + Irreverence + Inclusion = Innovation & Income!
Mike’s favorite equation! This session shows the key elements successful companies can use to build and sustain a creative and financially sound organization. And the best news of all, the recipe incudes the perfect ingredients to create a positive and engaged culture!


We are going through so much change right now. The Fun Is Good motivating message about creating an environment where employees and teammates can work within their area of strength, have fun and collaborate was exactly what we needed to hear. Thanks! - National Sales Director – Software Industry

Each time Mike Veeck has spoken to our bank, he was enthusiastic and passionate talking about Fun Is Good and how to incorporate those principles in to our work setting. Mike crafted his message to the different audiences and it was extremely impactful. He was entertaining and light, but he also had some powerful lessons about treating people right and doing the right thing. - Bank President & CEO

As a meeting planner, I believe Mike is the most ideal presenter. Everyone is telling me that this was the best meeting, ever! Mike is wonderful! - Meeting Planner and Event Committee Chair

It’s impressive to see how Mike and his team do their homework to ensure the keynote message is on-target for the designated audience. Thus, it’s probably no coincidence that attendee feedback about the session was so positive. Kudos to Mike for being so accommodating and easy to work with in bringing it all together. - Employee Relations Executive

I’d like to think we already have a fun workplace, but the Fun Is Good message gave my leadership team great ideas on how to make our company even more fun, creative and successful. - Founder Small Business