Pam Borton

Pam Borton

Research shows that professional speakers from outside the organization and industry bring invaluable insights, perspectives, and expertise. The best professional speakers are masters at motivating, inspiring and bringing a different voice and experience to your audience.

Pam Borton is a true pioneer and expert on leadership and teamwork. As an author, speaker, executive coach and CEO of ON Point Next Level Leadership, Pam has spent her entire career shaping people, teams and organizational success by helping leaders develop high performing teams and engaged employees. With her signature mix of inspiration, authenticity, storytelling, and no-nonsense practicality, Pam has lead, coached and spoken to thousands of leaders and is consistently sought after as a strong female presence that is relatable to her clients and audiences. Whether she’s addressing Fortune 500 companies, professional sports organizations, government agencies, non-profits, schools or churches, Pam’s down-to-earth nature and insightful concepts will resonate.

Most Requested Programs

Mindset for Success: Activating True Resilience and Mastering Your Mindset


“Pam Borton is an unbelievable professional and was the best speaker at the conference! I would highly recommend Pam for any conference, keynote, breakout or workshop.” - Bob Schlichte, VP Strategic Relations at Grand Casino Mille

Pam Borton is an authentic and dynamic speaker that engages her audience with captivating stories from her life as head coach of the Minnesota women’s basketball program and now as an executive coach and author. I have had the pleasure to hear Pam speak on two occasions and the size of the audience varied from 150 people to 1,500 people. Her stories of leadership resonated, and her facilitation on leading through transformational change was personal. Individuals walk away with a better sense of self, possibility and action points that can implemented immediately. A copy of Pam’s book, “ON Point: A Coaches Game Plan to Life, Leadership and Performance with Grace Under Fire.” is a great gift to team members as a continued learning opportunity." - Valerie J Young, 3M Supply Chain Executive

"Pam is an excellent presenter, trainer, and facilitator. She is an expert and master at reading her audience, and adjusting to their pace and needs. She is highly regarded in her role as a speaker, consultant and executive coach…" - Sue Kruse, President, Twin Cities SHRM

"Pam was very engaging with our group before, during, and after her presentation. Her presentation content was thought provoking and very appropriate for our group of executive leaders…" - Chuck Mausbach, Chief Executive Officer, Frandsen Financial Corporation

Pam is a great story teller and can relate to all audiences, even law enforcement. She brings credibility to the stage and to every group because she has been there and done it. She has reached the pinnacle of her career through resilience, mental toughness and building high performance teams. Her reputation speaks for itself and she inspired and motivated the SPPD Commands and their teams to take their leadership to the next level… - Deputy Chief Mary Nash, Saint Paul Police Department