Petra Marquart

Petra Marquart

Petra Marquart is an inspirational speaker who has received rave reviews at conventions and conferences around the globe. She is currently principal in the global speaking and training firm, Petra Marquart and Associates and president of See ME, Inc., which provides customer-service training for long-term care communities. She is listed in Who’s Who of American Women and the author of the best-seller, The Power of Service: Keeping Customers for Life.
Petra has written customer-service training programs for Mall of America, US Bank, Fairview Health Services, Honeywell Space Systems, Minnesota Department of Administration, US Department of Veteran Affairs, US Department of Homeland Security, The MENTOR Network, Senior Linkage Line, and the Wisconsin Department of Child Protective Services.

Whether speaking on customer service, leadership, personal power, or performance, Petra’s skilled stage presence comes, in part, from her experience working as a performer in Las Vegas with such stars as Elvis Presley, Tina Turner,and some of the most recognized names in the world.

Most Requested Programs

The Power of Service
What is service? How do we bring service to life? What do customers expect? What are the behaviors essential to great service? How does service impact the bottom line? This is our most popular presentation as it answers these questions with humor and passion. It addresses service from all angles: structural, interpersonal, systemic, operational and individual. It has received rave reviews from San Francisco to Munich.

Leading a Service-centered Organization, Department or Team
How do you create a service-focused team, work group, department or organization? You hire it, train it, guide it, reward it and model it. This presentation has been designed specifically for people who are responsible for the organization’s outcomes or performance environment. It provides clear instruction as to how to create a setting in which people thrive and where productivity, creativity and passion abound.

Maintaining Quality Service through Change
The only thing that remains certain is change, which creates tension and anxiety for many people. Whether imposed or chosen, change is a challenge that often engenders fear and concern. And yet change is what keeps us from being stagnant. Change is not optional and the ability to adapt to it and move on is at the core of successful organizations. Those resistant to change will die on the vine. The key is maintaining a quality experience for customers, even when your world is upside down.

The Champion Within: The Impact of Self-esteem on Service
If the tank is empty, the car won’t run. And if self-esteem is low or empty, performance, innovation, risk-taking and dealing with conflict won’t work either. To achieve high performance and engagement, each person’s sense of self must be intact. When it’s not, blaming, denying, barely functioning and being angry undermine day-to-day performance. This presentation clarifies the role of self-esteem in productivity and service, and defines each person’s responsibility in maintaining one another’s sense of self—including difficult customers.

Dealing with People Who are Hard to be Nice To
No matter how hard we try, we’re bound to be around people who make our lives miserable! And…once customers have purchased your product or received your service, things can go from bad to worse. In this session, you will learn the 5 core issues that make people unhappy; how to effectively handle people who are difficult to deal with; how to keep anger and emotional outbursts from escalating; the 6-step process calling people accountable for their behavior and how to recover from mistakes that turn good people into bad situations.


“Petra is a dynamite speaker. She's able to create electricity in the room!" - David R. Wilson, Asia Pacific, 3M Company

"Petra was a motivating, entertaining speaker as she delivered presentations across the country. Months later, I hear about the impression she made." - Pam Cooper, Ecolab

"Petra was fabulous and right on the mark!" - American Cancer Society, Midwest Division

"Petra keeps your attention, stimulates your brain, and tugs at your heart." - Pam Tibbets, Senior Vice President, Fairview Health Services

"You were great! Everyone left inspired!" - Dave Peterson, Vice President, The MENTOR Network