Richard Hadden

Richard Hadden

Richard Hadden has long been a respected voice in the world of Employee Engagement and Leadership. He brings both platform and business experience to deliver his timely, content-rich message with a future-looking perspective. Audiences love his energy, passion, and humor, and the practical takeaways and inspiration that are hallmarks of his presentations.

As an expert in Employee Engagement, Richard teaches specific practices that help to create a focused, engaged, and capably led workforce. He's particularly helpful with Recruiting and Retention in a tight labor market.

Richard developed and practiced his leadership skills as a manager in both Financial Services and Information Technology. He was Director of Product Development for a software development company before starting his own consulting business. Gradually, his consulting focus shifted from Information Technology to Leadership, Employee Engagement, and the Workplace.

Most Requested Programs

Recruiting, Onboarding, and Retention in the New World of Work
The world of work has changed. Irreversibly. In this session, you’ll learn what leaders must do to attract, retain, and engage a willing and enthusiastic workforce in today's workplace . We’ll take you inside the mind of today’s worker and explore the keys to landing the best people on your team in this worker’s market.

You’ll leave excited to implement the practical and actionable ideas you’ll gain on recruiting, retaining, and engaging your workforce, in this insightful, high-content, and entertaining presentation.

Leading from a Distance in a Remote and Hybrid World
Compared to leading and engaging workers in a traditional setting, doing so with remote workers carries a special set of challenges. Add the hybrid model to that, and you come to the stark conclusion that nothing you’ve ever done before has prepared you for where we are today. This program teaches how to maintain team spirit and human connection while separated by distance, along with practical ways to improve productivity and customer commitment with remote and hybrid teams.

Come and learn how to engage the workforce of today, and attract and retain the workforce of tomorrow, in this practical, content-packed, and entertaining presentation.

The OOMPH Factor: Making the Extra Mile the Best Part of the Trip
Employee Engagement for the front line. In this program, I talk about what some of the most successful women and men do every day to keep their organizations thriving, and growing in the right direction.

I’ll lay out 8 things I’ve observed about people I call “Extra Milers” – those who routinely demonstrate Employee Engagement and Discretionary Effort, and go above and beyond in pursuit of their organization’s mission.


Richard, I just wanted to say a heartfelt THANK YOU for your presentation. I can’t think of a better speaker for our group at this moment in time. What you offered was right on point. I so appreciate the time you took to get to know Great Harvest to make it even more applicable. - Janet Tatarka, COO, Great Harvest Bread Company

Richard, Thank you so much for your remarkable keynote at our National Huddle. The reaction has been terrific! You commanded the stage, and delivered a powerful, practical, entertaining presentation to our 1,200 Team Leaders. - Gordon Logan, CEO and Founder, Sport Clips Haircuts

Richard was amazing! Not only was his presentation extremely relevant to our field’s concerns- it was also funny, engaging, and everyone left the room with immediate takeaways that they could put into action at their programs. Richard took additional time to speak with members of our Board, which allowed him to tailor his presentation to us perfectly. In a world where it feels like we are constantly being hit by things outside of our control, Richard gave us hope and actionable tasks that I know will pay off for our members. - Megan Stokes, Executive Director, National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs

Richard, Thank you for being the keynote speaker at this year's LMA Convention. Our members were excited about what they learned from you, and your session made the top of their list! We've heard nothing but compliments about it. Thanks again! - Izabella Michistch, Livestock Marketing Association

Richard, thank you so much for the great message you brought to our Human Resources conference! You provided our members with such useful and practical tools that they could apply right away to improve their success with recruiting, onboarding, and retention in their banks. And we loved both the humor and inspiration! - Sheena Frech, Tennessee Bankers Association"