Rob Ferre

Rob Ferre

ROB FERRE Speaker - Event Host - Engagement Expert
An experience you'll always remember, a message you'll never forget. Helping you build leaders that get your teams on the dance floor. The ability to retain your key talent matters more now than ever before. As leaders we crave having teams that are excited about the brand, and willing to "dance" into our vision. Rob Ferre has spent most of his life and career getting people engaged in an experience. From Disney to DJ, from Des Moines to Dubai, his work has been built around studying the habits of effective teams, and how leaders can make work fun again.

Clients like Amazon, Dell, and LinkedIn, are just a few of the groups who have had raved about Rob's custom host experiences. Not only does he bring the energy, the humor, the fun, and, yes, the music, Rob also brings his four-step system that leaders can implement immediately to create stronger more engaged teams. His interactive events are designed to get your people moving, inspire them to seek change,and leave them with a method of putting it into action for years of positive results. It truly is an experience you'll always remember, and a message you'll never forget.

Most Requested Programs

Be the first One on the Dance Floor
In this signature keynote Rob Ferre presents an interactive experience through education, entertainment and audience engagement. Participants will deep dive into the three core principles of creating a movement through initiative, guidance, and ownership. Rob takes the lessons he has learned from being a life long entertainer from Disney to Universal Studios. He will focus on the three core principles that lead people to creating movements and being leaders in their business, community and associations. By the end of the keynote participants will- Have new tools to guide their teams- How to scale their influence- Knowing various methods of bringing more attention to their brand- And some might be on the dance floor

The You Experience
Rob cut his chops in entertainment working at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. There he learned the secrets about what makes Disney World the Happiest Place on Earth. Rob will share the lessons of guest interaction, show, and customer service. Rob will also show a variety of case studies where organizations put their customers first creating raving fans and customers for life. Rob will key in a specific strategies you can use in social media to engage more followers and fans.

Next Level Team Engagement
It’s time to disrupt your team with engagement through gamification and great production value! In this presentation Rob Ferre, GSP (Game Show Person) will show how to gamify your activities with slideshow presentations, interactive games, and software. Rob will demonstrate different activities for your teams to create more unity, engagement, and humor in your organization. Rob will show a variety of games and activities that will work with team-building events, huddles, and summits.

Social Media Makeover
You have 15 seconds to make a good impression or your potential clients will move on. How are you leveraging social media on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram? Rob will show examples of associate profiles, posts, pictures, and content with rankings or grades based on their profiles. Rob will be giving you solutions on how you can improve your profile to get the most eyes to stay on your social media. Rob will also take volunteers and do a live analysis and makeover on their profiles. Including a deep dive into the power of Linkedin to leverage influence and find ways to collaborate with potential clients or new talent.

Connections Academy: Tips on becoming a networking honor student
Networking is like living on a high school campus, complete with cliques, mean girls, geeks, and rumors. How do we graduate from the high school mentality and create a collaborative campus?In this keynote presentation participants will learn:

  • How to change the way you do business with other business professionals
  • A new approach to creating relationships within your own industry.
  • How to synergistically raise your bottom line with like-minded professionals


"Just wanted to reach out to let you know that Rob Ferre is just awesome. He is a true professional & definitely a natural at entertaining! From the initial meeting to finalizing details in the email leading up to the event, I felt confident that this event would go better than planned. It has been tough to connect virtually for so long that playing trivia games as a team definitely lightened the mood.” - S&P Global - Virtual Event - January 2021

"Thank you so much for attending our expo last week. As I walked the floor and asked participants about what they thought I received nothing but glowing reviews of your presentation. I really appreciate that you stayed and interacted with those that attended the expo. Personally, I had many takeaways from what you said in your presentation especially on being the first one on the dance floor and the fact that sometimes you have to be out there before others catch on. I really enjoyed your thoughts on collaboration and not competition this is a message that hot the bail on the head with what we work on every day here at our chamber of commerce. You really raised the bar at our expo." - Tim Roper - Davis County Chamber Expo