Sam Richter

Sam Richter

Considered a leading authority on sales intelligence and digital reputation management, bestselling author and National Hall of Fame speaker Sam Richter, CSP, CPAE delivers his top-rated, incredibly dynamic, highly entertaining, and extremely high-content keynote presentations and workshop sessions to audiences worldwide. Sam's programs also include access to attendee bonuses, which ensures that the learning - and most important, the implementation and impact - continues long after the ovation subsides.

Sam was named one of the World’s Top 50 Sales Keynote Speakers, one of the Top 15 Virtual Presenters, and one of the Top 25 Most Influential Sales Leaders. In addition to his speaking, Sam is a technology entrepreneur, and he has developed numerous search-related programs used by thousands of top organizations and business executives around the globe. For his work, Sam has won numerous awards including a Gold Award at the International Film Festival and a Codie-Award, the ‘Oscars’ of the software industry.

Sam has been featured in thousands of news programs and publications including CNN, USA Today, and Forbes. He serves on the Board of Directors for numerous technology companies and he is a past finalist for Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year.

Most Requested Programs

The Evolution of Sales
Web Search Secrets to Find The Right Leads, At the Right Time, With the Right Message
It's amazing that in today's information world, the key metric that many organizations still use to judge sales activity is the number of calls made. Sure, you can open up the phone book or purchase a lead list and start with "A" and end with "Z" and mathematically, someone will buy. Or, you can leverage Sales Intelligence - the ability to quickly find and leverage online information using popular tools like Google and social media - to locate the right prospects, at the right time, with the right message and dramatically decrease close times, and increase margins.

Don't Steal the Cheesecake
How Your Digital Reputation Defines Your Personal Brand, and Shapes Your Company Brand
In today's "everything is online" world, people pass judgement and form opinions about you before ever even meeting. What you post online, text, leave as a voicemail, say or do in front of a public camera, and even email is not limited to private networks. Rather, there's a good chance that what you do in a digital format is public, searchable, and archived, FOREVER! Meaning everything you do online impacts your personal brand, and even your company brand. Discover how you can easily craft and manage a digital reputation.

Is Your Business Consultant Some Yahoo Named Google?
Online Search Secrets to Help You Grow Your Business (and Save You a Ton of Time!)
Did you know that on average, each person in your office with Internet access spends more than two hours each day looking for business information? At an opportunity cost of $50 per hour, that's almost $20,000 per year per employee wasted. How valuable would it be if you could cut your searching time in half? How much better would your plans and strategies be if you had the right information, the first time, every time?

Every YES Begins With a KNOW
Finding and Leveraging Information to Build Valuable Business Relationships
Business is all about relationships and understanding the other person's motivations. What do your prospects or existing clients truly care about? Do you understand what's important to them? What are you doing to ensure your messages are meaningful and that you provide relevant value in every interaction? It's no longer enough to be interesting. In today's world you must be interested.

You Just "Friended" a Thief
You and Your Client's Data - What's Out There, How Do You Find It, and How Can It Be Used Against You
It's amazing the amount of information available online about companies and people. And it's shocking how vulnerable we all are to Personal Identity Theft and Business Identity Theft - in ways you might not think about. Discover easy-to-implement strategies that you can implement to avoid 90%+ of the data issues you are likely to encounter.


"You are the best speaker in our organization's history, and your competition is strong….we have had the President, sports stars, and some of the most-well known speakers in the world. For you to be placed at the top…WOW! You are now one of our go to speakers!" - Terry Moskus, Vice President, Express Employment Professionals

"For the second year in a row - and you are the only speaker in our national conference's history who we've ever booked two years in a row - all I can say is thank you! You once again "wowed" all of us with your program. Your balance of information, humor, and enthusiasm will help everyone in the room be better at what we do." - George Harrison, NMLS, Senior Vice President, U.S. Bank

"Sam's program received the highest rating of any presentation at our national conference. It was motivational, easy to listen to, and it took everyone by surprise. Sam is a superb presenter and his program is exceptionally thought provoking and very entertaining." - Andrew Hobern, Director Business Performance, AMP Financial Services, Australia

"Sam motivated us with such energy and excitement that every one of our sales professionals said Sam Richter was the highlight of our National Sales Meeting and have already asked when he can come back!" - Wendy J. Senior, Sales Manager / Design Solution Business Manager, 3M

"In my years in the industry, I do not recall a more positively received, more positively commented on, more potentially revenue changing keynote presentation. You far exceeded expectations." - Rick Effer, Vice President, Morgan Stanley