Sara Krisher

Sara Krisher

Sara Krisher is the president and founder of STAND TALL, a company that helps build confidence. Her extensive work in business-to-business sales and public speaking training has been developed from her twenty-plus years’ experience presenting to Fortune 500 companies and small to medium-size businesses.

She is an international speaker, narrative coach, and developer of the “Fearless Speaker” program and author of The Confidence to Speak, a book about the many fears of speaking. She delivers training programs to business leaders who want to lead from the front of the room with more confidence.

Sara’s passion for speaking her truth is evident in her candid approach to communications. Her clients like her fun, spirited, and encouraging personality. She is a champion of bravery and doesn’t just talk the talk. She continually demonstrates confidence building in her work and personal life. She stands tall at 6’1” and looks up to her fourteen-year-old daughter, who is 6’2” tall.

Most Requested Programs

Lead at the front of the room with CONFIDENCE
What if you could be injected with a confidence serum so you could conquer all aspects of your work like a superhero? You’d walk bravely into intimidating meetings. You’d confidently speak with persuasive, calm authority. You’d answer questions and respond with self-assurance. Others would see you as a leader they could trust. They would come to you for answers and follow you willingly.

Well, it’s not as easy as an injection, but this kind of confidence is possible to achieve. Find out what it takes to own the space at the front of the room like a pro. You’ve got what you need to lead at the front of the room with CONFIDENCE!

How to deliver virtual presentations with CONFIDENCE
As a leader, you are asked to deliver presentations, facilitate meetings, and meet with clients. In-person meetings are put on hold, and we continue to do important business so that means presenting online effectively has never been more important.

Whether you have never presented online or do it multiple times a day you will find this presentation refreshing. You’ll discover the two most important elements of virtual presentation success, you’ll learn how to engage your audience so you can determine if they are getting your message, and you’ll receive a huge time saving framework for preparation along with tools to make your life easier.

Lead Authentically with an Executive Presence
At times, navigating challenges reminds me of my childhood. Remember those marionette puppets you could bring to life by tugging on this string or that? When I got my hands on those poor rag dolls they were at the mercy of my imagination and it wasn’t always puppy dogs and rainbows!

Lately, it seems we are all puppets being tugged on in this grand life theatre carrying out someone’s twisted version of opposite day. We sit lifeless, not knowing if it’s better to sit still or be forced to fling our arms out while cursing at our puppet master.

When we get together, we’ll explore the possibility of cutting the strings once and for all. We’ll entertain a shift in mindset and the importance of leading with an Executive Presence. Consider this your invitation to be thoughtfully inspired as you contemplate your possibilities.


I had the pleasure of attending Sara's Fearless Speaker Programs and was amazed at the transformation I experience personally and that of the whole group in a short amount of time. She created a collaborative environment built on trust where attendees could truly feel supported. Her process and tools allowed me to create a style of public speaking that works for me that I know I will use often. I could not recommend her enough for those looking to remove the fear of public speaking and replace it with confidence and excitement! Melissa Koukkari, Marketing Director at Abdo, Eick & Meyers

Sara Krisher ran a Professional Development Workshop for the Society of Marketing Professionals for the A/E/C industry. The purpose of the workshop was to learn how to prepare your team for project interviews. She was able to create an entire guide and informational packet that each individual who attended was able to take back to their team to help them be successful. She kept the audience engaged the entire time by creating a group discussion and was also extremely easy to work with when it came to scheduling and meeting our educational needs.
Kortney Kenville, Professional Development Chair at SMPS Twin Cities

My Vistage group loved Sara's presentation on Executive Presence. It was very impactful and everyone was able to walk away with four pages of golden nuggets. I loved the way she handled the interactive parts and will definitely recommend Sara to my colleagues. - Bill LaRosa CEO & Executive Coach and Master Chair at Vistage Worldwide, Inc.

Sara’s workshop was integral for me to put into action a key area of development for me. Sara has a way of seeing people’s unique strengths and encouraging those authentic qualities into people’s presentations. I also appreciated her process centered approach for designing a presentation. She has helped me take my first steps to becoming a more zen presenter! - Trish Perryman, Director of Sales & Marketing at Leadership Worth Following, LLC

Sara recently spoke to Team Women MN's Power Luncheon group, and drew our largest crowd to date! She authentically and openly offers practical advise on how to polish presentation skills that people at any level can easily implement. Sara is a true professional and delight to work with in arranging logistics of the event. I look forward to having Sara back again in the future! - Amy Sinclair, Executive Director of Team Women