Tasha Schuh

Tasha Schuh

A Must-Have for Your Next Corporate Event or Conference! When Tasha Schuh comes rolling in your door, you will get a lot more than just a story. A healthy meal of inspiration and hope, sprinkled with a layer of laughter and topped off with a few tears will leave people clamoring for more. Emotional, uplifting, and life changing are just a few ways to describe Tasha’s message.

Unique Story. After a tragic theater accident left her paralyzed from the chest down, Tasha discovered invaluable lessons that resonate with audiences of all demographics. Since 2007, she has been traveling across the country inspiring and challenging her listeners to overcome, no matter what life throws at them.

Recognized Speaker. Tasha received her first bachelor’s degree in communication studies from Winona State University and has been speaking ever since. Averaging 50-70 engagements every year, she has inspired thousands while creating a vast client list ranging from Mayo Clinic to IBM.

Relevant Message. A fit for all audiences, Tasha will inspire, empower and instill a renewed zest for life. Her clientele spans corporations, annual conferences, women’s conventions, education and healthcare.

Most Requested Programs

Enjoy Your Ride
The race of life can often be riddled with obstacles, challenges and difficulties. Tasha knows this firsthand. The experience she shares in this message will encourage you to keep pressing forward, to cross the finish line with each one of your goals, and to have hope for the future. Now is the time to do an assessment of your own ride, recognize that you can live life to the fullest, and determine to overcome any circumstance or difficulty that you may meet along your race of life. In this message listeners will take away: The importance of teamwork and surrounding yourself with the right people, Defining strategy and a renewed zest for life

The power of PATH: Purpose, Attitude, and Transformative Hope, Seeing the finish line and FINISHING STRONG
The race of life can often be riddled with obstacles, challenges and difficulties. As a quadriplegic Tasha knows this firsthand. In this message she will share her story of having a life-changing accident at the age of 16, and how she learned the importance of resilience. The experience she shares will encourage listeners to press through difficult times and to have hope for the future.
Listeners will take away the following:

  • The importance of teamwork and surrounding yourself with the right people
  • Defining purpose and how to make an impact where you are at
  • Finding resilience in PATH - Purpose, Attitude, Team, and Hope
  • Knowing what true success is and crossing your finish lines to live a fulfilling life


“As the coordinator of a large conference when you hear comments such as, ‘I have been coming to this conference for 10 years and without a doubt Tasha is the best speaker I have heard’ and ‘Tasha's message is just what I needed at this time’, I knew we had made a great choice. Tasha Schuh and her husband Doug Michaels are extremely organized and I appreciated the energy they put into learning about us to provide a custom message. Everyone needs to hear Tasha's timeless message!” - Debbie Schumacher, Wisconsin Dental Hygienists Association, 2017 Indigo Conference

“Having Tasha kick off a very important day of training, learning and sharing was the best decision we made! Tasha successfully connected with employment specialists, human resource professionals, and return to work professional. She provided inspiration, hope, laughter, and encouragement which carried through the entire day.” - Guy Finne, Human Resources Manager, Mayo Clinic

“We brought Tasha to our Underwriting Conference to deliver a motivational message to our associates. Man did she deliver! There was laughter and tears as Tasha shared her heartfelt message about the importance of resilience and navigating a ride to live life fully. From the onset to the standing ovation, she captivated our audience with her truly inspirational story.” - Kerry Scherer, Performance Development, Secura Insurance

“Hearing Tasha speak and being a part of bringing her to Gundersen Health System has been the highlight of my career. She spoke with pure honesty and was very relatable. She was very professional, yet easy going and down to earth. Her program was well thought out and obviously designed to fit the different audiences we had her speaking to. (Physicians, therapists, nurses, students, SCI survivors) She brought humor and yet spoke on serious topics that need attention, such as suicide. She made as laugh, cry, and most importantly think about the way we work with patients and what inspires us. Working with Tasha and Doug was enjoyable. They were professional, well organized, and fun! There is no doubt in my mind that Tasha touched many lives that day and left everyone who heard her speak inspired.” - Trina Eberhardt, PTA, Rehab Staff Education Committee Chairperson, Gundersen Health System

“We selected Tasha Schuh for our 18th Annual Fall Luncheon. She was an electrifying speaker. Tasha’s passion for life becomes infectious as she speaks. Tasha’s delivery was lively, confident, filled with emotion and mixed with humor. When a room of over 400 guests explodes with laughter several times it tells me the speaker has made a connection during the presentation. In my opinion once that happens you have success!!

Just when you think Tasha’s presentation can’t get any better…. it does. With a voice of an angel, and a heart of a saint, she releases a song that has become words to her own life. Her performance was punctuated by spontaneous applause and all guests on their feet. AMAZING! CHILLS & TEARS!

It is my pleasure to give Tasha Schuh my highest recommendation as a keynote speaker. She will deliver and share a story that is inspiring and entertaining. Tasha Schuh is one of life’s greatest gifts.” - Mary K. Behrens, Executive Director, The Women’s Fund