Ted Ma

Ted Ma

Ted Ma is an international keynote speaker, author, and leadership strategist who works with leaders to increase their influence and impact. Unlike many leadership experts, Ted built an international sales team from scratch to over 6,000 independent agents, reaching the top 0.1% of over 300,000 sales reps. As an elder millennial, he has been coaching leaders for over 18 years. He believes that enhancing performance, morale, and loyalty begins with creating a culture of mentorship.

Ted was named one of the Top 100 keynote speakers of 2019 by Databird Business Journal and has been featured in publications including USA Today, Inc, CNBC, and the New York Times. He has shared the stage with speakers like John Maxwell, Jack Canfield, and Mel Robbins.

Most Requested Programs

Multiply Your Influence: How to Be the Leader People Want to Follow
When you think about the most impactful leader you have worked with, what do you remember about them? Chances are, you remember the way they made you feel. The best leaders use the power of their example and invest in relationships to earn higher levels of influence. This program explores 3 strategies you can use to become the leader that people follow by choice, not by necessity.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The critical skill that most leaders overlook and how you can apply it to increase engagement and productivity
  • How to increase your influence and impact
  • The 4-step process you can use to empower others
  • Why employees quit their job and how to get them to stay

Multi-Level Leadership: How to Develop the Leaders that Drive Results
As a leader, you want people to perform at their best. To achieve your goals, you need to focus on the results you want to create. Or do you? As it turns out, leaders often overlook investing in the very place that produces the results they are looking for. This program reveals a practical process for building a successful team and how you can use it to develop leadership — and top performance — at every level in your organization.

After this session, you will be able to:

  • Identify the 4 levels of leadership that affect organizational performance and assess how you and your team measure up
  • Determine which competence gaps are holding your team back from achieving their highest levels of potential
  • Apply the 3 simple steps that drive both leadership growth and sustainable results

Make the Mental Shift: How to Close the Gap between Potential and Performance
As we look ahead to a post-pandemic world, what key attributes separate the top performers from everyone else? Most people are so busy figuring out how to get by that they miss out on opportunities to get ahead. You want to improve your results, but there are often challenges and commitments that get in the way. In this program, we uncover the mindset shifts that will help you tap into your potential, perform at a higher level, and add more value in the process.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The 3 key elements to unlocking your potential
  • Why you need an association audit and how to do it
  • The #1 skill you need to perform to your potential
  • How to turn failure into your ally


We brought Ted Ma as our keynote speaker for our annual conference. We selected Ted based on some videos that we had seen in our selection process and really thought that he brought the enthusiasm and energy that we wanted to kick off our conference and set the tone for the event. One of the things that impressed me most about it was the amount of preparation that Ted did in advance of the program. He had contacted some of our membership to really get a feel for what we were trying to accomplish so we can customize and personalize the program for our group.

The feedback that I got across the board was very positive. Everyone at least one or two takeaways from the presentation that they can take back to their office and share with their teams. I thought that it was just a great way to kick off our conference and we would absolutely have him back again.
- Phil Thomas - Program Chair, Telecom Risk Management Association

We were thrilled to have Ted Ma here at our Executive Leadership Summit as the keynote speaker. As I was looking for the keynote, I was not only looking for the content, but the importance of connecting with our audience of executives, a very unique group. Ted did his homework and his keynote was right on. The feedback we've gotten from our attendees is that this was our best keynote speaker we’ve had to date. And why because Ted took the time to reach out, get to understand their stories, get to understand their problems, and connect his message to them so that they can leave today and become even more effective leaders. We're thrilled and we look forward to working with Ted again. -Judy Levinsohn - Director of Education, California Association of Community Managers

Every year, we have a managers meeting where we bring in all of our general managers and directors of sales from all of our hotels for an annual managers meeting. After taking a look at Ted's video, we decided to have him speak to all of our managers from all of our hotels. I can't tell you how pleased I am with how well his presentations went. I was talking to one of our general managers who said that Ted was one of the best speakers that we've had in the 17 years of doing these meetings, which I would agree with.

I was very impressed that Ted talked to several people within our organization and customized his presentation using what he learned from them. We really enjoyed his message and his delivery. He was great to work with from day one and I highly recommend him.
- Suzanne Murdoch - VP of Sales and Marketing, Pacific Hotel Management

We just recently had Ted Ma as our closing keynote speaker for our AGC summer convention and he was the perfect closing keynote speaker for our convention. Prior to our convention, he took the time to learn about our goals, our theme, and our industry so he could get to know a lot about who we are. He reached out to several of our attendees who are industry leaders to find out more about their issues, then he took all of that and applied it to his presentation. While Ted was giving his presentation, he brought attendees on stage and interacted with them which helped to keep every attendee in the room engaged.

Ted is not only a great speaker, but he does his homework and engages with the attendees. He makes them feel connected. He gives them information that they are able to apply immediately to their personal and professional lives. I look forward to working with him again in the future. If you're looking for a great leadership speaker, Ted Ma is the speaker for you.
- Christina Devlin - Director of Events, Associated General Contractors Oregon-Columbia

The wonderful thing about Ted's program is his ability to tailor it to our organization and to really focus on what our needs are. Less than 30 minutes after his keynote ended, I was approached by over two dozen people stating how valuable his training was. They didn't just comment on how they were going to apply the principles he taught to their work lives, but also how they could apply them to their personal lives.

It was a delight to work with Ted, especially because of his responsiveness. We had been planning this for several months, and you don’t know what to expect when you're working with somebody for the first time. There was no question with Ted. He was very responsive to emails to phone calls, and he reached out to me to help make sure everything stayed on track.
- Michelle Wolken - PR3, California Bureau of Automotive Repair