Theresa Rose

Theresa Rose

Imagine your to-do list is done.

Your day – no, your WEEK - is highly productive. And the energizer bunny is jealous of your energy levels. That describes personal development expert Theresa Rose on a slow day.

Like most people, Theresa used to look for more hours in the day and dreaded the tasks on her to-do list. And then she discovered how the power of mindfulness reduced distractions and increased her ability to get more done in less time. Since then she has worked with organizations from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies to increase productivity and boost bottom-line results.

Today, Theresa is an energizing catalyst who transforms cultures and mindsets for growth-minded organizations and individuals to play big and create the outcomes they want. She will help you cut through the noise to become a high performing ninja while figuring out how to actually relish life instead of enduring it.

Theresa has seen how the power of mindfulness can create exponential growth in your business and in your personal life. She knows the secret to milking more out of the day so you can enjoy every To-Do.

Clients, attendees and followers are magnetized by Theresa’s powerful-but-playful energy and the mind-body mastering strategies she shares on the stage, the page and the screen.

Most Requested Programs

The Power of the Pivot: Moving Through Change with Focus and Firepower
Stuff happens. Challenges emerge that are beyond our control. Change can be a foul beast that throws a wrench in our best laid plans, or it can be a positive catalyzing force for exponential growth. One of the keys to moving through change as effectively as possible is to leverage the power of the pivot. Learn how to swiftly take purposeful action in order to move back into a more harmonious state of flow while learning how to quickly bounce-back from the stressful effects of unwanted change. A clear mind and healthy body makes good decisions, and good decisions are key to taking full advantage of the gifts that change brings.

Creating True Connections in a World of Distraction and Disengagement
Let's face it. Organizational cultures and work relationships aren't always smooth sailing. People are spending more time sending (and deleting) emails and voice mail messages instead of actually connecting with each other. Personalities are clashing and teams are fracturing. Just imagine how much more successful your team could be if they understood how to listen more effectively. Collaborate with positive intention. Innovate with enthusiasm and energy. And communicate in a way that creates purposeful partnerships at every turn. Get ready for your team to achieve higher and higher levels of success while creating an empowered culture that has them wanting to come to work every day.

Mindful Performance: How to Show Up More Powerfully At Work, At Home, and All Day Long
Deadlines are looming. Productivity is plummeting. Expenses are at an all-time high. People are tired and might be looking for better opportunities. Teams today must engage each other in a new way if they are expected to retain the best talent and stay ahead of the competition. The best leaders create the space and time to lead with greater focus. Improved awareness. Stronger influence. Better bottom-line results. Make the smartest decisions that have the greatest impact. Coach your team to previously-unimagined levels of performance. And most importantly, leave work at work.

Sales Swipe-Rightability: How to Get to 'Yes' in a One-Click Economy
It can be tough being in sales. Buyers are more independent, empowered, and educated than ever before. They are also stressed out, distracted, and difficult to connect with. How does a sales pro navigate this sped-up world in which customers are hard to reach and the competition is one click away? The most successful sales people know how to leverage personality nuances to make a positive impression and stand out among the crowd. And, when they combine their ability to create resonant relationships with strong messaging and captivating imagery, they generate a powerful "swipe-rightability" that attracts the best customers and gets them to 'Yes'.


"Theresa brought such a positive light when she entered the room and a mesmerizing energy from start to finish. She connected with everyone in the room: young and old, management, attorneys, paralegals and administrative assistants alike. Our staff is still raving about her appearance, which I equate more to a "One Woman Show" than a "speech". I would recommend her to any organization or firm interested in offering a fresh, rejuvenating and fun opportunity to energize their staff!" - Jaffe Pickett, Director of Training, Legal Services Alabama

"Just wanted to say thank you for doing such a fabulous job at our conference! You had just the right amount of humor, realness and key messages to send our consultants off to do great things! I also appreciate that you took so much time to be a part of some of our sessions and activities during the days before to really get to know about us, our culture and how we roll. That really showed in your delivery and the consultants loved that you were looped in to everything!" - Carmell Meland, National Training Manager, Tastefully Simple

"Thank you so much for speaking at our annual IMT Career Day event. People are still talking about it! You are such a great inspirational speaker. You had the audience laughing and you had some crying. You definitely helped them find their mojo! They walked out of the seminar feeling reenergized and rejuvenated. I wanted everyone to laugh and feel appreciated. But at the same time, I wanted them to leave with a message. You did just that. You were a perfect fit for our group!" - Troy Neil, Senior Manager of Marketing, The IMT Group

"I just want to say how wonderful it was to have you speak at our most recent Upper Midwest Health Expo. You truly delivered on presentation and the content that was asked for. We received many comments that you were funny, entertaining, and it was a great end to a expo. Your presentation of finding your mojo can be used in any situation and it will be very well received. I think one of the greatest attributes was that you didn’t have people listening to your story you had them living your story and wanting to hear more. It was a presentation that was above all expectations and kept everyone in the room on the edge of their seats. I look forward to working with you again someday and wish you the best of luck. I will recommend you to others who are looking for something great." - Philip Van Gorp, Central Processing Manager, Hennepin County Medical Center

"Theresa, you were fabulous! The evaluations are unbelievable! Everyone loved you!!! You’ve received all 5’s which equals EXCELLENT!!!" - Cheri Messerli, Director of Training, Missouri Bankers Association