Tim Gabrielson

Tim Gabrielson

Tim has been performing and speaking for over 30 years. He originally became in-demand nationally for his riveting show combining clean humor and highly-skilled magic. It didn’t take long to gain the attention of agents and producers alike-which landed him fill-in spots for Vegas headliners before acquiring his own room at The House of Blues in Mandalay Bay on the Vegas Strip. During that 18 years and thousands of shows, “overnight” success, Tim realized, that his humor was touching and changing lives by allowing people to see beyond their immediate hardships. So, for the past 10+ years, he has been infusing his highly-entertaining show with a powerfully simple and applicable take-away message about starting each day with Gratitude, choosing your Attitude, changing your Behaviour, and creating Enthusiasm. (G.A.B.E)

Most Requested Programs

Entertainment: The Magic of Comedy
Tim Gabrielson’s entertaining program is a perfect way to reward employees or enliven a group.

Tim takes his audience on a captivating adventure every time he steps on stage. Using quick wit, interactive magic, and a playful spirit to connect with his audience, Tim focuses on his underlying theme of “Keep It Funny” and takes the audience along on the comedic journey. He masterfully weaves a subtle, uplifting message throughout his show and leaves the audience thoroughly entertained, enlivened, and inspired.

A winning entertainment experience is hard to gauge…some say it’s by applause, others by audience interaction. Regardless of the unit of measurement, comic magician, Tim Gabrielson has proven his amazing show is a hit with all audiences. He uses his comedic prowess and mastery of magic to take his audience on a captivating adventure every time he steps on stage.

Keynote: The Magic of Selfcare - Choose your Attitude, Change your Life
Tim Gabrielson’s signature message about the personal responsibility of choosing your own attitude blends comedy and breathtaking magic with principles for creating a more resilient, meaningful, and enthusiastic life—starting now.

Tim uses inspirational principles as he presents to corporations and educational groups—equipping them to be resilient and to live each day with more joy and intentionality. Tim’s journey has been both magical and inspiring. He has entertained hundreds of thousands along the way and come to this realization: It is less about the 45 to 90-minute presentation and more about the lifelong influence. He has masterfully crafted his message while sharing tools-of-the-trade for real-life improvements all the while entertaining everyone in attendance.

His mantra is that no one, but you, controls how you think, feel, or act. It is a personal responsibility to choose your own attitude. Once you fully accept this common sense and make it common practice, you gain perspective. Perspective allows us to solve problems easier, improve workplace morale with positive engagement, and allows us to work more efficiently and effectively as a team. Tim ignites personal and professional positive change, resulting in greater success in every aspect of life.

Virtual Events: Preserving Employee Commitment and Creating Connection
Do You Have Teams Working Remotely?

In the ongoing "storm" many team members are heading in different emotional directions. A sense of community and alignment to the company's vision has become even more important to everyone engaged and connected.

Virtually re-connect and show your appreciation for the team by hosting Tim's magical, morale-boosting event.

Tim's interactive, educational, and entertaining experience can be tailored to the team's needs and the company's vision. Even the family at home could join in on the fun!

Tim's 30-90 Minute interactive virtual event takes your attendees along on a comedic, attitude changing journey. He masterfully weaves a subtle, uplifting message throughout his hilarious comedy and magic presentation and leaves the audience thoroughly entertained, engaged, and energized.


Thanks again for your wonderful performance, I have never seen a performer read and adjust to his audience so well. Your passion for your performance and a true desire for people to relax and have some fun really comes out in your show. You get a full 6 out of 5 stars for your performance! -W.V. -Cargill Animal Nutrition

Tim is such a talented performer and has an ability to connect with his audience like no other speaker we’ve ever had. His combination of comedy, magic, and positive message had our group laughing and listening from the second he hit the stage. He is truly the best speaker we’ve ever had! -Gary Findley, COO - Snap Fitness

Tim Gabrielson is "hold your sides" funny! He’s entertaining and he has a wonderful message of hope and encouragement to share. He interacted well with our diverse audience of professionals and community members of all ages. My cheeks still hurt from laughing so much! In addition, he is an amazingly down-to-earth and kind person; everyone raved about his performance and was delighted to spend some time with him. -Joy A. Rogers, Executive Director - Community Health Foundation

It is challenging as an “event planner” to find entertainment that will make every person attending the event happy, but I have to say that we hit it out of the ballpark with you! You were able to keep the entire group engaged and laughing, which was what we really needed. -Lauri Hackstedt - Hewelett-Packard

Tim was a HUGE hit…everyone loved him...His show was terrific and the message was right on point. He did such a great job tailoring the show/message to our group too. Please let Tim know how much we appreciate him…he was a pleasure to work with and he “hit the ball out of the park”. It was a perfect way to end our event. -Francis Cameron, President & Chief Executive Officer, ROFDA