Topic: Ethics

Damien Horne

Damien Horne is an international recording artist who uses music to share life lessons to encourage, motivate, and inspire others

Chad Weinstein

Chad Weinstein delivers presentations on ethics and leadership that inspire, educate, and entertain audiences with real-life examples and practical concepts and techniques. His life’s work is helping ethical leaders to achieve extraordinary results through improved trust and team engagement. As a speaker and educator, he seeks to energize audiences by uniting positive ethics with organizational …

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David Schultz

David Schultz is Distinguished University Professor in the Departments of Political Science, Environmental Studies, and Legal Studies at Hamline University. He is also a professor of Law at the University of Minnesota. David has a B.A. and M.A. in political science and philosophy, a J.D. and LLM in law, a Ph.D. in political science, and …

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